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I’m DR. Pragathi. In this video we are discussing about myths and facts of
migraine. Migraine is the second most common cause of headache affecting
people all over the world. In fact it is the most common cause of headache that causes disability. Patients with migraine usually complain of headache limited to
one side of the head and it is usually moderate to severe in intensity. This is
different from tension-type of headache which is the most common type
characterised by bilateral tight band-like discomfort. Migraine can be
initiated by triggers like movements, especially moments of head and once
initiated it can last for a period of 4 to 72 hours. The other triggers include
sun glare, exposure to bright light, staying amidst loud sounds, skipped or
delayed meals causing hunger, psychological stressors, physical
exertion, stormy weather, menstrual cycles, sleep deprivation, alcoholic beverages, excess caffeine. Migraine is more common
in females affecting 15-percent of women and 6-percent of men
over a period of one year. It is caused by hypersensitivity of receptors in
brain stem and hypothalamus to external environment and sensory stimuli due to the
dysfunction of Monoaminergic sensory control system. Aura in alternative
medicine is a colored emanation enclosing body of human, animal or any
object that affects health of people. However aura in migraine refers to
warning sensory signs that usually occurs before the onset of headache and
usually lasts for 20 minutes. These sensory disturbances may be in the form
of nausea, photophobia, scalp tenderness, tingling sensation in hands or legs, vertigo or even diarrhea. Interesting visual disturbances like
Photopsia, where patients can see flash of lights, and Fortification spectra, where
patients see zigzag lines moving across the visual field can be disturbing for
patients. For example, a normal person sees an image like this… Whereas a
patient experiencing aura sees an image like this… This is another example of
Fortification spectra where there is blurring of part of the image. Confusion
and other neurological symptoms can also be aura. Sometimes patient experiences
only auras without headache, then they are called Acephalgic migraine. Migraine
when present for more than 15 days is called Chronic migraine and may require
preventive strategies. Though there are many medicines for migraine,
individualization of treatment that requires choosing the right medicine
that suits the patient may take time which as to their sadness. Treatment of the
migraine with medication is effective in only fifty to seventy-five percent of
the patients. So, the rest have to be managed non-pharmacologically. Non-pharmacological approach includes healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables,
regular exercises and staying away from alcohol and excess caffeine. Everyday
stressors that can trigger migraine may not be completely avoidable and
practicing techniques like hypnosis and meditation may help handle such stresses. Educating people about migrane will help
patients manage lifestyle, enjoy moments, improve quality and lead a healthy and happy
life. This is a revision slide. Many people with
tension-type of headache think they have migraine. Now that you are aware of myths and facts of migraine, all you need to do is just relax. Stay healthy, stay happy…

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