Come closer. Really, really close. Honestly, I’m not really sure what microblading is. I think it’s like a tattoo. This is Natasha. Like every other girl growing up, I over-waxed my eyebrows. And they never grew back. Now I want full eyebrows all the time and
it’s very difficult to make them look perfect so, that’s why I’m doing it. So the biggest trend in eyebrows is microblading. This is Tinel. She’s an expert microblade technician. We deposit pigment under the skin using a blade. The blade’s made up of 12 needles. We just go into the brow, do a little hair
incision, place pigment on top of that. And once we wipe that away, it looks like natural hair. So microblading gives many advantages. It gives everybody an opportunity to wake
up with natural, full brows instead of having to maintain them everyday. That’s really beautiful. Yeah, I think you’re right. Capturing some of the black. First, the brows are brushed upwards and out. Stray hairs are plucked. Then, they are trimmed. The ideal shape is drawn onto the skin. And now it’s time for the cut. When people come in typically for a consultation,
the number one question is, “Does it hurt?” It might hurt. I’m a little nervous about the pain but not too much. I’ve had several tattoos and if I can handle
that, I can handle this. Very true. Oh wow, that sounds awful. Um… It’s tolerable. The blades make the tiniest incisions that are filled with dye. It looks so natural. Okay whenever you’re ready to take a look, I’m ready. Oh they look so good! I felt some dripping down. I was like, “Oh! Okay.” “Definitely feels like blood!” They look so good. It’s been two months now. I just got them touched up and I’m totally happy
with how they came out. It was as painful as it looked but it was
very brief so I felt like I could push through. It was definitely worth a little bit of pain for a good payoff. I have perfect brows everyday. Thanks so much for watching. For more videos click here to subscribe click here.

100 thoughts on “Microblading Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Up Close | Macro Beauty | Refinery29”

  1. This is a horrible microblading job! She’s not holding the skin taut so she’s pulling on the skin too hard! That just made me cringe so hard. Her eyebrows were also uneven. Poor girl!

  2. Oh lord..i didnt come here for asmr .. you whisper creeps just stay in ur corney mmk?

  3. Me: Sorry but i thought i clicked on "Microblading Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Up Close" not ASMR
    Refinery29: fIrSt ThE bRoWs ArE bRuShEd…..UpWaRdS …aNd OuT
    Me: .

  4. The fact that Refinery 29 is promoting this “artist” is shameful and a really bad representation of microblading and the pmu community. Heads up ladies, this is NOT what microblading is like if you go to someone who is trained properly. This poor woman ended up with solid brows instead of hairstrokes and it’s because this “artist” dug into her skin— which caused excess bleeding— which caused the lines to blur into each other and turn greyish. Loooordddddd

  5. Creepy whispering why? Did she clean the skin, ? STOP WHISPERING ITS ANNOYING, nice job though, what was the cost?

  6. Absolutely painful to watch. For the love of God stretch the skin before you microblade!
    Kudos for the way you've made the vid, it's unique except the whispering but please research and get a real microblading artist. Poor woman and her skin..

  7. If this is a tatto (and it literally means theyre cutting your skin) why are people bitching about the pain and the blood?

  8. Lmao I died watching this video 🤣😂
    Wtf is this video even supposed to be? Seemed like watching a low budget horror movie

  9. Watch my video here and find out why Microblading blurs, and becomes ashy.
    This method of microblading is not best practice. at 3:02 we can clearly see that the depth of the blade is pressing too deep and there is insufficient stretch happening. The posture and reaction fo the client is not what one should expect from microblading. Performed correctly microblading should only involve the epidermal layer of the skin, and this practitioner is clearly too deep.

  10. I agree with the others, If I had seen this video before I got my microblading done I would have never did it.

  11. At certain parts I'm kinda afraid the lady is 1. Stabbing her in the eyebrow or 2. going to pull off her face….yeah I'm pretty sure that's bad sooo….EDIT: on second thought guys I'm definitely sure at one point she stabbed her sooo …😬

  12. Thin anyway, done wrong, bled, didn’t stretch the skin or apply enough numbing cream, miss matched etc. this lady needs to loose her license. She couldn’t even draw eyebrows on correctly on HER OWN FACE

  13. The fuck is up with that pornographic whisper? Fuckin' weirdo. I stopped watching. Read the comments. Glad i stopped watching.

  14. I am so happy that I got my brows micro-pigmented! Saves so much time every single day, especially with having 7 kiddos to care for !

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