Now we’re going to work the lax side, the
area that is not the curve, whether it is S or C, it doesn’t matter. This is the side
that is really not affected by the curve too much unless it is compensating. This is the
side where you really dig in. You want to apply pressure the same way but you want to
press down as hard as you can to really really get in. You want to balance yourself out and
you want to balance the client out. If you tighten this area up and put a lot of pressure
here, it will take pressure off the other area. That’s all we are doing is applying
a lot of pressure to this area, all along the spine, just applying pressure. I am still
pressing but really really deep, this is where you really want to use your deep tissue techniques,
use knuckles, use palms, use fingers. You really want to get in there. That is what
we are going to do is we’re going to do another way to tighten this area which could be stretching.

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  1. I have a 90 degree scoliotic curve going under my shoulder blade I really need this guy to help me if you can get me info on this man plz do.

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