welcome dr. Bliss thank you very much
how are you very well thank you dr. bliss is my doctor because I add a lot
of pain back pain and a lot of illness also I have ministry I have gone to many
hospital and doctors I took a lot of pills and terapia I could not heal and
dr. Willis touch me and after I am really really good now doctor the lines
what are these means all right okay all right well when we look at your face
first of all this line here it tells me your your you can be quite stubborn
all right difficult to change your mind sometimes so stubbornness can be good
because you move ahead with your idea forget everybody else’s all right but
that’s also what it can mean these lines here actually these are called purpose
lines so you actually understand your purpose if these are long and and deep
you you are living your purpose now the the right side of your face is the
public person it’s your image all right your left side of your face is who you
are so if you look straight ahead if you look at the right side of the pace and
look at the eye you’ll see one thing and if you look at the left side you’ll see
something else now what you’ll see on the right side with his eye is that he’s
he’s sort of projecting confidence he’s he has an image all right but the left
side shows that he’s a very sympathetic person
he’s maybe not quite so confident but the right side shows that he shows
confidence but he’s a little bit hard on himself you’re sort of like down on
yourself sometimes in your true nature alright this line here would mean that
you’re you simply know your purpose at a deeper level okay and you’re happy with
that this one at least professionally also so I think you’re you’re in fact
living you’re public person from a oriental point of view the purpose of
life is to get the right side of the face the same as the left so you’re not
one person who you really are is the same not what you project okay
these particular lines here if they go very deep and low it means that you’ve
been using your brain you’ve been thinking way too much you just don’t
stop thinking and it attacks certain organs in the body and it affects the
inside of his foot so this forty-year foot problem that you had you broke your
bones something something crushed your foot forty years ago and it’s been
painful every day of your life for 40 years so I would just say yes you had an
injury but also because you have a weakness in this meridian because you
think too much you you can’t stop thinking this part of the body and the
whole inside of the leg it becomes weaker so the body doesn’t heal it so
the superficial question is yes I had an injury the next question is why hasn’t
it healed Mother Nature is able to heal herself if she’s not interfered with
what’s interfering with the body healing it so it doesn’t hurt because lots of
people have bones that are broken and they heal in the wrong position but
there’s no pain but you it’s healed in the wrong position but there’s pain so
then I have to check your energy to see what
the balances and I did and I have explanations for why that’s not
happening so mostly is telling me you’re thinking
too much these lines here I don’t know whether we can see them in the light but
this represents from about 18 years of age to 30 all right and every year every
event in the life is registered so up here around 18 years of age 19
something very probably traumatic happened to you why because it’s written
with lines on your forehead now if the lines are go straight across
they’re usually stressful times but my stressful times for example if you look
at me I have lines that run across my forehead but they’re symmetrical and
they could cross I was studying for seven years very hard in university it
was stressful time but this in your case if you if you if you lift your forehead
like this up yeah so you can see these are all broken lines they’re not joining
so from age of about 24 to 29 and right in the middle so 26 and 7 very difficult
years for you stressful and there were certain lessons that you were supposed
to learn life was giving you certain problems all right and you didn’t get it
and you still don’t get it you’re making the same mistakes that you made at 25 26
you still haven’t understood all right when one’s understands these lines start
to get straight all right so my advice to you is think about what God or life
was trying to tell you from age 24 to 28 it was telling you by giving you
problems and challenges all right May
it was anger maybe it was selfishness I don’t know what it was but there’s some
message that you didn’t want to learn and you didn’t learn and you’re still
doing the same thing okay so that’s just information for you you have to think
because if you’re interested in living along life and being happy we have to
learn how to become whole our right side of your face became the same as our left
becoming like a real true person the way God designed us to be also you know
these are huge which your nostrils these holes so basically you know he’s like me
if you look at mine alright I’m like my mother my mother
spent money like crazy she loved to buy things but quality things and she also
liked a discount so these kind of nostrils they have difficulty in saving
money they love to spend but it’s like energy this is like a piggy bank like a
savings bank if you’re big and thick up here you have enough energy or money
coming in but these are like holes that leak energy and money out so you’ve got
like I do very big holes so the money very easily leaks out and you like to
lead a good life okay and well then there’s other things you’ve had you put
your eyes like this no like this squint yeah yeah yeah so a little bit to you
you’ve these lines here interesting these oblique lines here they sort of
fan out and it basically means that you have had some enlightenment okay one or
two or three times your life you’ve really understood you’ve even been
blessed all right something opened up and you just maybe you understood
because of suffering you did wrong things or maybe
decisions and all of a sudden you wake up and you really understand so these
lines mark that you are in some ways an advanced person thanks thanks a lot
okay tor beliefs are rights conversation we learnt a lot of things in this
conversation conversation to be continued I want to learn another
knowledge from mr. beliefs see you later thanks bye-bye


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