– [Announcer] Previously on Can We Cure. – I mean, I am going away for two weeks, essentially just Lara and I, on what’s supposed to be a life-changing trip. Ninety-one dollars. Just to be comfortable. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Alright so, we are here at the is it just the Carmen Laser? – Carmen Care Laser. (drum music) So we treat pain. The laser companies are
just putting out there, yeah just treat your
patients six or eight times and if it doesn’t work
after that, it doesn’t work. Well that’s not true
when it’s chronic illness and chronic pain. – I’ve been to I mean every kind of therapy you can imagine for this. – I’ve had so many
patients that come to me that have been to several physicians. They’re great physicians
but they’re limited. It’s like surgery or medication. – I’ve been told since
I was like 19 years old to just get a hysterectomy
and I think that’s insane. – Unfortunately we think
surgery is an answer. That’s not always. – A cure, yeah that is not the route that I ever choose to take. – With this, we can
think out of the box and if you think out of the box and
then there are other options for you, there are natural options. I’m really excited to
show you the T3 protocol that we’ve developed. The T3 stands for treating the trauma, the toxins and the thoughts. So we the trauma that’s
happened to the body, toxins that can be involved and
not being able to get better and the thoughts as well. Let’s set some goals
that would be realistic that we could say, you know
what, I can do this versus this when I came. – Right, right. – Let’s say drinking and eating. – Yeah. – [Leslie] So every time you
eat and every time you drink, you have pain. – Yeah, my goal kind of just be, to be able to go out to
dinner with my boyfriend or go out with friends and not
have to go home immediately afterwards because of
how uncomfortable I am. I used to be really
hesitant to date because I would go out, you know
how there’s all these memes about girl’s who eat salads
instead of eating steak and it’s like, I always
get so mad cause I’m like well some people have
fucking dietary restrictions, like sorry I don’t want
to have extreme diarrhea on my date because I’m eating
steak just to impress you. – My therapist told me
that I should try and write a letter to the
doctor who did this to me. I haven’t spoken to him since the surgery. We tried to sue and we couldn’t because of the statue of limitations. So my therapist suggested,
write a letter that I could burn so I’m going to do that as part of this. – Yeah and what we’ll do in the psyche is we’re just gonna forgive him. I know how hard that is. – I’m gonna cry a lot. – So will I but you know what,
it’s just the only way to go. – Yeah. – Right, it’s the only way to go. People are skeptical because
it’s just not out there and that’s why I’m so
excited about this because this will change the world. This can change the understanding
that laser can help you with pain and let’s hope we can do that. So this is the detox
area, which I love doing. – [Kelsey] We love the word detox, that’s like our favorite word. – [Leslie] I have these
vials back here and they have a specific
frequency of the toxin. – [Lara] Okay. – This is a signal enhancer. So I’m just gonna put this
on your stomach because these actually transfers
the signal as well. So I’m gonna ask you to hold your arm up so you don’t want to push
back or push forward, you just want to really have a steady hold and I’m always gonna say hold for me and I’m gonna push down and
you just hold your arm in the position. When you feel something that’s weak, you’re gonna feel like in the muscles like you’re not going to be able to hold it up then just let it go down cause that’s the way we’re gonna
communicate that your body has a toxin or it doesn’t. What we found is when we
do this muscle testing, we can find substances
that have a toxic overload in your body. So just put your arm up for me please. – I can hold my arm up
for every freakin’ thing. For every sulfate, for every chemical and then the second she put that
trigeminal one near my hand my arm collapsed. – Hold for me. So you can barely hold right? – [Kelsey] Do you know what that is? – [Lara] No. – [Kelsey] It’s the dioxin. – We can find dioxin in
today’s food, in the milk, in meats and it’s really a herbicide that is sprayed everywhere
and it’s just coming and showing up in all different
areas of our life. – There are some studies that link dioxins to endometriosis. – Everybody that I treated with a dioxin, they all had fantastic results. – [Kelsey] It’s like not banana science, it’s just like simple. – Simple, easy.
– [Kelsey] Testing. – It’s so awesome. – [Kelsey] Like when you were
talking about doing testing we were like is she gonna take blood. So all this shit you’re
holding in your hand is the bad stuff. – [Lara] Yep.
– [Leslie] Yes. – Like look at the difference
between mine and yours and it makes so much sense to me. – [Lara] Yeah, whatever. It’s not a competition. – I think you would win.
– [Lara] But if it was. – You got everything. – So what we’re doing here
is we’re taking a pulse laser and we’re putting that toxin that we found through the laser. When you understand how it
works, you’re going to understand that it doesn’t matter what you have. That vibration matches
the vibration that’s on your cells or in your
cells and it released. That’s all we are, are cells
and the laser goes directly into the mitochondria of these cells and stimulates their
regeneration, their growth. That’s what laser’s all about it’s just you doing the healing and we’re giving you energy to do that. – [Kelsey] So like we have
seen so many people that have tried to heal us and
in a weird way being here is like we’re healing ourselves? – Yes. – I want to believe so bad
that in a month, two months from now, I will be better. – Sometimes I’m like really positive and sometimes I just get
into my head and I’m like is this a waste of time,
am I just buying into this the way people buy into
like pyramid schemes on Facebook and start
selling you leggings, like I don’t know. – [Leslie] Day two. – Morning. So this is the newest machine
that we have the velashape and what I really love about this, this you put on like a nice suit. – What the fuck are we doing? – This has very specific,
patented technology where it sucks up your skin
and gives laser and light and it stimulates your lymphatic drainage. – [Kelsey] This body suit
is very 2017 fashion. – Yeah, I would wear it. – If you were to like
put that on my nipple, I would like have an orgasm. (laughs) – It’s interesting being with Kelsey cause you never know when she’s
in pain but with me, you know when I’m in pain. – So this is the other room
that do treatments too. (laughs) – We’re gonna have a treatment that stimulates your immune system. So we do the carotid
arteries, the adrenal glands, the heart, so we’re just
gonna give your body energy to start healing. – My body always tenses a little bit when anybody gets near that area. – Of course, that’s understandable. – It’s very hard for
me to feel any sort of like touching around that
area because it will just my body only remembers pain. – So on a scale of 0 and 10 being extreme, what would you have that as of today? – If I actually tried to have
sex, it would be like a 10. People just like, they
say they’re understanding about like oh you have pelvic
pain I won’t do too much. But like even touching me with like a Q-tip is doing too much. I’m spending like four hours a day minimum at this treatment center
getting treatment and like I’m still having pain. – This is the easiest treatment I’ve had. – [Lara] Like one eye is
higher. It’s so funny. – Make me beautiful. This is the area I’m
most interested in seeing what’s gonna happen with it. Am I sexy? – [Lara] Very.
– [Leslie] Yes. – Thanks guys. I want to feel what it’s
like to have my face back. – So this is a laser with a
massage ball, a glass ball, so as soon as I mess this
the laser goes off and now you’re getting the double. You’re getting the massage and
laser and it feels amazing. – This is incredible. It’s just like a waterbed but IRL. See now only does this treatment not hurt, it feels good. – The massage was amazing
but now I feel like shit so who knows. – That’s what’s tricky
about this process is we’re just laying there
and then you go home and you’re like, why do
I feel like I got hit by a fucking truck? – Yes, you’re just having a light on you. – [Kelsey] But it’s doing so much. – I am swollen. – [Kelsey] Can you turn to the side? – As fuck. – [Kelsey] It’s also,
you’re detoxing still. – I’m detoxing dioxin today
so I think by body is just – [Kelsey] So totally
like flaring up like crazy cause all the shit. Meanwhile, Pepper just me and her, this is the true love story. Day four. We never wear our pants
anymore when we come. (laughs) That’s how close we have become. – I don’t even wanna get too excited but I’m not having any bad burning in my chin, which is where it always
localized all the time. Ahhh. (laughs) I can’t even tell you how good this feels. – I’m feeling a little
bit better today but to be honest, I’m still not 100 percent I’m still just very sad and
I’m just kind of burnt out. – So what we’re gonna
do in this segment is addressing your belief system, addressing the emotional part. If you’re a person that
has had such chronic pain, you’ve seen so many doctors and I’m not putting doctors down at all. But you’ve seen so many physicians. You’re researching, you’re
seeing I can’t help, there’s no help, I have too
much pain, nobody can help me. So your belief system becomes weakened and every time you see somebody,
every time there’s a result where I thought this was
gonna help and it didn’t help now what’s the belief system? (Sighs) This didn’t help either. When you say you have a hard
time forgiving the doctor or that you don’t even like going there. Would that be okay if we go there? – Yeah, I mean I’m sure all that comes up is anger and sadness. – So can you just imagine
the freedom you’d have if you forgive him? Right? – Yeah, I just don’t know
what dumping all of this back onto him would make me feel. – [Leslie] Right. – Like I don’t know if I’d feel better but I also am like, he deserves to know. Like that’s why I shut down cause I go. – [Leslie] Is there a
time where you remember being pain free? – I don’t know if I really truly remember, it just feels like so bad now. I remember being happier
and that makes me sad. – It’s hard to explain but one
of my biggest fears is like letting the pain win. I kind of feel like I’m
always teetering on the edge of just complete darkness. So I guess my fear is just
falling into that darkness or letting the cloud overtake me forever. On my bad mental health days,
I see myself as like a monster who’s just this like really
difficult person to deal with, who’s always sad and always
in pain and always depressed and I’m just like this elephant
that goes into the rooms and just like knocks everything
over and just reminds people of like sadness. I don’t know. I just convince myself that, I don’t know. People just don’t want to
hear about it sometimes. – So the best would be
for us to find a statement that would let you deal with it. – Yeah. – You know, that would. – Like even just like, I forgive you? – Right, that would be the easiest. – Yeah. – It’s just I forgive you
even add whole heartedly because it really wants to
come from a place of love. – And like even you saying that, I want to vomit just
thinking about saying that because I almost don’t believe it. – You’re afraid of the darkness. – [Lara] Mhmm. – So we say, I am light. – I am light. – Do you think it’s
all just like bullshit? – I do and I don’t. I don’t think it’s all
bullshit but I also do if that makes sense. – What’s her mantra, I
forgive whole heartedly. – I don’t even remember mine. (laughs) – Fuck. – Something came in the mail
for Lara and Pepper Parker and I have no idea what
it is and the only person I think that would send it
would be my boyfriend, Patrick. – [Kelsey] Um, let’s talk about Patrick. – Dating someone who has a
chronic illness is not easy but he’s just a great
guy like I don’t know how I got so lucky. Sometimes I don’t feel like I deserve it. Aww, you know what they are don’t ya? He is like my, what is it
like your safety blanket or whatever, like he is that to me. My favorite chocolate. I just wish he was here like I wish I could just have a distraction. I wish I could just hug him. – Look dating is already
fuckin’ hard enough. (laughs) There’s so many conversations
that need to be had about like intimate shit, the
same way endometriosis does. Just like kissing or like blow jobs and it’s embarrassing and it sucks and I don’t want people
to feel sad for me, I don’t want people to feel sorry for me and I feel like as soon as I introduce TN into the relationship,
it becomes like this aww. – It’s important for us to
show people in our lives that we love, what we actually go through. Otherwise, they’re just
never gonna get it and we’re gonna get frustrated
at them for not getting it but we’re refusing to show them, so. – I’ve just been waking
up every morning and like my face is really red and
everything feels locked. – She’s been lasering
like all around my vagina, my lower back, my pelvic
floor muscles and stuff and that makes sense to me but in order to have the inside
of my vagina healed and be able to possibly do all the things that I can’t do right now like
insert large tampons or have penetration, like
it makes sense to me but it needs to go inside to do the work. I’m not going to try this baby. Yes, this will be going inside my vagina, if I can get it there. I have my handy dandy coconut oil here to help get this mother fucker in and we’re just gonna see how it goes and I’m obviously not going to film it because this isn’t a porno. (beep) – [Lara] Guess who the fuck
just inserted the probe for 20 minutes. – You bitch. 20 minutes? – [Lara] 20 fuckin’ minutes
and it didn’t even hurt. – It didn’t even hurt? – I like regressed so
much since I got Botox. I hadn’t been going to physical therapy, I get lasering 15 treatments and it’s been ten minutes still in. Two weeks ago I tried
to insert my dilatator and I couldn’t so
something’s fuckin’ changed. I don’t wanna say it,
cause I’m scared to jinx it but I think the lasers work. I mean the proof is in
my vagina right now. – I’m so excited for you. Dude, that’s crazy. – [Lara] I know, but you’re next. – Next. (laughs) – Just imagine if I could
insert super tampons without excruciating pain, if I could orgasm without
excruciating pain, if I could have sex. I’ve never done that. I’ve never done that. I’ve never done that and I
might fuckin’ be able to now. That’s fuckin’ crazy. – [Narrator] Next time on Can We Cure. – How the times have changed. – I just started my period and it will be really interesting
to see how this goes. – We leave tomorrow and
I still haven’t written this fucking letter to the doctor. I don’t wanna. – I’m hoping that this is the new normal. (jazz music)

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  43. Sorry but the “toxins” part is just manipulative. My vet tried this with my dog. You know what? It did nothing because its garbage. I have chronic symptoms and I relate entirely to the desperation. Chronic pain is real and very complex. Retraining your brain to react to pain differently is a worthy effort…. but the rest of it is just quackery

  44. Same thing happened to my mom. She had a knee replacement and he (the doctor) damaged a nerve to her foot. It was fixed, but when my parents tried to sue the lawyers said they had no case.

  45. I found this last night while I was in a bad pain flare up. I have issues with my lower back/hips and sciatica. And I just cried so much from realizing that people feel the same way physically AND mentally. Lara’s explanations about how it takes a toll on herself when she’s with friends is me to a T and I feel so validated 😭

  46. They should of kept this series going as someone who surfers from chronic pain … I was hoping to see what some of these treatments are like … I have fibromyalgia my whole body hurts from may hair to my toes

  47. I have a chronic illness myself and I can definitely say that it's taken a toll on all my relationship and they simply couldn't handle it . Forever single 👍

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