6 thoughts on “Many unanswered questions after Harley Dilly’s body was found”

  1. Give the Police a break … Who would think of searching in chimneys! P.S. ground truth … cause of death was hypothermia or dehydration. he only weighed 100 pounds.

  2. I wonder if the police even checked the antenna for Harleys fingerprints or for any fingerprints for that matter to see if he did in fact climb that antenna tower clear to the roof and go down that chimney. That's very high too. It's kind of odd that nobody didnt notice anything.

  3. This case is very haunting. I saw Harley's videos he posted online. He was locked out of his home in one of them. He said he was scared. No child should go through that. He deserved so much more. This case is so upsetting. He did not feel good on the day he disappeared but instructed to go to school anyway. It seems he was trying to hide. But whatever reason he is gone now and the vacant home was searched inside a month later. It should have been searched inside the day he was gone. Rest in peace precious angel.

  4. They should have really checked inside! Just because it was locked up doesn't mean he couldn't of got in from a unlocked with then relocked it once in side..

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