Is your posture causing your headaches?
How many times did you hear sit up straight as a child? It turns out
your parents were right. Proper posture is an important component in headache prevention. The average human head weighs between 9 and 11 pounds. When we show a tendency for the head to drift forward, for every inch that your head
moves forward from a neutral position the stress on your cervical spine
increases by 10 pounds. According to the New York Times, adults spend an average
of eight hours per day looking at a screen. That can cause significant
postural stress over time. When you sit with improper posture it can create
increased muscle tension in the neck. Chronic prolonged poor posture causes
muscle imbalance and that can lead to tension headaches. But there is another
piece of the puzzle when it comes to headaches along with the head drifting
forward, it can also be tilted to the side. This is frequently caused by a head
or neck injury such as a car accident fall sports injury concussion or other
trauma to the head or neck. This tilting of the head to the side is generally
caused by the first bone in the spine being misaligned. When the Atlas
misaligns this causes distortion within the spinal cord and brain stem, changing
the way nerve signals work and also disrupting the normal flow of blood and
cerebral spinal fluid – from and through your brain. When these signals are
distorted it can lead to muscle tension and pain. Sometimes this pain can radiate
into the muscles and create tension headaches. Misalignments in this area
that disrupt blood flow can also lead to migraines. Upper cervical care is
designed to gently correct Atlas misalignments in the upper neck. When the Atlas is aligned the spinal cord can send and receive signals normally and
proper blood flow can be re-established, this can lead to a reduction in tension
and migraine headaches symptoms. In one example a 23 year old suffered daily
from migraine headaches, after three months of specific upper cervical care
her headache symptoms were completely eliminated. Migraine and tension
headaches are two of the most common conditions we see in our office.
Are you interested in learning more about how upper cervical care can help
you with your headaches? The doctors at upper cervical chiropractic of Boulder
are trained in upper cervical care, a specific procedure designed to detect
and gently correct atlas misalignments. If you would like to learn more about
upper cervical care call us in our Boulder office, at 303-900-7703 or visit us online at

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