Hi, Dr. McCarthy here and I want to
recommend to the next in our series of Migraine Success Secrets, this is number
six. Today I’m going to talk about hormones, and the role that they can play in
creating the migraine problems that you’ve had. If you’ve been dealing with
crushing, debilitating migraine headaches and you have not had your hormones
evaluated, then you’re doing yourself a disservice, this has got to be done, it’s
gotta be done properly. The way that we do the testing is actually through saliva
samples and it’s a very accurate form of testing, what is actually called the free
fraction of the hormones. Some of the things that we talk about is your
pituitary, is part of your brain and that’s like the master, lobe organ in
your body and it tells all the other organs how to work. The pituitary tells your
thyroid exactly what to do, your thyroid is what controls you the power
plant ,your metabolism in your body. So if the problems of pituitary hormones or
thyroid hormones, that can have a major impact on you suffering with migraines.
If these have not been evaluated, you’ve got to get these checked. The next thing
we talked about are the sex hormones, specifically estrogens in females and
testosterone in males, but actually they’re just your predominant hormones,
both males and females have testosterone and estrogen, they’re just in different
ratios. If your ratio is thrown off, that can wreak havoc with the way you’re
migrating symptoms manifest and it is very common to see, especially in females will
go through a cycle where the estrogen levels go up and come down throughout
the course of the month, many females will say that they’re migraine headaches
actually get worse at a certain time of the month. Well that’s tell-tale sign that
it’s related to its going on with your hormones. Secondarily we see lots of
problems with people who are having a insulin issues, blood sugar regulation
issues. Insulin will have a devastating effect on your hormone levels. Insulin
surgeons will create in a female, it will create your estrogen being converted
into testosterone and it does the exact opposite in
the mail, it converts your testosterone into estrogen. So talking more about blood
sugar and their success secrets but as far as the insulin, a hormone, is related
to your sex hormones and your thyroid pituitary hormones, if you had to get the
hormones checked to see if it’s playing a role in your migraine issues, you need
to get that done now. I look forward to helping you, thanks.

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