[Music] here at this privately-owned Wildlife Park in South Africa the staff are using a unique method to try and inspire the public to care more about animals oral as me has managed to integrate herself with not one but four lions [Music] she’s known these animals since they were Cubs and she’s so confident they’ll be well behaved that at this park they’ll even allow people into the enclosure with them it’s a controversial setup even though there’s always other members of her team keeping watch but I’m intrigued to know how this relationship works and what she does to keep her lions in check these lions are just 17 months old but they are big enough to do some serious damage if they choose to obviously if I was in here without you that would be a totally different story that’s why it is important to us to remember they are wild animals so their instincts can stay there when they’re younger we take them on walks around the park that’s Judith we have a very strong bond with this group how is it possible that you can have such a close relationship with essentially wild animals we respect them as wild animals to start off with I think that’s one of the some points we don’t train them we don’t do anything like that so you’re basically to earn their trust and the respect they’ve known me as a constant dominant finger in their life since they were babies and that’s why I’m able to go so up close to you okay so you’re mentioning a dominant figure which means that hierarchy is a play here understanding how these animals would normally behave in the wild so where are you in the pecking order and how do you establish that with lions albeit in captivity I think it’s just because we’ve been there since they were babies uh-huh and I’ve always been the grown-up so what’s John doing there eyes I think yeah and obviously they needed to have a figure that everything back in place and they are put back in place when they misbehave how’d you learn how to do that how did you just from interacting with them over time you learned their behavior you learned to read their looks and mood swings and their different personalities or has clearly grown attached to these lions but if things go according to plan she won’t have this relationship with them forever the staff at the park are planning a very ambitious and untested project to do something that most people would consider impossible they want to release these hand-reared lions into the wild when they’re older I was under the impression that if any individuals are for release you must have absolutely no contact with them that’s what we’re hoping to prove wrong because you have right now in South Africa more lines in captivity than in the wild so if we can take the animals from this situation and prove that you can turn them wild again then we can be saving quite a few of them we believe it’s possible and we believe our intimate knowledge of these ones will help us achieve that goal and hopefully they’ll be our first ambassadors they’re amazing animals they really are they’re perfect

100 thoughts on “Lions Treat Woman Like the Leader of Their Pride”

  1. These lions are well fed and have been hand raised,she is not their leader,she is tolerated.One mood swing can and will kill her.Lions and other big cats have been compared to serial killers,they can imitate affection learned,but ultimately the lust for the kill will override.This is nothing more than thrill seeking and you'll eventually pay for it with your life,which to me is certainly too high a price.

  2. As a fan of sanctuaries and Kevin Richardson, I do wonder what he thinks of releasing lions after no contact with them for a while… I hope it's possible… but then again… Some animals…or most after they are in sanctuaries… can't…really make it in the wild as Kevin said previously…

  3. They shouldn’t let these animals into the wild. They’ll die because they won’t know how to hunt and maybe be overly friendly towards other humans, who might be poachers. If that woman actually cared about them she wouldn’t allow it and speak up.

  4. fuck of this stupid project … I am sure one days 1 bite will change the landscape of respect and trust..
    they are wild animals and very strong predators … handling 1 could be ok but handling so many any one go crazy any time .. not good …….

  5. Releasing them into the wild will het them killed if they run into other lions territory and they have to acclimated to something new which could get them killed in the process as well. They probably dont even know what hyenas in a pack could do or anything.

  6. This is so wrong, these lions are only 17 months old. Just imagine when they become adults. How very irresponsible of humans to think we can control all other animals. Who says we are the superior species ……. only humans have such ignorance

  7. I know Or personally. I've worked with her at the lion park. They don't tell you what they do to the old lions in this interview? They get used for canned hunting in bloemfontein. I got fired for asking to many questions

  8. Unless you have a degree Dvm in wild cats . I fear it is an accident waiting to happen do understand . The difference between innate behavior and training I fear you are risking you're life. And anybody you expose these majestic animals to. However love what you are ate ping to do.

  9. All the people who say it’s harder to get along with other humans maybe need to take a look at themselves if they want to make a change. Change starts from within. If we change ourselves for the better we could improve one person at a time. It’s easier to point fingers at others. I forgave the people who captured me and raped me. When you forgive, you set a prisoner free, Yourself.

  10. Just to look at it makes me extremely scared for the interviewer;, any second one of them can distort her beyond belief and the other lions would join in regardless of any security established in case situations deteriorated!


  12. This is sort of the job I dream of having when I grow up help keep the wild animals calm but yet they still stay wild because I do share a strong bond with lots of different animals

  13. Yeah and one day lions bites off her head. It never fails do the same thing get the same results. All the greats have been killed or either viciously attacked, and seriously injured.

  14. I'd want to know how could she able to keep the same relationship going when they are so hungry and it's been a day and half she has not been feed them all.

  15. Yes u can release the lion back into the wild but u just said it yourself there are more in captivity than in the wild and why u think that is Einstein!?

  16. The males are the one to worry about the most. They get mad easily. The females on the other hand are very playful

  17. Not a good idea to allow people in their enclosement.they are naturally wild and its just a matter of time.then the animal will be destroyed

  18. If she gets killed, they will kill the lion. I hate when people do this! Totally irresponsible and unfair to the animals.

  19. God, in his wisdom creates such beauty as these AND then goes and balls’s it up by creating the
    Human race!? Well, we’re not all without fault, are we!?

  20. Don't male lions challenge the leader of the pack when they get older? Not sure she will be able to do what she is doing much longer with these.

  21. I don't care if this hottie is the Mary of Lions. I'll never ever step into this enclosure with these beasts even if a hundred trainers were there. These are wild animals, their predatory instincts can kick in at any time, and we know that even some lion trainers have ended up being served for dinner. Also, look at the woman's reaction at 0:23; she's uncertain what the beast is going to do and steps back.

  22. The news lady kept moving her hands while talking was getting that lion attention. That’s in my opinion is dangerous, because sometimes an ordinary house cat might hit your hand.

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