100 thoughts on “Meet the People Who Ritualistically Suspend Bodies From Hooks”

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  2. I wonder if it would hurt as much if he'd had more hooks in other places so the weight was more evenly distributed, instead of all hanging only from the knees. I'm curious about trying this but I'm a little chicken with low pain tolerance.

  3. I feel so drawn this. Perhaps I always have been but moreso lately. I do believe I’d like to try this but I’m about 50 lbs overweight so maybe not just yet!? ;). Great video!

  4. もーこの手の世界観が全く理解不能なんだが…究極のマゾでしょうね…

  5. My knees fuckin hurt now gotta pop some asperin XDDD and I don't know if there's any gamers on the comments but I think Jack from mass effect 2 would've been doper if we met her hanging upside down from hooks or some shit just a thought lol.

  6. Fucking hell why did I look this up hhhhhhhhhhh, its.. interesting… But only through the finger gaps as I cover my face with my hands..

  7. it would of been awesome when they lifted him that the hooks ripped right out, damn i would of replayed that over and over.

  8. I really, really have an open mind on this. Thanks Vice for another amazing video! I also respect the balls of the guy that tried it out.

  9. Because my dear noone told you but you just gave part of your soul to satan
    Piece by piece theyll come for the rest…this is 4 years ago? Well my dear unless you woke up very quickly you're either dead or a full fledged disciple of satan…..a very wise man once said "curiosity " was the most dangerous of emotion…..welcome to hell

  10. Oh fucking hell in case u rip open!… that would have been my cue. Then again I would NEVER do this! I’m nervous now watching it

  11. I liked this because the reporter is very good at his job! He describes his experiences very well, and has an openminded, non-judgemental attitude to the world! Keep it up, man 🙂

  12. This is so fucking stupid. The only reason people feel euphoric during this is because your body is experiencing so much trauma it releases a ton of endorphins. It’s not spiritual

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