29 thoughts on “Mom Agrees To Mental Health Treatment – See What Happens After The Taping”

  1. This woman, who literally thinks Vladimir Putin is in love with her and is talking to her through ties: "I love my dog more than my kids"

    People in this comment section: "I'm SHOCKED, that's so irrational, who says that???"


  2. I think this 'I love my dog ​​more than my children' is the first step to healing. She is so offended now because her children and the whole world do not believe in her putinism. If you are really hurt and feel super-rejected, you say things which not hold true. Dogs do not verbally contest their owner.

  3. I hate that this is permanently here for them to always come back and see that their mother valued them less than a dog. She's more concerned with being "right" and wallowing in her pain than attempt rebuilding a relationship.

  4. I don’t have kids yet I just have my dogs. As much as I love them I’d never put them before my children. That’s so hurtful and selfish

  5. Look I'm not a mental health expert but this lady seems very narcissistic… she thinks VERY highly of herself. I feel bad for her sons and daughter…

  6. I've asked before but I've gotta ask again: Have you guys seen Putin's girlfriend? I have and this woman ain't her🤣Seriously guys. Google "Putin's girlfriend." She's a 20 something yr old world class gymnast, gorgeous and can bend herself into a human pretzel💋😄😜

  7. She is so delusional and yet… that's not her biggest problem. Even if she got past her trauma and lived in reality, she'd still be so self centered she could never have functional relationships… I hope these kids move on with their other family and get the validation from others that they are not worthless and evil as she's treated them.

  8. I’m wondering if some of this isn’t for attention?? Notice how bitter she seems because her children chose others over her. She’s cold. She looked at her own son crying and it didn’t even bother her. What she said is going to be hard for her children to forgive

  9. Why don't we let her go to Russia and see what happens? I feel bad for the kids, I don't see this woman getting better, she doesn't entertain that she may have delusions.

  10. I love my children so much. Seeing mothers like this makes me want to pull up on my kids at school just to tell them I love them.

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