[LOGO SOUND EFFECT] Hi. I’m John, one of the
major domos here at Domo. Let me tell you about one
of most exciting problems I’ve been able to work on. I noticed that management would
often make changes to process, but we didn’t always
come back around to see how effective
these changes were. The problem was that we couldn’t
tell if these changes were having a positive, or a negative
impact, or any impact at all. I wanted to see the
impact of every project in every department. I worked with a number
of different people to define key outcome
metrics for every department and was then able
to use a dataflow to join those with
finance data and get ROI for every department
for every month. Once that was done, I was
able to create a web form that listed every project
that was going on in each department,
along with the start date and the date we
expected to see results. Once all the data
was joined together, I was able to create
cards showing the outcome metrics both before
and after the changes had been implemented. I also added standard
deviations to see if we had really
moved the needle or if the change we were
seeing was just noise. With this data, I created pages
for every department showing the trends of the outcome
metric, ROI, the finances, and the initiative
performance so that management could see how their whole
organization was performing at a glance. And we could easily see which
initiatives were performing well and which ones weren’t,
so that we could hone our strategy moving forward. Moving the needle
can be a problem. But that problem was
solved with Domo. Hi. I hope you liked my story. If you have your own
“I solved it with Domo” story that you’d like to
share, click this link up here. This will give you
some tips and tricks on how to make your own “I
solved it with Domo” story, and then, also, how to submit it
to us so that we can feature it on our Dojo page and
on our YouTube channel. If you click this
link, you can watch all of our “I solved
it with Domo” videos, hopefully giving some real
value to you and your business.

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