Welcome to the new Wednesday home of your
Makers’ Minute. As always I’m Katie and today we’re going
to be talking about these super cool Neko Double Pointed Needles.
They’re bent! Unlike a traditional double pointed needle
where it’s usually a set of 5 small straight needles, this is a set of 3 longer, curved
needles. Are you more of a visual person?
Not to worry. The back of the packaging has all the needles
in action to demonstrate just how to use them. These needles are great for anything you need
to do in the round that’s small circumference. So, hats, socks, sleeves, small cowls…perfect!
This actually makes a circle. So, while 4 double pointed needles or 3 double
pointed needles will make a circular fabric, this is actually entirely circular causing
less stress on the fabric overall. It’s also really easy to keep track of which
needle you need to knit off of because there’s only one needle where the yarn is not.
And as we know, you always want to knit to where the yarn is not.
‘Neko’ the name of the company, is actually a Japanese word for ‘cat’.
Thanks, college! These needles are available in a large range
of sizes, from small for socks and large for bulky hats and cowls, and even extra long
just for those projects that call for a few extra stitches.
You can find the entire selection of these Neko needles right now at MakersMercantile.com.

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