Okay, so from your hands are resting right
here and that’s in the middle of the forehead, we’re going to go ahead and stroke down the
sides of the nose. So going down over the top here, the bridge, just quite down across
and down sides of the nose, scooping around the eyes and cheeks. The first few times that
we’re going down the sides of the nose, we’re not applying a lot of pressure, we’re just
simply stroking. We don’t want to be tickly or not too light, but you don’t want to apply
a lot of pressure, because the child is getting used to having touch in this area so just
light stroking all the way down, scooping all the way around. And then we’re stroking
down and starting to apply a little bit of pressure as we walk the sides of the nose.
So you’re walking down, in giving gentle hugs all the way down and scooping around the cheeks,
the eyes, sides of the head to the forehead. And go ahead again and walk down, little bit
of pressure, scooping around. Checking in the whole time when you’re applying pressure,
make sure the child appears comfortable and relax. They’re not giving you any indication
that they’re uncomfortable. So walking down, around, and stroking up; and we’ll kind of
go ahead one more time. A little bit of pressure on the sides of the nose and stroking around,
all the way up to the top of the forehead, resting our hands right in the middle before
we move on to the next stroke.

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