okay can you turn around show everybody away hurts okay okay so if you’re sitting this thing you like here do it now is it her Wow how much so it’s it’s this is okay it’s when I go from this like how much okay would you send more rest I love a rainy night forward forward yeah face other people rice they’re more than the left okay I’m gonna do doctor times magical points it’s the y’all home five I’m gonna introduce you to to this to use call lingo that I don’t my and then hopefully I can do it in few treatments alright are you ready all right no problem is very simple okay not hurting either yeah okay yeah I’m not hurting you and y’all at home you okay Carson yeah she say right side more pain right oh you thank you okay now you stand up and sit down should I do it one more time you don’t believe in I mean I did yeah you don’t a little better when I sit now I feel it a little bit when I use a little bit point it tell me point to me awaited okay come on okay this is the one okay go ahead it’s minimal I can feel it but it’s thank you good job hi Tanya Heights how are you today for the second treatments after yesterday lower now okay okay more right anymore okay I say more okay it’s from one to ten how much bigger you have to sit up as okay no matter like this to her yeah okay go ahead five now yeah and I also think I’m just exhausted and constantly being a pain like the confidence yeah alright let’s do the same thing okay turn your right hand or left hand okay they not do the lovin oh you look at that you know I was trying to mark yeah I’ll do it for you so you can definitely see it okay relax very good okay there’s a lingual table I write lingo dhaba and then right here did you feel that there’s the tendon right right here either right here or you can push it in right there but this one you here is easier so this is very source on that I know mmm-hmm is it more pink did you feel more pain on the needles today yes you know why because you’re better than better here you go does that make sense she says that only feels more pain you from yesterday poor needling when Isis at the needling didn’t hurt yesterday but when I sat down I could feel you want to sit down again so you can feel the differences you have a break a break it’s not oh sure sure you reinforce it on the scalp too we have the same treatment was different feed person did we just see it again would that be okay with you guys have a sit can I do a scale on your hand all right thank you tender yes right here yeah okay thank you how deep is the new low there go through your scalp just kidding no to the handle no the needle goes to I when I touch your skull by stop because I’m treating your bone okay now move around you need to sit down right there no the better more hurting there you go Yeah right here is um that’s more on the right side okay let’s continue chase it sit on the edge of the then we continue go out to find more points one inch and third one each in half how you feel now

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  1. Hello Eileen.That was a picky person. You are skilled acupuncturist seasoned with a lot of patience!

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