100 thoughts on “Live PD: Trick or Treat Robbery (Season 4) | A&E”

  1. That one cop was violating the young mans right. He asked if he’d be willing to take a gun charge because he wouldn’t say who’s gun it was but I thought u had the right to remain silent. Just sayin.

  2. lock them all up and throw away the key! with all those charges already. these kids are future murderers! they need to be permanently taken off the streets!

  3. make it legal to booby trap one,s own home and after 10 or 20 fall into a bundi pit and die they'll stop invading other peoples homes.
    you shouldn't have to worry about being charged for killing those pos , useless piles. you should get an award.

  4. the no snitching is 1 of the biggest reasons crime won't be stopped and your neighborhood will stay a crime ridden shithole.

  5. omg the cats were all sniffing around the people being arrested like "who da fuq are these people?" 🤣

  6. Also the world needs to stop allowing robbers or murderers free I don’t care about their age neither did they when they were harming the universe one offense should equal mandatory life. No release. You knew it was stealing which is why you snuck you knew it was ending a life which is why you hid traces. You knew. You’re sick.

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