Pencil Test. This test not only shows a pregnant woman… This test not only shows a pregnant woman the sex of the baby that she is carrying. It will also show her how many babies she will have and what gender they are. In fact, all women can perform this test, even if they are not yet pregnant. Try this at home. Science. Science rules. For this test you will need a sharp pen that has an eraser on the top of it. Stick a needle in the end of the eraser and then go on to thread a piece of sewing thread through the needle. I think you stab the eraser. Once you finish this, place your arm on a table or another hard surface and dangle the pencil above the exposed wrist with your palm facing up. The pencil will start to move in a circular motion. And then it will start to move from side to side or up and down. If the pencil moves up and down following the length of your arm you are expecting a boy. If the pencil moves across your wrist in a side to side motion then you are carrying a girl. If the pencil moves in big circles, you probably may have a miscarriage. What a horrible test! If the test is performed correctly, the pencil will move in small circles in between each prediction. So, if your first child is supposed to be a boy it will move up and down for awhile and then it will start swinging in small circles again before it tells you the gender of your second child. If there is no more child, the pencil will slow down and stop moving. Luckily they have a disclaimer here that says, “if the test is performed correctly” So if it doesn’t work, then it must be our fault.
It’s our fault. Small circle. Oh, look! It’s going side to side. That’s a girl. Small circle. Up and down. That’s a boy. Wow. This is creepy. It’s doing big circles and we had a miscarriage! Now it’s a small circle. Oh, that says girl! Girl.
Wait! Keep doing it. Now a small circle again. Oh, that’s the last one.
That’s it! This is our last baby….apparently.
According to this! We literally did this test 3 times to get different angles And every single time it was the same. Girl. Boy. Girl. And then it stopped. Just saying… Girl! Taylor Tadpoles!

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