Does lung cancer hurt? Does the pain due to lung cancer change when
you breathe? Watch this video about pain and lung cancer! You will find all the answers to these questions
and many more! While the tumor is growing inside the lung,
the patient does not feel pain, since the inside of the lung does not have receptors
that collect the painful information. Pain is a specific symptom of lung cancer
that, because of its location on the periphery of the lung, affect the capsule that covers
it: this capsule is the pleura. If the mass of tumor cells reaches the pleura,
it will irritate the nerve endings that pleura has, which will make the pain appear. A pain that is accentuated with breathing,
because breathing stretches and relaxes the pleura, stimulating the pain receptors more
and more. Lung cancer, when it grows a lot, can reach
chest bones. On the back it can infiltrate some thoracic
vertebra, so pain in the back will appear. Cancer located near the sides and the front
of the chest wall can infiltrate some ribs, which will cause a chest pain that is accentuated
when you breathe deeply. In both cases the pain is specifically caused
by periosteal infiltration by the tumor. The periosteum is a membrane that covers the
bones and that has abundant innervation, so it is very sensitive to the pain

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  1. Wow this has now got me worried… Wish I hadn't have watched it. Very informative though. Thank you doctor

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