My name is Jack Chew and
I’m a partner at Lombard Auto Body. I’ve been working with people and cars for 32 years. In our business, you come to work. You work hard. There’s never standing around time. JVS’s program helps youths with no
work experience build skills so that they can pursue any career they choose
to follow. Basically our training gets youth ready for the job site, and Jack gives
them the real world experience. JVS have kids that, looking for jobs,
usually they’re first timer. They gave us employee, we teach them
everything has got to be professional. When the JVS kids are here,
they help Lombard Auto Body dramatically. Lombard is an ideal partner. Jack sets
high expectations for the youth he works with, and we find that success at work, fuels success
at school. Donovan is a perfect example of this. I don’t like working here, I love working here.
Before I started working here, believe it or not, I was a pretty bad kid. Fighting every day,
getting suspended, kicked out of schools… really, really bad things that should never been done. I tried to work at other auto body shops, they were
just like, “No, you don’t have enough experience.” Jackson’s the most patient guy that I know.
When he’s teaching me how to scrub a floor, he’s teaching me responsibility to clean up
and organize. He’s basically my model to try harder. What I feel happens here is they help
me better myself every day I come in. Now I’m going to City College for engineering
and design. JVS gave me that opportunity. Open the doors for me to get in here and work,
and do what I love for a living is just amazing. I am very proud of Donovan.
He seems like a very young entrepreneur. And I’m pretty sure in three, maybe four
years, he’ll open up his own business. I believe if you want to move up in today’s world,
you come to work. You work hard. What we do is we teach them work ethic,
but really it’s about critical life lessons.

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