What Is Involved in Metastatic Liver Cancer
Treatment? There are many metastatic liver cancer treatment
options available, including chemotherapy, embolization and radiation therapy. In addition, other treatment methods include
surgery and tumor ablation. Metastatic liver cancer, also called secondary
liver cancer or metastases to the liver, is a disease in which cancer originates elsewhere
in the body and spreads to the liver. While the original site of the cancer is called
the primary cancer site and the liver is the secondary cancer site, metastatic cancer behaves
consistently with its origin. Generally, the type of treatment an affected
person undergoes depends upon primary cancer and the location and size of the metastatic
tumor. The use of chemotherapy in metastatic liver
cancer treatment is limited since there appears to be a low response rate. Still, it is an option that is available when
cancer has spread not only to the liver but to other organs as well. This is called whole-body, or systemic, chemotherapy. Systemic chemotherapy might also be a treatment
option even if the spread is contained in the liver. Embolization is another form of metastatic
liver cancer treatment. This is a procedure that involves an injection
of tiny pellets into the arteries. The injection results in a blockage of blood
flow to parts of the liver. Travel through the bloodstream is how cancer
cells spread and settle into the liver, to begin with. The blockage made by the pellets, then, makes
it difficult for the tumor to grow. In radiation therapy, high-energy rays relieve
pain and destroy cancer cells, thereby shrinking tumors. Radiation by itself does not cure cancer,
and so might not be a sole form of metastatic liver cancer treatment. The method requires the use of low doses because
radiation not only destroys cancer cells, but it destroys normal liver tissue as well. Surgery as a form of metastatic liver cancer
treatment gives a person a better chance for a recovery. This is because surgery involves the partial
or entire removal of a tumor. Surgery is an option not only for smaller
tumors but larger ones as well, although, with a tumor that is very large, the main
treatment method might be a liver transplant. If surgery is not possible, another metastatic
liver cancer treatment option is tumor ablation. This treatment option makes use of heat or
extreme cold to fight cancer. Heat, or radiofrequency ablation, burns the
tumor in place while extreme cold, or cryosurgery, freezes it in place. Both the heat and extreme cold will destroy
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