100 thoughts on “Melissa Gilbert Shares Her Struggles With Body Image In Hollywood | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. I am French. I grow up with the little house in the prairie when I was a kid. Love this show. Cast and crew. Very good work on this show. This a real pleasure to see Melissa Gilbert. Thank you little house team for all this wonderfull stories.

  2. Melissa Gilbert looks like a bloody monkey now. Why all that for??? I really loved her when no jobs on her face was done.

  3. I love this woman! Not because of Little House, but for all the things she did afterwards. She is a TREMENDOUS actress!

  4. MELISSA GILBERT ,was perfect in little house on the Prairie, she gave such an intense performance it gave me a love for the real little House stories .I found out a lot about her real life ,so so interesting ,i keep all the information in my folder Brilliant !!!!!!

  5. Oddly, it is somewhat of a relief for me to hear her acknowledge her nose job. It was obvious when she did it but it was at a time when most people didn't admit to getting work done. It kind of made me sad that she felt the need to do it as she was already beautiful with her 'natural' nose. The fact that so much pressure was placed on her and other actors to look a certain way is extremely maddening. I'm so glad that she has gotten to a place of self-acceptance and that she has made a conscious choice to embrace her natural beauty. Personally, I think that her desire to be authentic and her newfound stance against cosmetic procedures only enhances her obvious beauty. Kudos Melissa Gilbert! I'm so happy for you

  6. Pourquoi vous traduisez pas en français .ou sous titrer .ça m'intéresse .mais je comprends pas l'anglais .j'ai toujours suivi les épisodes de la maison de la prairie .J'ai rigolé et pleuré avec eux .a présent je voudrais bien connaître ce que les acteurs et actrices deviennent.Merci.

  7. *She Was My Favourite Female Character From Little House On The Praire!!!!!!!!!!!! <:-D

  8. The double standard, concerning men & women, absolutely infuriates me. It’s not only a celebrity thing. It’s true for us “regular folk” also. As far as Hollywood goes, obviously they except aging actors more than aging actresses. There are a handful of lucky ones – Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Sally Field – just to name a few. The double standard that bothers me the most is the weight issue. When a “Not Thin As A Rail” actress is a success, and the media takes notice, their coverage is always along these lines:
    “ Actress Jane Doe is taking Hollywood by storm, despite being considered overweight” or “Overweight actress Jane Doe is a hit with movie goers”. They NEVER describe an actor in those words.

  9. Oh goodness how we all love Melissa Gilbert from the times she's just a little Laura Ingalls up until now as an empowered Melissa! Oh wow! Michael Landon must be so proud!

  10. Thank you for being transparent, honest and bold Melissa!!! Love you and Little House on the Prairie ❤

  11. Oh Melissa, you are such a beautiful person-I saw it in your face when you were little and I still see it there today.So glad you got those implants out-that was love for your body! You didn’t need them or anything else!

  12. I like that Melissa Gilbert speaks openly about her feelings about the way Hollywood and society places on women to look good. I am 51 and I am seeing the changes in my body and my face. I am no longer slim as I was when I was 31 and had thick long hair and now it has thinned out and I do feel a little uncomfortable when I go out in the public, but I will learn to accept myself the way I am and this was a good commentary from Melissa Gilbert, so I will just learn from what she said. All of the comments on this board are great to read, so Bless you all for your comments.

  13. J aime bcp Mélissa Gilbert mais elle fait dix ans de plus que son âge elle a pris un coup de vieux mais elle est très sympa

  14. I watch this, maybe the makeup or mannerisms, I can see her playing Laura Bush as an actress from interviews I saw of the former First Lady. I’ve always been a fan of Melissa. Very well spoken!

  15. I heard you, Laura (Mrs Gilbert)THE DEMONIC POWERS THAT BE!! HOLLYWEIRD FOR YOU! those true MONSTERS can surely destroy the purest of the pure,So To Speak!🙏🏾🙏🏾

  16. One of the things that make Melissa different from other actresses is that she was, is and always will be a "country girl". We knew her in a different way of life and that is the look we'll always keep in our minds.

  17. I loved Little House on the Prairie when I was a teenager, as I got older I realized the large amount of tear-wrenching melodrama it contained and started watching The Waltons. I suppose life just got very real for me.

  18. I think she looks good. But her makeup artist should be shot. The cheeks and lips are way too strong, which makes her look like she's trying too hard.

  19. Love her just the way she is. Keep up the good work, Melissa. So glad she's found happiness with Tim Bussfield, who I really adore. One day, driving my Dad's old truck with the big mirrors on the side, I was coming out of a doctors office in Santa Monica, terribly upset by some news I had just received. Trying to gather myself, I looked into the big side mirror to have a talk with myself, and there behind me, also looking at me was Tim Bussfield. His big smile, and reassuring way, changed my outlook. He could tell I was upset, and he made a difference.

  20. I loved her then I love her even more now!!! Hollywood is so fake and you can see how many of the older generation in Hollywood look plastic their faces look like crap they've had too many plastic surgeries everybody needs to realize we all get old and die it's a natural process I think she still looks beautiful

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  22. Good for her. I have and will always be ALL Natural. I have worked extremely hard, just retired and will continue to do it my way. I am 64.

  23. That lipstick that she's wearing, and half the women of America, is so clownish and so aging. A nice soft peach color or a nude color with a little pink in it is so much more attractive. I tried wearing that shade one time and had my picture taken and when I got the picture back I was aghast at what I saw. Nobody looks good in that deep red lipstick. It's rediculous. Who doesn't like Melissa Gilbert. I'm not trying to be mean, but helpful. Melissa Gilbert will probably never see this comment but I posted it anyway. Maybe someone will see it and change their shade if lipstick. I think no lipstick looks better than this outlandish color.

  24. I will forever love Melissa,I named my daughter laura as I promised myself I would when I was little. Best show ever ❤️

  25. most women deform their faces with plastic surgery, they look puffy and sick, not younger. I think Melissa looks great.

  26. 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿For you Mélissa " j'ai grandi en regardant la petite maison dans la prairie et je la regarde a chaque fois que l'occasion me le permet j'ai jamais cru qu'il s'agit d'une histoire réel mais c'est fontastique i love you si mutch" ,,🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

  27. she was beautiful, until she decided to go under the knife like every other Holly wood woman and end up looking like the joker!

  28. You know I'll believe these Hollywood women (Megyn Kelly included) when they stop feeding this appearance obsession themselves. Gilbert complains about feeling pressure to look a certain way, so what does she do, she goes on DWTS where its Expected women are to be a certain shape, wear revealing clothes to flatter & show off & expose themselves & as she said the clothes get skimpier as it goes on, & yet she does it anyway. Bottom line is these ladies think the payoff in Hollywood is worth all the pressure, otherwise they'd either get out of SHOWbusiness or stop taking roles that feed the appearance beast, & yet they don't…

  29. Once the show BOTCHED came out and I see how women mutilate their bodies especially w Breast Implants and all the issues can you see how horrible it is any young girl would feel they have to do this to get attention or be loved. Fast forward the clock on the Kardashians w all the nips tucks and filler – Kylie only 20 when she transformed her whole face & body will be interesting to see how they look in 15 years!

  30. I like Melissa, she's a very good actress……. but it's really hard to believe her and Megyn are only a few years apart in age. Also I think it should be manditory for child/teen stars to have independant psychiatrists from the get go.

  31. She looks like Baby Jane Hudson with that garish red lipstick. Someone should tell Melissa she's not 20 anymore and tone down the colors.

  32. she lied about being two and doing that ! she has been married so many times , who cares ! be yourself and no breast implants or any other kind of implant for the body can reject it ! Thanks

  33. Melissa Gilbert does look really old now, HOWEVER, she looks the BEST she has looked as an adult. She also looks the happiest. She has always been a great actress and personality. Now she will get age appropriate roles. Those roles are incredible and Melissa will be awesome in them.

  34. First off! Trader Megan is a hypocrite. Second , stop complaining about your rich petty nonsense problems while people in this world are having REAL problems …

  35. Melissa is an incredible, strong, brave, multi-talented woman and actress, I adore and respect her so much 💪🏻❤️💙

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