Hi! This is Dave Foydel with expertvillage.com.
In this next clip you will learn threading the needle trick. Alright, this next trick
is a called threading a needle. I don’t know if you guys have ever done any sewing
but boys can hardly get the thread through that little teeny needle hole, you can sit
there and try and try and try, it never really goes through, unless you know magic. I have
figure a way out take it and go right through just like that. So it goes right through the
needle. We can try that again; really small one, go one, two, three and it goes right
through just like that. Alright, so here is how this works; now take the rope, and I put
over with my left hand, with the short end towards my palm and long end out here. Now
when I say short end, you are going about 5 or 6 inches, the long end can be as long
as you like. Now take the long end and wrap it around your thumb and if you notice I am
doing it a nice even line. I am not just kind of balling it up just however, I am putting
it nice and straight across and I get almost to the end of my thumb, and I will come up
here and I will make a little loop, just like that and I grab the short end that was hanging
towards my palm, then grab here and what I tell them is I am going to get this through
the little hole here. Actually it doesn’t go through the hole, it is going to come under
the hole and I will let you see how this goes here, as this comes here, I go one, two and
this comes under and up through like this, so it really came from underneath like this
and through, but when done quickly, when you do this at full speed they won’t see it
come from this side of the rope. It will look like you went right through that little hole.
So you go one, two, three, it looks like it just goes right through but in actuality it
is just coming from underneath and going in the hole and that is threading the needle.

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  1. its easy just do what he said. you try it and you learn the trick. in the beggining its hard then slowly you will learn it/

  2. my poopy showed me this trick like 3 years ago! i got it instintly(sp) but he had to show me like 20 times before i actually got it! lolz 😀

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