I’m Kylie Badgley with today’s health news. The cause of migraines can sometimes be a
bit of a mystery, but new research suggests gut bacteria and certain foods can trigger
a migraine. Scientists have found that migraine sufferers
have a different mix of gut bacteria that could make them more sensitive to certain
foods. Research showed that those who suffer from
migraines have higher levels of bacteria that are known to be involved in processing nitrates. Nitrates are found in processed meats, leafy
vegetables and some wines. According the study published in the journal
mSystems, the latest findings raise the possibility that migraines could be triggered when nitrates
in food are broken down more efficiently, causing vessels in the brain and scalp to
dilate. Researchers took oral and fecal samples from
healthy participants, who had also reported whether they were affected by migraines. In both samples, people with migraines had
slightly higher levels of bacteria linked to breaking down nitrates. The next step is a controlled diet study of
migraine sufferers to see whether nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream are linked to migraine
attacks. For now it is best to avoid nitrates in your
diet to reduce your risk of getting a migraine. For more information talk to your doctor and
visit dailyrxnews.com. For dailyRx, I’m Kylie Badgley.

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