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  1. A similar thing happened to my little sister but it was only for 7 months… it was awful and scary, I knew she could see the outside world and I knew she knew what was happening so I’d sit next to her bed with an iPad and hold it above her for hours so she could watch YouTube it was amazing that she remembered watching it with me

  2. So unfortunate that Megyn Kelly lost her show smh

    She needs to take her show to another network or self produce her own show. I like her topics.

  3. She basically was stuck in sleep paralysis for 4 years , my anxiety woulda been higher than wiz khalifas weed

  4. Amazing person to have gone through something like that and come through it determined and is in good health.

  5. I had stuff to do Doctors said my dad would never walk again but my sister said bs and kidnapped my dad from doc and took him to gerentologist and he got off med and took vits and walked for yrs 8 miles a dsy ok

  6. One time..back in the old days (early 70's) as a newbie RN…I protested a medical decision to take a person off life support. He had no "electrical" brain activity…BUT…his history was to me "suspect". It was only a few days. No blood tests had been done beyond the basics. Well..it wound up he had taken a huge amount of barbiturates which can suppress brain function…he had been kept alive …BUT…they were so premature about cutting off the life support. No family showed up…so all was up to the hospital and staff etc. I was not in agreement but was only a lowly staff nurse in ICU. How I knew…guess something in my training…without the internet..how do you get instant info..?? Well…I just became a pest. He lived…the barbiturates had literally put him into a coma but because no one tested him for drugs…no one knew.

  7. The problem with any kind of brain injury is that loved ones desperately want to know what to expect. The only way doctors can be somewhat accurate in their responses is to look at data produced by similar patients of similar ages with similar injuries. The data is usually presented as a bell curve with the majority of patients in the middle. There are always “outliers”, meaning people who completely recover unexpectedly on one end of the curve, and death from complications on the other. Doctors who by nature want to give hope, also are faced with the need to be honest. In truth, no one can be completely accurate when it comes to brain trauma and outcome. There is, however an accepted protocol to determine brain death, and I have never heard of an individual who has recovered after that diagnosis has been made (but the protocol which is always being re-evaluated and updated must be explicitly followed). With that said, miracles can always occur. If anybody can share a story where a brain death diagnosis proved wrong, I’d love to hear the details!

  8. People in a coma, conjoined twins…..and my daughter who I supported as a very young teen Mom!
    Our success stories point out the horrors of our societal memes for euthanasia.
    Don't pull the plug on anyone!

  9. next month will be five years my brother has been in a vegetative state. although his story is much different.. he has down syndrome and had a stroke after falling and hitting his head. I can only hope & pray that he can make it out someday too. I’d give anything to set him free and bring him back to his version of what “normal” is. her story gives me hope. God bless. ❤️🙏🏼

  10. This woman is a stubborn, yet highly determined person. What an amazing story she has. Seriously a warrior though. She was stuck in just her thoughts for four years and knew she was going to make it out. If that were me, I would pray god would take me. That would drive me to my white end. What a fighter! And big props to her amazing, supportive family. I am so glad she’s okay now. Awesome story.

  11. The doctors sound so negative. I know they were just trying to be honest but they of all people should know that miracles do happen everyday.

  12. Started watching but 1 minute in stopped as Megan Kelly acts as if EVERYTHING is about Megan Kelly! Can't stand to listen to her.

  13. I sure hope that they try Ambien with all coma patients.Its crazy how often a sleeping med brings people out of that comatose state

  14. Being "locked in" or having dementia/alzheimers are "two" conditions I know I couldn't live through or keep any semblance of sanity.I would want to be able to die honestly. Not being able to have any communication or losing who I am. I really just couldn't do it. Shes stronger than me.

  15. I've often wondered about ppl in a veggie state that still have brain activity, that their mind & body aren't working together. For those without brain activity are they gone? Even if the eyes are open & they feel pain etc, but no brain activity? When kept alive thru machines I believe the soul is gone. This story is fascinating in that they're still in there!

  16. This reminds me of my first experience with sleep paralysis and could open my eyes but just couldn’t move or speak. I tried screaming but it was all in my head. I felt so scared but made myself go back to sleep then woke up again and was free, felt like a freaky dream.

  17. I've had alot of health problems since a baby, and in high school I used to get severe sleep paralysis, and one night it lasted over 2 hours, where I couldn't move anything but my eyes to see the clock, and I laid there internally screaming the whole time. I was hearing seeing weird things that looked and sounded demonic. Then randomly I was able to move, and I shot out of bed and ran up the stairs screaming and sobbing and scared the crap out of my mom. (My house was also haunted, so idk if that played a part, who knows 🤷‍♀️). But thankfully it never happened again, and I only occasionally experience sleep paralysis for maybe a few minutes, but those 2 hours that one time was absolute torture, so I have no idea how she survived FOUR YEARS like that. Bless her heart, she is truly an inspiration! And it makes me feel so lucky to be alive, and makes me realize that others have it so much worse and that I should be grateful.

  18. I knew of a woman at my church who gave a testimony of how she almost died from a really bad asthma attack, who became unconscious. This woman was very beautiful and the medical help who arrived to transfer her to the hospital were saying really mean things about her appearance. She could hear everything they were saying.

  19. Megyn is just the worst freaking interviewer of all time. Always interrupting, never really that sympathetic and thank goodness she doesn't have a show anymore!

  20. It's terrifying but very inspiring that her families never gave up on her nor left her alone!!! This amazing 😭🥰🙌 LOVE IS MAGICAL

  21. I was opposite, for two days my body was functioning on the basic level but my consciousness had checked out. I even spoke and I don't remember a thing, I only remember waking up and seeing a fluorescent light bulb. And I figured if I was seeing fluorescent lights that was probably a bad sign because I wasn't at home.

  22. My best friend was in a car accident and was in a coma for a month and then in a vegetated state. She had to learn how to talk, walk, everything, and today she’s doing wonderful. She’s different but if someone met her for the first time, they would have no idea. God is good!

  23. reminds me of nick chisholm, he's had locked in syndrome since 2000 and is one of the most inspiring people ive ever seen

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