Don’t you just love getting your period? I know I do! It’s a great time to do everything … Oooo the pain is unbearable! I used to worry that my period would prevent me from doing my favorite activities But now I get a box. [oh], this is painful What the hell am I on a beach right now? This is the last place I should be! I could take pills but they take a long time to work and usually they don’t eliminate the pain just reduce it and then in a few hours, you just God starts Or I can use Livia. Livia is a drug-free solution to menstrual pains How does it work? Simple Menstrual pains are results of a connection between your brain and your lady parts Lady Parts get ready for some pain! No brain no But then Livia stops this connection with pulses. Taataataaaa Take that pain signal! Aaaahr The results: Livia considerably reduces and could even completely eliminate the pain unlike pills Livia reduces your pain instantly Its effect lasts as long as you use it and you don’t develop a tolerance to it All you gotta do is take these two stickers attach them to where it hurts and turn Livia on There’s even an adjustable button to control the pulses according to your pain and the whole thing is totally discrete. Oh, and it’s also very cute and colorful Cause it’s for girls Help us fund Livia and move from this Oooooooo that is painful [uh] to this?

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