– I hate this.
And I’m sorry. And did I say that I hate this?
Because I hate this. – You don’t need to apologize
for making a huge sacrifice to save your friends. This is why people love
moral philosophy professors. – [laughs softly] Well, how about this? Every time you see me
get a stomach ache, imagine I’m thinking of you. – So, all the time? – Exactly. – Sorry to interrupt. I wanted to give
both of you something before we do this. Think of it as
a going-away present. [magical twinkling] [projector clicking softly] [soft dramatic music] ♪ ♪ ♪ – [sniffs] I don’t normally cry
at movies…[scoffs] But that one was
pretty good…[sniffs] That girl was hot. The guy was, too.

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