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The MRI Scan – what happens? Here’s the MRI Scanner. If you need to have an MRI scan you’ll be brought into a room much like this. You lie on the table, you go into the middle, you come back out again, and you get changed. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to have a scan. I’ll show you the table going in… As you can see there’s plenty of room, and it’s well lit. Once it’s finished we bring you back out again, (and obviously you have to imagine the person). And the table comes down, and the scan’s complete. It’s as simple as that! [Web]
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  1. I've gor an ABI, caused by the contraction of meningitis post resection of a pineal ependymoma, and I get one of these monthly to check my head for anything else. This video has great information about recieving an MRI, as well as any other info regarding MRI. Kudos to you all. Thumbs up.

  2. I'm claustrophobic, too…but the unit they were going to put me into was narrower (I think I could have licked the top), you HAD to go in head first, and the end of it was not open like that, but closed off. I refused to go in

  3. Why are so many people scared?? its an impressive machine, considering what it does its excellent. Stop complaining…geez You just have to lie there for a while and thats it.

  4. I had an MRI done on my head.The one I was in had music coming thru headphones.Mine took 30-45 mins NOT 2hrs WTF.I was fine up until the last 2 mins then the claustraphobia hit. YES! the LAST 2 mins.The process left me a bit shaken,and disoriented had to take a valium to calm down but I`m now fine

  5. My daughter is getting an MRI soon scrolling throw the comments is helping calming her down a letter

  6. Oh my God I'm so nervous in a couple of days I got to get an MRI first time oh my God I hope everything comes out good I hope my anxiety does kick in


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  10. That's not MRI that's Citi scan wtf nusiance shit is this there is difference between CT scan and MRI scan, CT scan cause radiation effect on body wherein MRI scan is not hatful or its effects don't cause any problems, MRI scan create a magnetic field around your body, for the fact there is a therapy called magnetic therapy, and trust me I have don't MRI scan a couple of time after I met with accident, my shoulder and rib bone was damaged, there MRI scans done after that I started feeling mentally well, again MRI and CT scan are different, ty

    Unlike CT scans, which use X-rays, MRI scans use powerful magnetic fields and radio frequency pulses to produce detailed pictures of organs, soft tissues, bone and other internal body structures.

  11. Nothing to it but because of my back spasms was very uncomfortable due to heat it radiates to your back and the noise i can only describe as workers using air gun tool to dig the roads up but seriously no stress

  12. I might have mri on my spine, I am so scared. I had surgery long time ago on my spine, I had scoliosis, they fixed me… but now I have everyday pain… I am so scared what if I had something broken ((((

  13. I need some answers please….anyone that knows. Diagnosed with degenerative brain disease and previous MRIs looked per doc notes: Horrible. Had bad reaction to dye so now in 2017 needed up to date scans without dye. Nurse leaves message everything perfectly normal ???

  14. What happens? You are put into a tube that barely affords you room to breathe. If you are claustrophobic, it is very stressful. And the noise is loud, unnerving and very unpleasant. You are cold, uncomfortable and once the test starts, there is no break, and they can take up to 90 minutes. I did the tests under sedation, dilaudid and Tylenol 3, or something stronger, and blinders. They are absolutely no fun, unenjoyable, miserable and awful.

  15. I'm scared, I'm have no worries me today (23rd Jan) I don't like loud noises and unfamiliar places so I'm scared

  16. I like how he Said plenty of room….yeah, with nobody in it!!! But when she went in there was no room!!!!…..I'm having one on my head soon but will only go in an open one….my second time and that was fine though also extremely noisy

  17. Just got an MRI of my elbows, showed up knowing nothing about MRIs. I thought I'd be out in 2 minutes but the lady was like "this will take about an hour." It ended up taking an hour and a half. I also didn't know how loud the thing would be. It sounds like a jackhammer in your right ear and 12 air compressors in your left. She gave me some special headphones so I could listen to the radio to drown out the sound a little bit. I asked for the classic rock station but apparently the reception sucks at this place so she put it on some crappy pop station. I'm not claustrophobic so being in a tiny tube didn't really bother me but what did was sitting still for so long. I've been sick for a few days but the lady told me if I coughed it would mess up the scan. I eventually started to fall asleep, and that's the way to go. If you can get used to all the noise just take a nap. Waking up while being wheeled out of a metal tube with lights in it in those restraints is a trippy experience. Feels like you're in a sci-fi movie, especially if you forget where you are for a sec.

  18. Better than the claustrophobic mri's from the 1990's, there was about 3 inches of space in front of my nose lying on my back

  19. Hardest part for me was the IV (I was terrified of needles when I was young). I remember they put something in the IV to calm me down, which all it really did was make me forget everything I guess, because after I didn’t remember anything that happened, but apparently I kept kicking and wouldn’t stop moving and the doctors wanted to kill me

  20. Just shoot yourself with 20 different vaccines, all filled with mercury-based-preservatives, and have them collect in the brain. Hop in the MRI scan, and feel your intelligence and cognitive coherence on your very existence fade away in just one afternoon!

  21. I had to do this again a few days ago. 2nd time now & still hate it. It sucks having to stay completely still, the loud banging noise which doesn’t help when you have a headache like I did…feeling trapped! I’m not claustrophobic but I don’t know how I manage if I was. I also don’t like holding my breathe for 20 seconds ☹️😥

  22. Had mine a couple days ago. Pulled out after 5 seconds of them putting me in there. If you're actually claustrophobic then you won't be able to handle. A lot of people say they have it yet sit in it for 40 minutes, you don't have it smh

  23. i had one today, nobody told me that i had to go in completely naked, so i was shocked at that- also if you move your legs they make you redo it, which is hard, because they tickle your feet with feathers

  24. I got my second scan today tbh I liked it bc I could relax and feel the cool air. I got my whole body put in too. (Head first) it’s not bad at all just a little loud through the ear plugs and that’s it. It went by really fast too. My mom was like your where in there for 2 and a half hours. I was like really.

  25. My first scan was like that but on another one they wanted the table raised so that my head raised to very near the top and it was claustrophobic, had to be sedated to do it

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  27. I had one a few days ago. It was hot and uncomfortable. My arm was the part getting scanned. And after 5 minutes in my arm started to cramp due to the wierd positioning. I hit the ball they gave me to tell them. And instead of being concerned. The guy tells me "If you cant be still, we will have to reschedule". After that i started crying due to the pain. I ended up just suffering in pain, because i did not want to rescedule and come back. At the end my arm was shaking really bad due to the pain. And it hurt to move my arm for 30 minutes. It was a horrible experience that did not have to be. I had also had an MRI 7 years ago. And the techs then made me feel way more comfortable. So if you have a good MRI tech with a good bedside manner, its makes it a lot more pleasant.

  28. Had my first one a couple of days ago. Not a load of laughs, but it was bearable. The first half hour I just closed my eyes and tried to relax. After that I tried singing old songs, and the effort of trying to remember the words passed the time nicely. Still, I must admit I was glad when they let me out.

  29. Anyone wondering what the chirping sound you hear in this video let me explain…

    There are 2 parts to this

    1. The compressor
    This is the driver for the coldhead which I will explain later this uses helium as the refrigerant gas and requires water cooling due to the large amount of helium gas it has to chill

    2. The coldhead
    The coldhead is the main part of this refrigeration system this is used because an MRI scanner uses superconducting magnets which need to be cooled to -269 degrees Celsius the problem is that the magnet generates heat during operation causing the bath of over 1000 liters of liquid helium inside a cryostat at extremely high vacuum pressure for zero cold loss boils off and turns to gas when exposed to the heat of the magnet this is were the coldhead comes in action the coldhead is used to re liquify the helium gas which is always boiling off back into liquid again the way this works is that the cold area of the coldhead is dipped inside the liquid helium bath and a valve ontop of the unit which is NOT exposed to the helium gas pushes and pulls on a piston to pump the super chilled helium into the cold reigon which cools down to -269 degrees Celsius the piston creates the chirping sound as it pushes and pulls on the helium gas which has a very high pressure it pushes the gas into the cold reigon and pulls it back into the compressor where it is re chilled and sent back to the coldhead. This is a cycle which goes on for 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year the coldhead never stops unless there is a power cut where the compressor will stop pumping helium to the coldhead.

    Without coldheads all the helium would boil off rapidly through vent pipes and into the atmosphere and when there's is not enough helium surrounding the magnet it will shut down and realease all the existing liquid helium

  30. Yes very, very noisy ( not heard on this video) but don't worry, it is supposed to sound like it is falling to pieces but if you have not been warned it will come as a surprise!

  31. 30 min ago I cancelled my neck MRI, had Silence of the Lambs mask put on my face, it was scary, I'm bad case of claustophobia, next try with Valium.

  32. Nothing scary guys
    It's just like you're watching avenger fight scene in high volume nothing happens to you and yes don't fell sleep

  33. They gave me those yellow, spongy ear-plugs; then I got the ear-protectors (headphones) on top of those. The noise was still like having my head stuck In the engine of a Boing 747. At least I don't have metal objects sticking to me…..!

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