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today if you’re feeling like you’re in a funk
maybe you’re experiencing some seasonal gloominess perhaps you’re adjusting to
motherhood or dealing with a recent loss maybe you’re interested in this subject
because someone you know is feeling low and you’re trying to help them manage
their mood so emotions are actually information
carrying molecules that bind to cell receptors in the brain and throughout
the body and there’s actually three places where this neuro processing of
emotions occurs in the mind the heart and in the gut and in the mind about 90%
of the processing is subconscious the heart it’s interesting to know that
there’s more neural pathways going from the heart to the brain then from the
brain to the heart which means at the heart our seat of emotion and intuition
actually informs the mind and then about 90% of the serotonin and other feel-good
chemicals reside in the guts so if you’re feeling down you’re probably also
feeling really disconnected between at least one of these places in the body
you might be feeling more tension or mental confusion disconnected in the
heart may be apathetic and maybe lacking in compassion or empathy too and perhaps
your gut and your digestive health is also not working as efficiently so
essential oils similar to emotions are also information carrying molecules that
bind to some receptors in the brain and throughout the body and they can help
balance the emotional response that we’re experiencing in the mind heart and
gut so this is how essential oils work from a biochemical standpoint and when I
hear that people are skeptical about whether essential oils work or not
they’re just not understanding that there is basic biochemistry involved so
essential oils can help with holistic health balancing body heart and mind and
certain essential oils actually help to balance out certain emotions now of
course everyone is different but in general when someone is feeling
discouraged distress or gloomy citrus oils are really helpful
to balance out those emotions if feelings of apathy or insecurity are
predominant when one is feeling low then mint oils are really helpful and if it’s
grief sadness or shame that someone is feeling then we usually turn more toward
the tree essential oils and this is because of the special chemical
properties of each essential oil but those who are more open to learning
about the energetic properties of the oils I’m going to share that too as I
tell you about my four favorite essential oils for uplifting your mood so number one is lime essential oil
again citrus oils in general are great for uplifting the mood if you’re feeling
gloom and discouragement from this awesome book emotions and essential oils
may call lime the zest for life oil and it clears discouragement and thoughts
and feelings related to a loss of will to live
lime shines light on the inner motives hidden in the heart and encourages
emotional honesty my number two oil for uplifting your
mood is peppermint so it’s really hard to hold on to anxious feelings and
feeling disconnected when you get a whiff of peppermint automatically it
brings your awareness up and the emotions an essential oil book says that
peppermint brings joy and buoyancy to the heart and soul it invigorates body
mind and spirit and reminds individuals that life can be happy and when you put
peppermint on your body it could actually help manage the symptoms that I
talked about previously with any confusion or head tension and any
digestive discomfort so my third favorite essential oil is actually a
blend from doTERRA called elevation also known as the joyful blend and it’s a
nice combination of woodsy tree essential oils citrus oils and some
florals and it was made especially for uplifting the mood and to overcome
feelings of despair and hopelessness my fourth favorite is another doTERRA
blend called adaptive so this is a recent product that they just came out
with similar to Elevation it is also specifically formulated for its mood
enhancing properties and it’s called adaptive because many people these days
are having a hard time managing stress so this is a stress relieving essential
oil again there are many many different essential oils that can also help with
it but this combines the very best essential oils in one blend so it
contains wild orange lavender copaiba which is the CBD alternative spearmint
again mints are very great for uplifting the mood Magnolia rosemary
neroli and sweet gum and I have to show you this label because it is all warped
I’ve been using this with my clients since it first came out in September and
they have all had really phenomenal experiences with our acupuncture
treatments so how do we use these essential oils to pick up your mood the
easiest way to affect your mood is to smell them when we experience the oils
aromatically its perceived by the limbic area of the brain which is the emotional
also called the reptilian the oldest part of the brain that deals with
emotions and memory and when it’s triggered we have this direct and
immediate chemical response so you can either just smell from the bottle
directly you could put a drop in your hands and love them together these are
both really quick ways to use them but with short-term results if you want this
experience to last longer you can use an essential oil diffuser where you put
four to eight drops in and it will run continuously
for anywhere from four to twelve hours depending on the diffuser or you can
also put a drop on some essential oil jewelry like I have here this lava stone
necklace when you put the oil on concentrated or neat it will last for a
couple of days now I only use and recommend doTERRA essential oils because
of their commitment to purity and sustainability they’re also the most
tested essential oils on the market and this is why many medical doctors are
using them in their practice and recommending them to their patients and
in this way doTERRA is helping to bridge the gap between Western medicine and
natural health care there is a huge range of quality difference on the
market since just like food essential oils aren’t regulated by the FDA so you
really need to be careful about who you are buying from in general you get what
you pay for so I can’t promise that you’ll get the same results with any
essential oils that are of less quality than doTERRA so I hope this gives you
enough guidance and confidence to use essential oils for their mood enhancing
properties so of course if you’re experiencing severe depression you’ll
want to be seeking the help of a mental health professional essential oils can
always help but you’ll likely be needing more support all of these essential oils
would be a wonderful accompaniment to my free stress relieving acupressure guide
that you can download in the description below and in this guide I share my six
favorite acupressure points that help to relieve stress and tension so if you
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