Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Do you have leg cramps? Is your energy less than what it should be? Do you have soft bones? Maybe your doctors told you of osteopenia,
or what about just a general malaise mid-afternoon. You know what? You could be magnesium deficient. Not caffeine deficient, not stimulant deficient,
magnesium deficient and on today’s episode of Ancient Medicine Today brought to you by
draxe.com, we’re going to share with you how you can determine if you’re magnesium deficient
and best of all how to fix it. Magnesium is a mineral, may not be as popular
as calcium, may not be as popular as iron but I’m going to tell you if you want to relax,
if you want to perform better, if you want to have more energy, and a healthier heart,
you need to make sure that you have the appropriate amount of magnesium in your diet and therefore
in your body. Let’s get started. Here are some of the symptoms that will tell
you if you’re magnesium deficient, check this out. Leg cramps we talked about, insomnia, there
are tens of millions of people that have sleep issues. Muscle pain, if you have muscle pain, just
random muscle pain kind of like leg cramps, you could be magnesium deficient. What about anxiety? Magnesium can help you chill out. High blood pressure, how many people deal
with that? What if it isn’t a deficiency in medication
but it’s really a deficiency in magnesium? Type 2 diabetes, many people who have fluctuating
blood sugar levels have a need for more magnesium. Fatigue, we mentioned that general malaise,
you don’t have that get up and go, could be magnesium deficiency. Here is a big one, migraines. Really any type of headaches that happen in
clusters could be a symptom of magnesium deficiency. And last but not least, osteoporosis or even
osteopenia, magnesium is critical to build bone mass. Who is most at risk of magnesium deficiency? If you’ve got gut issues, absorption issues,
Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis, IBS, chronic diarrhea, constipation, and gluten
tolerance, all of these gut issues can cause a magnesium deficiency. What about heartburn, acid reflux, and if
you’re taking those medications to lower acid that could compromise your ability to utilize
calcium and magnesium. Type 2 diabetics, once again if you have been
diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or if you have obesity, you’re at risk of being magnesium
deficient. The elderly, elderly individuals often have
compromised magnesium levels, intake, and absorption. And alcoholics, if you drink a lot of alcohol
and have liver issues which is almost always the case, you can have the challenge metabolizing
magnesium. Folks, I’m Jordan Rubin here for Ancient Medicine
Today brought to you by draxe.com. And if you’re someone who wants to build a
healthy body and a healthy life, you need to know if you’re magnesium deficient and
best of all, how to remedy the situation. See, we teach you every day that food is medicine. And if you know somebody who has GI issues,
Type 2 diabetes, everyone knows someone who is elderly, or someone who has issues with
consuming alcohol, therefore liver challenges, why don’t you go ahead and punch that Share
button. Send this link to them because so many people,
and I’m talking about from children to the elderly, are dealing with magnesium issues
and its affecting your heart, it’s affecting your immune system, it’s affecting your muscular
skeletal system, it’s affecting your brain, and sleep, and eyes, etc. Magnesium is so, so important and it doesn’t
get enough credit. Now here are the benefits of getting enough
magnesium. We are going to talk about diet, we’re going
to talk about supplements. But look at this, magnesium optimal quantities
will give you increased energy. Calms the nerves, it chills you out. Improves sleep. Here is a big one, you can ease constipation
with magnesium. We’re going to talk about ways to getting
it in your diet. I’ll even share with you a little story. Relieves muscle aches, this is big if you’re
active or even if you’re not as active as you’d like to be. Magnesium regulates the absorption and utilization
of other nutrients. Calcium, potassium, other electrolytes, macro
and trace minerals, and certain vitamins, supports your heart, magnesium is a great
big boost for your heart. And you can prevent migraines and headaches
and boost your bone health. So folks, here is how you get more magnesium
in your life. These are all magnesium rich foods, think
fruits and vegetables and whole animal foods, they all have magnesium, particularly if you
consume animal foods where there is edible bones. We’ll talk about that in a moment. So spinach and chard, greens are great sources
of magnesium. Seeds are amazing including pumpkin seeds. Yogurt or kefir, use the whole milk variety. I like sheep goat or an African inspired dairy
beverage known as Amasi, really, really good. Almonds are a great source of magnesium. Black beans, avocados, figs, figs are so great. Dr. Josh and I talk about how beneficial figs
are. They don’t get enough respect either. They’re a good source of magnesium as well
as fiber and enzymes. Dark chocolate, yes dark chocolate is great
for your brain and it helps you get into a better mood not just because of the thiamine
and the caffeine that it has, not just because of the antioxidants, but because of the magnesium. Get the darkest you can, over 70% and try
organic chocolate to make sure you’re getting the cleanest source. Bananas are also a great source of magnesium,
green vegetables, seeds, and fruits and vegetables and some legumes are great sources of magnesium. When you want to supplement with magnesium,
here are some sources. I like enzyme activated magnesium, it’s also
known as Multi Amino Acid Chelated Magnesium. That’s my favorite. It’s a really cool process that takes magnesium
and makes it more friendly to the body. You can do a single magnesium amino acid chelate. Magnesium citrate is a good source of magnesium
to get in the system but also helps regulate your bowels. You can use magnesium glycinate, threonate,
and probably my second favorite source, magnesium oil. Now, magnesium oil is not actually an oil. In fact, it’s a sea mineral blend that feels
like oil. So if you’ve got an ache, or a pain, or you
just want to absorb some magnesium to sleep better or boost your mood, spray some magnesium
oil on your abdomen, about 20 sprays, or the area that hurts. If you want more information about magnesium
oil, visit draxe.com and check it out. This is really, really cool. Also for your kids, if they can’t sleep or
if they are let’s just say high strung, spray a little magnesium oil right on their neck,
rub it there if you’ve got a headache, you can rub it here. Magnesium oil is a great medium for essential
oils as well. Bottom line with magnesium, get more of it
if you are experiencing any of the symptoms we mentioned earlier or if you are one of
the at risk populations. Okay, so when you are taking magnesium, how
do you optimize it? Well, these are supporting nutrients and beneficial
compounds. Probiotics, a good gut helps you utilize foods
better and process minerals. Calcium, we need a good source of calcium. Believe it or not, some of the best sources
of calcium come from animal foods. We also know they come from plant foods too. I like acidified sources of calcium, picture
there would be whole milk yogurt and curd cheese, raw cheeses are great, cultured dairy
is great, greens are great as well, but make sure to get calcium in your diet. A lot of the magnesium rich foods such as
almonds are a good source, believe or not, even carrot juices are a good source. You need to get dietary calcium and if you
want a supplement I like calcium from algae and there is also some cool calcium supplements
that are made from animal sources that also have phosphorus which helps to build bones. Vitamin D is a big one, you’ll find this in
calcium supplements, calcium, Vitamin D, magnesium, and Vitamin K2. Vitamin D from the sun, or from supplements,
or from foods like sardines, wild salmon, cod liver oil is another great source. We need to optimize Vitamin D. A lot of deficiency
in America but just as much deficiency as magnesium. Bone broth, bone broth is loaded with sodium
and potassium and other compounds that act similar to magnesium. The proteins in bone broth including proline
and glycine help to calm the body and build the structural system. In fact, your bones have more protein than
they do calcium. And what kind of protein? The same protein that’s in bone broth. This is an extract of the best part of your
bones, chicken bones that is, or beef, or fish. These are four powerful supporting foods,
nutrients, or compounds to round out your health program for your heart, for your brain,
your sleep, headaches, etc. really, really good. Consume all of these, supplement, supplement,
supplement, sunshine, food, and food or supplements. Get them any way you can, they’re amazing. Okay, here are ways to block magnesium absorption. So if you have issues with magnesium that
might not be that you’re not getting enough, but you’re not absorbing it. So here are absorption blockers. Foods with phytates, that would be soy foods,
legumes that are not soaked or sprouted, grains have phytates, gluten is similar to a phytates,
all of those can block magnesium absorption. So we saw that chocolate is a source of magnesium
as is black beans, but it’s a little more difficult to absorb that magnesium then say,
juicing greens. So you want to lower the phytic acid in your
diet because that competes and/or blocks mineral absorption. High oxalate foods, oxalates are found in
spinach, they’re found in certain legumes, and they can bind with magnesium. Go online, actually you can go draxe.com and
look up “high oxalate foods” and you will learn which foods to lower. Some medications block your ability to utilize
magnesium. The problem is, even though medications help
with the symptom they often disturb enzyme systems that alter absorption of key vitamins
and minerals. So when you’re on a medicine, it will typically
deplete certain vitamins and minerals in the body or beneficial compounds and it’s critical
to know about it. If you’re interested in more information on
that search “drug nutrient depletions” and find out what you may need to be supplementing
with. Alcohol compromises the liver which will compromise
your magnesium absorption. Crash dieting, if you’re someone who yo-yo
diets, you go on all kinds of high fat, low fat, all meat, all veggie, you fast, you eat,
if you do that often times, you will be dehydrated and mineral deficient. Estrogen dominance, if you’re someone who
has a lot of materials in your home that are toxic, you use a lot of plastics, you used
a lot of aluminum, you have been on lots of medications and you know that these xenoestrogens
or xenobiotics are in your body. You lack progesterone, that is a condition
that allows for low magnesium and in fact, it might be very chicken and egg. Maybe the magnesium deficiency produces estrogen
dominance. High cortisol levels, if you’re someone who
is an adrenaline junkie, if you are tired in the morning and wired at night, if you
have a little weight around the mid-section, you’re not in a good mood, and you are aging
quicker than you should, probably have high cortisol. One of the best ways to lower cortisol is
through adaptogenic herbs. Think ashwagandha, rhodiola, eleuthero, schizandra,
those are great. And adaptative exercise. Think yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic, barre, walking
barefoot outside in the grass or on the ocean or by the ocean, walking on the ocean will
be really cool, but walking by the ocean. That can all help lower your cortisol levels
and bring your adrenal glands back to proper health. A high sugar diet compromises everything,
but definitely makes for magnesium deficiency. In fact, a high sugar diet causes multiple
mineral deficiencies because you’re eating something in sugar that was never meant to
be consumed in such high amounts. The insulin levels, the blood sugar issues
all will inhibit your proper mineralization of your body. Folks, think about this, the bible says, we
were made from the dust of the earth. We eat plant foods, we eat animal foods but
there are no vitamins in the soil, only minerals. Minerals are critical to start the entire
process, they’re a catalyst if you will. Mineral deficiency shows up in so many ways
as we talked about on this episode, and I bet 75% of you watching are magnesium deficient. I want to make sure that if you’re a regular
viewer of Ancient Medicine Today that you pay particular attention to share this video. Because I believe that almost everyone you
know could benefit from avoiding some of these magnesium absorption blockers, from adding
some of the supporting nutrients, some of the supplements, and ways to get magnesium
in. We didn’t even mention taking an Epson salt
bath which is using magnesium sulfate, you can buy it at your local grocery or drugstore. That’s great. So we want to make sure that America has a
healthy heart, healthy brain, healthy mood, gets good sleep, and builds strong bones,
and magnesium will help you do it. Here is a recap. Magnesium rich foods, spinach and chard, lots
of grains are really good. Seeds such as pumpkin seeds, nuts like almonds,
yogurt and kefir, use whole milk, black beans, soak them first or buy presoaked, avocados,
I love avocados, good for so many things, figs, dark chocolate, 70% or more, and bananas. Who is at risk of magnesium deficiency? Gut issues, if you’ve got gut issues, leaky
gut, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, IBS, constipation, diarrhea, or any level of gluten sensitivity
or celiac you probably have magnesium deficiency. Type 2 diabetes or Type 1, anyone with diabetes
is at risk of being mineral deficient, magnesium really helps. Elderly typically lose more bone mass than
they gain, they need more minerals. Anyone who’s abused alcohol with liver issues
needs more magnesium. Supporting nutrients and beneficial compounds,
probiotics, in supplement and food form. Calcium in supplement and food form. Vitamin D in sunshine, food, and supplement
form. And bone broth in any form you can get it
in are all great to support magnesium absorption and the overall benefits that magnesium can
bring. Here is the best way to get magnesium. Enzyme activated, magnesium chelate, magnesium
citrate, these are all readily available, glycinate, threonate, and one of my favorites,
magnesium oil. For more information on the benefits of magnesium
and how to get more, visit draxe.com. You’ll find a great article on the subject
with expanded information. I’m Jordan Rubin, God bless and see you next

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