Ladies and gentlemen, understand what this is. Welcome to Red Bull Remix Lab Live, Twitches! I’m your boy T-Pain, I’m your goddamn
host. This is my homeboy Murda Beatz. Murda Beatz, please introduce yourself. Chef Murda in the building, in the
kitchen cooking up today in the A in my dog’s crib. Goin’ to do that work, man. You know what it is, we’re in my home studio right now, which means I’m allowed to
wear sweatpants and Murda could come in whatever you want. I wore splash plants, he wears sweatpants. We made them put on the splash pants because he’s a little taller. He
didn’t have on pants earlier but we can see his underwear and we had to make him
wear pants. But we will today be working on my new single “Might Be,” featuring
Gucci Mane, originally produced by Young Fyre. But today we’re gonna get a smash
remix from my homeboy Murda Beatz. And oh, it’s gonna be so glorious.
First of all, how are you feeling? I’m feeling good. How’re you doing? I’m feeling great. I’m feeling fantastic. Honestly, I’m a fan.
– I’m a big fan of yours, as well. This is the first time we got to link up
and work on music. So, this is great. The first time we get to link up we’re both getting paid for it. That’s always good. Shout out to Red Bull. So, let’s get started.
First of all, do you like the track? Yeah, it’s pretty good. It’s pretty good. It’s pretty good. It might be. [Laughs.] It might be. This show delivers. Okay, so we’re gonna be able to… you gonna be able to remix it and do your thing on this? Honestly, to everyone watching at home this is my second time listening to this song. Second time hearing the song and we’re about to immediately remix it so this
should be fun. Look man, if everybody’s waiting on the track to come out I can’t
wait for you to hear it. I can’t wait for you to hear the remix because this will be the
official remix that we’re doing for the song, so you get to see it be made right
in front of your face, except for my parts. I’m gonna go in get some new
verses. See if I can get Gucci to do another verse.
He’s busy though, so that’s how that is. I’ll get Gucci to do it. He’ll get Gucci to do it. Everybody else
can get Gucci to do anything. Shout out to Wop. Shout out to Wop. So you know always shout out to Big Wop, you already know what it is. Salute to the Wop and the wife. Appreciate y’all. This is
a dope-ass verse. Thank you very much. Just had to get that off my chest. Now
what program are we using today? What software are we using today to do this remix? This is FL Studios. Fruit Loop Gang, you know what I’m saying and all that. Fruit Loop Gang! I don’t know the gang signs. It’s not one. It’s not — I just made that up, copyright that. Go back on this and copyright that for me, thank
you. Sweet, so let’s start the process. We got all the stems here — Before we start the process,
is there any way we could get some Red Bull Remix in my cup? We need some Red Bull Remix, immediately. This is … it’s Red Bull. It’s an
official remix drink. Alright, yeah so let’s get started. So we got the stems from the original track. Right, right, right, right. We got everything, Do you only use FL Studio? Or do you
use different — ? No, no, FL Gang. I told you. I told you, FL Gang. FL Gang. We’re coming for, we’re coming for the
chains. I don’t know. That might mean something. I’m sorry to anybody’s gang that I’ve just threw up. I’m not with you I’m sorry
I don’t know. All right, sweet! So what we’re going? Should we go over a game plan of like
what I think we should do? Go ahead. Do your thing. You’re the chef. I’m just gonna open some FL Keys. It’s a stock VST. By the way, you
said you’re starting to use FL? I’m starting to use FL. I’m starting to get on it. So this is just like a stock VST that comes with it.
I think it’s a beautiful piano How’s it sound? You know, not bad. [Music.] It’s like a normal piano. Thank you,
Red Bull for the remix. Thank you, guys, killing it.
Sweet, alright, so so we can work with the stems. We’ve got FL Keys
pulled up — a stock VST that’s already in FL Studio. Alright so I mean we get started
on this. What do we not need from the
first track? Or do we need anything from the first track? Um, I’m gonna use it as a
skeleton right now. See if we can fit some pieces into it. But for right
now I think that since you’re like a phenomenal musician, you should
lay down some chords for the people watching at home.
– I can do that. I can do chords. And for Young Murda.
– And for Young Murda. I’m excited. I usually don’t get
to participate on the beat part for this I told Red Bull that you have to
participate or I’m not doing it, so I was like, I just really wanted to do a collab
with T-Pain and this is how it happens. I wore my tight shirt today today, so it’s on.
I’m ready to go Goddamn it. That’s what I’m talking about. You want to like feel out the chords? I muted the music. Alright, I’m going up on this one. [Music.] I’m going to need the 808s right now, too – cuz if I want to throw something else in there. Okay. That’s kind of dope! Like a little breakdown?
– It is. Bear with me while I figure this out guys. [Music.] [T-Pain playing FL Keys.] it’s a harder process for me to
start when already — see, I got the song in my mind already, so you know. Do you
usually start with the keys or you start with drums? I usually start with melody.
– You usually start with melody. But sometimes I start with drum just to
switch it up and give you those different vibes. [T-Pain back on the FL Keys.] Alright, I’m gettin’ it. Here we go… [Music.] Okay, we’re getting it. Okay
we’re getting next time. First of all, Twitch, like I said, in the chat box feel
free to go ahead and tell us how you want this remix turn out because we have
no fucking clue. We’ve been pretty much playing VR since yesterday and I haven’t
come up with a game plan at all. So this is fun. Oh shit, go ahead I can do it!
I can do this! Wait, I didn’t know you’re recording. I just I got an idea of it. I got an idea
of it. But feel free to make suggestions on how this remix needs to turn out.
Obviously, if you’re suggestion is terrible, we’re just not gonna
we’re not gonna acknowledge it at all. But it’s great you know — reward! Hello,
okay, everybody wins in this. Do you want to actually record? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can do this. So I’m gonna start like — Okay, what’s gonna happen. This is how I record. Everyone records differently.
– Okay, let me know how you do it. Pretty much, when you hit the key…,
– It’s gonna start. Shit. You gotta be, you gotta be. I’ll say, I’ll go, “Bitch, I … ”
And then… Alright, we can try. Let’s
see what happens. Okay, it’s like when you go … So, one, two, three… [T-Pain plays over music.] One more time. I almost got something. Okay, yeah. That’s a weird way to do that. It is,
can’t lie about that one. Red Bull Edition, man. The Red Bull Edition, fucking extreme. [T-Pain plays keys over music.] One more time. One more time. I know I got it. I know I got this. Here we go [T-Pain back on the FL Keys.] That’s all. That’s all I got for you. I
got nothing else for you. Alright, that’s it. We’re done, shout out to Red Bull. [T-Pain laughs.] Shout out, Red Bull. Thank you all for coming through. It was fun
while it lasted and we’ll see you next time. Red Bull Remix Lab Live back here. Cut it. Alright cool, sweet. [Laughs.] [Music.] Oh, thank you. Alright, cool, sweet. Had to get my mic fixed. We got standby. We gotta — get
in there! Now, we’re doing good. Is this still live? We’re still good. We’re goin’ … It’s
gonna be a lot longer than what we’re anticipating. But Cesar is saying I want the beat to sound like literal fire. Hey, man, T-Pain is with Young Murda, you already know what’s gonna happen, man, shit. I don’t know if you want, I don’t know if Am I allowed to swear?
– Yes. I can fucking swear?
– Yeah, okay. Can I fucking swear? [Laughs.] I don’t know if he wants us to put a fire sound effect on the — Hey, I’m gonna open Omnisphere. Okay, Omnisphere is always dope. Now, explain what you like about Omnisphere. He’s just a great guy.
– He is a great guy. He’s always there for me.
– All-around party animal. Alright, sweet, so we’re going to Omnisphere. Do you have a go-to in Omnisphere? Like before you start really
getting into, you know, custom-style? I just randomly click shit
and it just works out. That’s what I do. I just, I just let it fly.
Just close my eyes. There’s too much … like, how can you, like —
– It’s a lot. It’s a lot of shit you don’t need, but at the same time I fucking
love Omnisphere. Especially the second one. It’s always great. [Music.] That sounds like a hit.
– Already It’s a smash. We’ll see you guys later, okay. Alright, it’s over. [Laughs.] I love it man. Hey, you played that, man. [Music.] That does sound pretty cool, not gonna lie about that. Do you guys like it? They do like it. You know you like it.
– Yes. Shout out to all my Twitches out there. You know Vape Nation, uh, Drift Nation. Uhhh, everybody in the JDM you already know
what it is. It’s going down. Just want to give up my shout outs now. Shout out to all the
strippers in the world — you’re doing God you’re doing God’s work. [Laughs.] No, don’t say that. [T-Pain laughs.] Don’t say that. You helping out a lot of people out there. Bruh man from the fifth floor wants it chopped and screwed. Do you want to hear the song chopped and screwed? Or do you want to chop and screw this? You can’t be vague, Bruh man. You gotta figure this out. We can make a little
chopped and screwed part at the end. Yeah, well get that going.
Alright, sweet. So we got claps now. You quick with it, can’t lie about that.
– My bad. You’re quick with it. We got claps.
Where did the claps come from? That’s your own personal stash of claps? I clicked them in. Clip in the claps when I wasn’t looking. Got some Murda hats.
– Let’s get some Murda hats! There’s Murda hats already. Alright, this track is building fairly
quickly. Stick around, guys, shit’s about to go crazy. [T-Pain laughs.] Alright, now I muted their claps. What’s his name? The guy who made the beat?
Who made the beat? Who made the beat? Young Fyre. Shout out to Young Fyre. Shout out to Young Fyre. I just muted his high hats. We got all the stems, Young Fyre, sorry. [Music.] Keep those chats coming. Show us how you want the track to come
out. Murda’s moving pretty fucking fast, so you might want to hurry up with
with the suggestions. I’m going to speed it up. So the BPM was 125.
I’m going to put it up to like 130. 130 is always good. 130 is always good.
We’re going to speed up the track. Now is that going to throw anything off from
what you did it or from what I did? I’m re-stretching everything and
re-pitch all the sounds back to how they were. I’m going to speed it up just to
like 130 just to give it more of a … Give it more of a bounce. So usually
when everything gets speeded up and pitched and it starts sounding a little
weird does FL Studio take care of that? Nah, I re-pitch it. So everything is going to stay
the same to pitch? Sure did. Doesn’t it sound better? It’s pretty bouncy. We’re going to bounce it up. [Music.] Yeaaah. [Music.] I love this already. We’re speeding it up. You’re probably going to make me
speed up the original version. Oh weird, I thought that was gonna happen.
– It’s gonna happen . I’m gonna take all these techniques. what’s your process for putting in other hats?
– I randomly click places and it works out. So just try everything. That’s a good tip,
just try everything. Dude, just hit buttons. You can always erase it. You can
always start over. Just trash it, man. Just get in there. The process is really… Getting there, getting there, getting there, getting there… Trust the process, guys, even if there’s no process, just do anything.
Just this quick tip: Do what you like until it sound good. Add some Murda Hats. Murda Hats are always good. [Music.] I hope you have these names Murda
“things” in your in your whole… I got some. Good, good, good. [Music.] Put some big 808s in there. Gotta put some big 808s. Only if T-Pain wants big 808s, man. I gotta have big 808s. That’s like my jam. That’s always been from the beginning of
my career, my very first single, has the biggest 808s as anybody heard in
the industry. So you know I’m all about 808s. And I’m from Florida.
That’s just what we do. Now I’m sayin’ Florida there’s just
– Shout out to Florida. Shout out to everybody in Florida. Eh, most people. Some of y’all can suck a butt. This is like the signature Murda
Chant — the Murda Vox. That’s the Murda Vox! Oh, all right! I’m gonna put the hot boy breath in there. You gotta put the hot boy Murda … alright. [Music.] This is already going really well. [Music.] Okay, so chat is saying, “I want
my subs to blow out my back windows when I bump it on my block.” Hey, guess what? You
tuned into the right Twitch right now. I blow speakers all day every day, whether I’m in the studio.
– We’re talking windows now. You want the subs to blow out the window, blow out
the back window. Now we talk about some power. We know you got to get into
hell how weak your system is. Your system got to be dope and if your shit
ain’t bolted to the rest of your car, you need to figure out who’s installing your
system because you get into a wreck and your trunk opens, the shit going to fly out.
You don’t want that. You want the shit in there until you need it to be gone. Anytime you get a speaker box put in your car, just try to
get it bolted to something. Don’t just have it all willy-nilly in the back
of your car. Nothing’s gonna be blowing out of anything. Hopeful don’t
want your car to catch on fire, but we’re gonna do something about this. so pretty much what I’ve done so far is — I’m just saving I don’t
want to crash — it’s going to save weird because there’s so much stuff.
– There’s a lot happening. So far I’ve added the Omnisphere.
He played the chords. I like quantized it to make it you know —
– Everything’s gotta be on beat. I added an arp. Yeah, so I added the arp. Added the Murda Sauce Chant, the
Murda Sauce high hats. The open high hat, little clap. Now I’m going to
add a kick, 808 — Add some more, like we need some more
musical shit in there, for the melodies and stuff — add that. You know,
it’s pretty much like you’re watching a cooking show with T-Pain and Murda
Beats and like we’re both like cooking up a crazy meal and we’re just telling you
what we’re gonna add in the bowl when we’re cooking up.
– He’s the head chef. When he’s cooking up, I’m just adding
the kick and high-hats in there, you know, and we just
added a little flavor with the Murda Sauce, put the Murda Sauce in there and just whipping it up.
And when he’s whipping it up, I’m going to take a sip of my Red Bull Remix.
Yeah, okay, that shit’s jumping. That’s just jumping out of the pot, actually jumping out of the pot right there. Man, we gonna put the pot right back here. Everybody say hello to Chef Murda, by the way. Chef Murda is with us today,
present in the house. Say hi. He can talk to — he’s kind of shy right now. Circle you the right husband almost cut
out the young fire thank you for coming through the studio that night cuz I
wasn’t doing shit sitting at wat the cocktails thank you for coming through
that was pretty damn cool okay now we learn cakes in there now
what do you feel like when you put cake pan like it’s far as it sounds wild do
you feel like do you ever overdo it or under do it yeah there’s like see the
keep the key to making my base to keep the key to my beats I feel like it’s
just like simplicity like simplicity is key okay I try to keep myself as simple
as I can and not overthink when I’m making beats try to like you know just
do it simple I’m just like not overthink stuff I feel like some people like
overthink a lot of music and then it comes out and you listen to it it’s like
there’s like a lot of like thought into it and it just like I don’t know
overdone people just like can’t grasp that with their minds of today it is
please on over there I just like I just like I don’t like to think you’ve
brought a lot of stuff I go with the flow so you know once it feels riders
leave it even keep it as even as this for an example like I didn’t I didn’t
see like my manager Corey he had the song like I didn’t even know he had the
song I don’t want to like listen to song 20 times like yeah yeah there’s like
over think this thing right right have there’s like over over they overthink a
bunch of stuff to put on here I just want to come in listen to it why would
you do it we’re doing good so far if you’re just
tuning in support team pain you got there – chef miRNA over here cooking up
in the kitchen murder beats this is Red Bull remix lab
live on on Twitch for the Twitch’s so thank y’all for coming through everybody
throw some ones in the chat I need my once I need my ones throw the ones up if
everybody’s looking for the shot game portion of this we’re not doing that
anymore so I’m gonna open another I mean I’m gonna open another omnisphere okay
all right all right are y’all seeing this my kid lit they came through and
destroyed my goddamn my whole my whole studio my studio y’all see my studio on
instagram but sorry to everybody that was used to how it looks before they
came in here cat would have fuckin 300 person crew
it’s big fucking trucks out in my yard I had to move my drift car you know how
hard it is to subtly move a fucking trip just move now we just need it’s what it
feedback this card what I do when I crank it up it move 20 feet so just
trying to move it a little bit god damn it shut up to the drift world by the way
it’s not at everybody in the drift nations thank you for everybody that’s
gonna support me through my drift journey I’m just getting started
I haven’t gonna post a video of the first time I took her out and try to do
a little something it’s it’s not good it’s not good but I didn’t try
underestimated the power a little bit kept spinning around look so far let’s
be far so little oversteer a little over acceleration but hey I’m gonna get it
not think I’ll please report boom come on for anybody wondering what the
fuck I’m talking about I just bought a drift car because I’m getting a trip
I’ve been in the drift in but I just started like really taking the series
she’s about to go crazy it’s 14.5 if you know what that is
it’s 240sx how about that you know that is ls3 swap got my suit from k1 race
gear got a helmet from from the store down the street that didn’t give me a
discount so fuck you it or not I’m not saying your name I got suit gloves and
shoes with k1 race gear I’m getting a new steering wheel from a new cover and
I’ll be doing that soon homeboy Corey’s been helping me out from
AEG it’s a lot this is is well we’ll get into it on my Instagram and my family my
do doughnuts in the front yard I can’t do doughnuts in the front yard you know
why because there’s other expensive Vance cars out there and I will not risk
that people’s parking lots though though they’re in fucking trouble oh can I do
doughnuts in your neighbor’s front yard here again you should get that on camera
guys that’s fine that’s fine you’ll do you’ll do fine over here you’re right
let’s go not many places I can go they see me driving that car guys something’s
wrong now we’re not doing this not today I’ll still be on the next phase of
furious you know what I was on fast six I was in size six without the DJ I was
just a DJ seven that’s awesome fast seven of the DJ a party that was in
Saudi Arabia last one fast 12 it has been it’s been fifteen of them so 15 I
don’t know it’s been a lot better just to stop guys write a song I had a song
in the last one really yeah it was cool I did a song with a quavo Lucy and
Travis Scott and that was on the sound they put me in the fucking movie in
there give me a song without rec ain’t that a bitch Therese he’s gonna hook me
up man what is going on here so Tyrese man we
got your R&B album right here man Tyrese but man knows it yet we was right there
you got me in it though Vin Diesel shut up Vin Diesel but
come on guys look me up let me be in in fast nine how many is it for real is it
nine of them now last one was eight good god hey there’s gotta be it’s gotta be a
record trying to go to the Final Fantasy write down what we do what we do so we
got another omits we’re going yeah alright cool alright so we picked
another awkward it picked a new sound I might change it where that great now
just you know so fast change all the time in the middle right in the middle
over duck yeah you know I do know that killing it all right so I’m just gonna
skip over to go so fast I’ll just put some mellotron will smell the try I
actually don’t know this is it’s like some like it’s like a old school and
take a hold school mellotron I’m gonna have some foods I feel like I feel like
goo cheeseburgers you go to the trap okay we’re gonna go to the trap die out
of you okay how do you how do you how do you proceed to take something to the
trap it’s just the murder sauce man I don’t know murder sauce everybody – off
alert did we have that graphic ready I thought I was gonna say that nobody had
the grandeur great ain’t that a bitch we’re supposed to have graphics on the
show gasp the show delivers you gotta have graphics man you gotta be ready for
it all right so where’s they were that
murderous outside trying to fun opening a secret because you know I got I got a
screen I’ll change my computer I was trying to see if I have my other little
band Oh VST I want to just take out a moment to appreciate murders watch just
a weekend you know we can get in there since the weekend I set out on my
jewelers man so that’s all his because there’s multiple usually big one yeah so
I gotta set off you want amazing usually gotta pick one guy to stick with him shout out to all of murder jewelers I
got a steel order to make my Canadian jewelers – you know I’m Canadian I’m not
from Atlanta Canadian all the bitches back home and I go to the club they used
to think I was from Atlanta they be from another that’s a weird thing that’s a
weird thing they didn’t know where I’m from is cuz I came up with amigos you
about the most Canadian looking birds not seen and and yeah yeah that’s solid
yeah super Canadian murder how many trucks can you make it one day oh my
goodness nice beans I’ve made 100 in one month
for like a week right 101 week last year first week I made a hundred bees in one
week you serious yeah Travis Scott booked me a studio for week in Japan
deliver I’d go back up for you hopefully we’re not a little naughty sitting in
there with you make sure you protect it I’m doing it you don’t know oh yeah so I
think my record right yeah wait wait let me get back sure so 100 beats in a week
uh-huh I can make like probably like 30 in a day if I really did this with a Red
Bull campaign going on I could probably make like 50 beats in front of y’all but
that’s what the damn was so songs in one day me a party next door have made 17
songs in one session a fire I made the beats
I made the beats before he made the songs I’ve done I’ve done some crazy
shit with people like um huevo meet him we’ve done like 10 songs in a session
you beat my record I have 14 yeah being that was a crazy session it was great it
I did 14 in a day with Boy Wonder yeah one does a beast fucking Boy Wonder
Man one is shot at the Wonder that’s my dog mentor that’s a great guy Oh gang
signs again they just random man I just it feels so nice I see why actual gang
members do that all the time it’s actually a nice feeling it’s
therapeutic so all the gang members that actually
know their fucking science I can do it on on point you know I can do it real
good take a take a when he does when he does his games I see like it hurt we
just free take a just let him go just let him go this let him go this up think
that should be a petition honey girl just figure that out we have that
situation inside not to take Graham for helping a man out while the end shut up
my dog jig Ram man good job good job helping that man I want well he like
that good I didn’t even know wait what this needs to be you know we didn’t do I feel like for Gucci I feel like for
gujiya I gotta like go crazy trap I don’t know my flashes are such a whole
beat you do what you feel it’s about don’t brown that song ah what’s get let’s get I’m gonna copy
and paste in the kick pattern to the hey either way Channel oh okay and then
happy well I copied and pasted it you sure did
I just I so like we’re not putting my 808 I like put him to a higher octave so
I can hear like absolutely yeah and then see how come I got my ghost channels in
the piano roll Donal you played so I know like if I’m
off the key or not ah what’s going on here I’m speaking of which produces that
send me beats if you 808 ain’t on the same key that the rest of the music is
on don’t save me that goddamn beat don’t see me that fucking beat I just can’t
that’s it makes my ears bleed like I just cannot do that shit the the
808 is really important to me and if the shit is just on some random key well the
whole risky but you got all these progressions and shit going on and he’s
got this one there’s one note of 808 going through the whole shit don’t don’t
see me that goddamn bitch the beat needs some stack vocal
harmonies like booty tea mix we didn’t even set up for that did we set up but I
wouldn’t set up in it right thank God we did that over that no I think it doesn’t
need that it might it might win it win the I think it does need that yeah we
have to go to protons in this session when the whole remakes come back we want
to do it right now rainbow lane set up for it anything to give me the thing that’s funny though that’s good then
they’re ready man they got some good fans man I like your friend they really
do this is the end of racism we just ended
it right now get this get this get this see what trap music does oh that’s a good suggestion handsome
girls beat half-speed already good man it weighs 10 cents a head 25 isn’t oh
yeah head of your hey vision movie those be gross means the stock via steam
in pretty loose I put it right here wait it does that anything oh my god I
thought it had to be audio yeah yeah I thought it had to be an artist it’s like
whatever channels on had to be like an audiophile to do that I didn’t know what
would do it to any random oh yeah yeah son of a bitch I bet you can
I’m bet you can but guess what technical difficulty don’t be fucking I told y’all
give me this give it a total feel if we get an extra dumb beach we can make
anything happen egged man came in with all kinds of durian choices was weird
fucking choices and shit Nate was in a room with a bunch of people like nah
this necklace looks pretty coke no here you go he gonna watch write it what
about the other watch and then this watch and I’m like wait a minute this is
fuck that you guys how’s the guy way back you max okay
we’re gonna fuck up some VR that it’s – it’s gonna be crazy
can’t wait I feel like we should do music evidence but my house is too fun
we just have open the club we just open a club oh by the way all the stuff that
I’ve all the stuff I said I’ll put on eBay
it’s happening like next week so everybody pull up the t-pain’s I was an
hour we’re going to have a crazy party wait what the DJ the first to be like
this is I want to pull up t-pain’s gonna make the drinks bartend I’m gonna be
DJing my wife I make the drinks I’m gonna be the drunk one I’ll be testing
all of you gonna be drunk you know there’s always that one drunk guy in the
club that would be like annoying you shit it’s gonna be it’s always me if you
want to get y’all want him to sing just pull up to his house if you don’t want
to get puss in the fucking stomach in the middle of the club don’t let me
drink as much or don’t be around me when that dead last drink comes into contact
me cuz it’ll never turn into something this alright so we what we got okay so
this one this one we’re gonna leave the original sound in the beam okay bold
move yeah how’d it turn out yeah this is all cleaning the truck right it’s cleaning truck good great just
making sure sometimes we get a little noise going on in the studio but you
know we make sure it gets the already clean otherwise sucker but we don’t care
she’s not gonna happen this is what happens so we’ll figure it out we’ll
figure it out we’ll figure this out simply fine got mold monitor put a bottle right here it’s getting weak it’s getting weak no
not a whole nother one how’s it neither pottery so I what I did is I just transposed the
key down okay because I taught myself how to play piano and I only know how to
play like the Black Keys and shit okay that makes sense that makes sense
shut it everyone at home that taught themselves literally to me that’s how I
started yeah get in there I don’t wanna cheat me
that’s the that’s the fuckin that’s the pedal sure I didn’t record that I was it put
fucking around yeah yeah you shared it I’m gonna guess you just come up with
these things on the fly like your melodies are just as recorded that let
you know so I did go with what feels right for the for the track because
usually we’re not doing shit like that any kind of flute lines or lead synth
lines like I usually overdue chat how do you how do you know a Wynton just chill
the fuck out and just do some simple shit but what keeps you from overdoing
things just keep it simple man I don’t know just is key
I don’t think different levels of simple like your sample would be something like
that my sample out there’s some chords in that cup of times one of my homeboys
I play in the church every Sunday his simple would just mean it’d just be the
main part of the beat I just want like I feel like I feel like because he’s in
the church yeah yeah it’s like just use this motherfucker grew two extra fingers
I don’t know what he’s called to be coming from man but sometimes man just
bad for you bad for you and bad for it now but just whole hand cross the what
are you usually as a producer I would want to
all my shit to be heard all the time how do you keep yourself from fucking just
letting every track right because I want to hear all that shit through the whole
goddamn song now filling the breakdowns and shit like that and taking out drums
shit I feel that right now I’m just like thinking stuff others like to hear it
well here’s it usually what I do is like if I have like four melodies all like
have to plan at one part and I’m like I’d like another one and then like like
switch it out like take the main one out and use that fourth one it’s kind of
like if I got give it more room and bridges and stuff if I got four melodies
I usually send it to my own what do they want a salute monta and I was just like
dude you gotta arrange this because I want to hear all this shit that’s the
whole time I wish I had someone like my dad like I can’t pick which one is gonna
be the main shit I can’t pick none of this and if I do it imma leave all the
shit in at the same time and it’s gonna be confusing and people ain’t gonna be
able to hear the artists cuz I don’t really give a shit about the vocals at
that point it’s pretty cut damn cool that you can pick that kind of shit do you like make vids into that I mix my
shit as let go like right now like with like the volume knob I’m literally just
mixing as I go and usually how tracks and no no that’s usually just like how I
just mixed it on the fly so you’ll see it you’ve you’ve had like final mixes
yeah oh shit yep I’m bad at that too a lot of stuff
is just like to try I mix my own B’s I miss my old Me’s
mixes all shit yeah I didn’t even read that before I after that I got a tongue
I gotta I gotta tell I gotta tell a lot of engineers like to like want they to
watch out when they mix my beets because I feel like a lot of people who like
messing up the mixers nowadays too and stuff
it’s a different mix now yeah it’s a different mix the mixes are still good
but man somebody’s mixes that be going through
SoundCloud sometimes man it’s not like I’ll record to sit in their kitchen. That’s usually. They’re usually recorded in the kitchen. Maybe it is recorded
in the kitchen, but I want you to not sound like you’re in a
public bathroom or something. They usually are. You got to get out of there, man. Just get some
egg crates, just steal somebody… Sometimes you can’t get out of there. You can, you really,
you literally can. I’ve literally recorded under a bed to make sure there
was no fucking reflection. That’s pretty crazy. Under a goddamn bed. Put the mic in
there. You can actually lift up the mattress and lift up the mattress, if you
don’t have a box spring, I didn’t have a box spring back man, so it was just
mattress and frame. So what you do is you take the mic, you lift up the mattress a
little bit, jam the mic in between the bed frame and then lay on your back
under the bed. Get your shit out, recite the verse to the microphone
and that’s that’s your booth right there. Get creative or if you want it to sound
weird get in the trash can get in a dumpster and just record that. Not
saying that it’s trash, I’m just saying the acoustics inside of a dumpster is
actually pretty goddamn cool. Damn that was fucked up. If I wanted to say it was
trash that would be a good way to say it. So, I just I just sped it up to more BPM. I put it to 132. Okay, this is all you man. Look, I’m right here with you, buddy. [Music.] So the 808 has a lot going on, so I’m
gonna save that like for like the second half of the hook. [Music.] Okay. Just one little thing will change the
whole goddamn… gotta have you got to shit man
I presented TV Doug a I’m not to go I’m just one of them come on up
one of the girls see you You one of the few producers that still
use snares. And I talked to Cardo last time we were doing this. It was Cardo
and Cardo said nobody uses snares anymore and I’m like I’d love fucking
snare. I fucking love to have a snare on the track, but you one of the few people
that still are actually using right I love that I think people still use
they’re just like I fit the clap epidemic it is crazy right now
oh no I used claps a lot like a lot I use claps a lot too but when you want it
when you want to have a little more energy I put a club that said like I put
big I’ve layered the snares under the claps and then I had to take a second
snare – right yeah kind of sun-times oh it’s hard without the 808 I mean the
hi-hat then over one sounds off maybe before
that I’m gonna I’m gonna start a channel we just they there’s the melodies what
was that what did it do I just cut I just what I did is I made a
new pattern okay so how I track I don’t I don’t stem it out and then like take
them out list it like this really I just like started fodder and delete
everything off the pattern and then so like what I did I just did the melodies
so then I was kind of here I have used manipulator I use it as
literally all over my next album infected mushroom manipulator is
probably one of the best fucking it’s a pitch shifter on steroids
so you know vocal effects and things like that makes your voice really high
or low it’s one of those on fucking steroids I have used manipulator all
over my new album on the new song I’m dropping after this get your roll on I
use it all over that like it’s all over This fucking next album it’s crazy, so
I’m using a lot fucking dope I really like that I usually use manipulator I
don’t feel like waiting on a female artist to come and do some reference
vocals for me and I’ll just use that and that’s it sounds more like a female then
some females it’s weird you know I love women obviously but if
you take too long and I live really far from everything in Atlanta so it’s hard
to get some money to come over here to do a couple years in our arms and shit
so I’m doing myself and I use manipulator and it’s just me but murder
sounds like smoke hurt not my dog there’s one brother it bump and whiz
yeah everybody else is connected at all no pump have you believed a birthday man yes she’s turning out crazy like it’s a
lot there’s no first pretty cooler we’re doing all this running off usually I’m
trying to keep the secret and then put out the original let that throw you down
drop the remix and then that’s the first time you know out here but now you’re
getting to see it be made and pretty cool kind of fucked up we didn’t have
this growing up but you know technology I guess we’re gonna my album what yeah I
don’t get the invitation weird on my album I said I’m working on it I just
met you so I just met him we’re about to do our
own album obviously obviously read booth you know I’m saying you guys are gonna
definitely have something do that hopefully maybe not well you know budget
funding the budget shit I’m gonna sip some tea right crazy at the Red Bulls so
I’m working on my album keep God first to sequel to my mixtape that I drop a
couple years ago that could be crazy got a lot of people I’m probably gonna drop
a single in high school weeks oh no I got some crazy shit man quit
buggin him first no my dog play was on my album though you know we’re gonna
close out Eric Lee was music oh my god we got some more stuff dropping we just
dropped the working me single we got another single dropping with a special
somebody oh god what everyone’s me here that producer lady fucking everybody
no is it easier to ask you who haven’t you produce my favorite rappers silac I
like to work with people I’m a fan of can I just like you know some nice
shapes like then just like I like the music I don’t want to work with people I
don’t listen to I’m not gonna listen to music you know hey sometimes I make music with people
who don’t have budgets just because I like the music you know I mean yeah Lord
riku that’s it riku Rick it looks like it lets Japanese the expert it should
work with young-dal tell your dog to hit me up man shut up dog what is this like is this the hook –
yeah this hook – what is this is pre hook this is intro pre hook hook that’s what – yeah so then the verse so
where did the a bar instead of if your whole song is a hook
somebody’s gonna like one of them you got up you just got it just how long
that man went out with us er 2009 eight or nine so pretty much this may just
make a hole make a song just full of hooks somebody’s go like one of them
that’s fine if they like all of them that’s what it smashes that means they
can remember every part of the song there you go kids at home okay so weird we’re getting I’m tracking
it out you know I’m trying you’re doing a really good job over the I’m going
like four bars or four bars you killing it
you’re killing it don’t like it so now going to the verse I don’t wanna do a
little breakdown got drill over it down no I could just like keep it we had it
but nothing is gonna go so yep so I’m gonna I’m gonna break it down
completely I’m thinking about like dunno no band no feel okay ready Nana I might save the flute for Gucci’s part Comfort that pussy on me she gonna get
some hard I don’t over the hook or a verse or rock
or a it’s still a verse right now we just was gonna do with people man
t-pain change the game man I love this man I’ll do it again
he’s in it no no but thank you to his II appreciate it
Jean Jean Jean Jean which one was walking Jean okay this is John Jean Jean
Jean Jean Jean they you race to comment couldn’t say it
but thank you – its job Jean team John walk away oh I like this we will make
this happen for the next four so what I keep doing
is like I got to 808 patterns and I keep switching them back and forth cause like
I have like one 808 doing like kind of a like a little bit right a lot but like
more than the other ones it’s more simple so I just be switching the back
and forth because I don’t want like I don’t want the whole song to be too
simple and I don’t want the whole song to be like too crazy right
you got you good I’m doing something else so this is back to the pre final
yes this is the pre though right yeah I think the flute should go there again I
think I did it I’ll have a mirror they don’t give us
Marys they never gave us Maris I don’t know what the fuck is looked like that
yeah how do you make your kicking away back
together okay so okay one of the things when I started when I first started
making these like my 808 my 808 and my kicks like my kick would always drown
the mix and I never understood what was going on and it was like it was like it
just like would frustrate me I didn’t think I would be able to mix beats I
didn’t know who was right and then like one day it just like wasn’t doing it I
don’t know I think God just blessed me ice know one thing about my home music
career that I’d never understood just started not doing literally just like no
cake I probably okay now cuz bad don’t mix is
like like no attack at all from from 808 or anything you know they’re like it
might have it might have been like maybe like a option in FL or like maybe like
the fruity limiter or like something like that but like it was fucked up
somebody told me not to use that I use it okay looking alright look at this is
my master channel oh wait no I don’t I don’t use it okay this is why this is
Maya this is my master Channel you know I got all my crazy
nothing crazy a bunch of whole nothing nothing all right
don’t put anything on your master yeah that’s a million dollar master if y’all
want to send if y’all want to send five hundred thousand to my PayPal babies you
know she’s gonna run that real quick I’ve been one that put out my put out my
cash app just have it just tell everybody all my father’s this is a
million dollar I like that just send me a dollar
think everybody can spare a dollar on cash that I’ll at least have a million dollars
by the end of the day. I’m feeling like that’s a great idea. I think I don’t
think it worked but it seemed like a good idea. [Music.] Y’all gonna let us read these,
man. Come on, Red Bull. Bring the last one back. Where do you get your 808s? I get them from a couple people of mine. Yeah, I stole mine from T-Minus. Oh, wow. I took all my 808s from T-Minus. Not that I listened to them and then I sampled them. I literally was in the studio and I just
took them. [Laughs.] He robbed T-Minus. Shout out to T-Minus. He’s a legend. A legend. Canadian. Yeah, it was a late night.
He wasn’t paying attention. I took all his 808s.
I got them now, you don’t need them. I used to do that to the Migos at night
when they weren’t paying attention. I used to steal their songs off the computer. This is, this is like an exclusive, too. They’ll probably beat me up after they hear this shit. Shout out to them. Please don’t get beat up by the Migos.
You got to be ready. I learned so much from videos of Murda.
He got the sauce. Thank you. This person’s Canadian because
he says sorry at the end. [Laughs.] I think that was Red Bull because they deleted it. Red Bull is Canadian then. [Music.] Me and Boi-1da have been going through this stuff for about 10 years now. [Laughs.] Sorry. This American versus Canada? Me and Boi-1da have been going through it, I’m telling you. Yeah, me and Boi-1da been trying to
figure out whose bacon is better. And obviously y’all shit is just overcooked ham. I think it is ham. Is it ham? It’s gotta be. I think that shit is ham. I don’t know why they call that shit bacon.
Did I just find out on Red Bull and T-Pain’s basement in fucking
Atlanta that Canadian bacon is ham? That’s gotta be ham, that’s all it can
be. Cory! Cory! Cory! Come help us with this! Cory is fucking shooting the shit
out of something in VR. Canadian ham Cory can I take are you
Canadian yo so we just come on come on what’s right what’s your name sir Cory
what is it Cory Cory alright so we’ve had I think we just found something is
you just found something out is Canadian bacon Canadian ham Canadian bacon is ham
right it’s like overcooked ham that’s it’s a little different it’s it’s
actually called peameal bacon the rest of all calls it peanuts peanuts peanuts
what is I don’t know I heard my mom saying don’t from the pigs but but it’s
like it’s cut differently that’s why I don’t need that shit man I don’t need as
I heard I heard eatin a stunt your growth it that’s why I’m shorter than
your there oh he said he got really short No
that’s crazy where are you most creative the more you know I’m I’m I used to be
very creative at home and then and then I got used to making beats in front of
people so then I got used to like just being in like studios and just like
around people in environments of people and then I got like really creative
around people like even like today like I don’t know sometimes I’d like to make
it beats in front of people cuz I like showing off and then that’s that’s what
I make my best beats and then sometimes I was like if I really want to focus I
need to just be like alone or like with a couple of people and banks you know
it’s really just about like how you feel is it mere murder chain-gang put this
man in the chain gang there you go it’s still kind of I’m not touching it don’t
worry about well yeah I think I’m most comfortable on the toilet
it’s probably where you recorded yeah on following you can do a lot of sit on the
phone and recorded taking a shit absolutely
I did a lot of my fourth like right after my fourth album when I stopped
doing a bunch of tea mixes and shit a lot of that was on phones and iPads cuz
I just didn’t have the energy to go to a studio and this one was still shit
alright everybody hear different parts of the beat so far we’ll do that in two
minutes he still they still be like it’s so close I’m in so close to mention in
the shit okay we almost done no we almost done cuz you only go Gucci’s
verse and then one more T where that sucks oh yeah you’re know here we go get
it it’s comfy cozy what do is they need and I think
anything needs to be added it’s more things being arranged at this morning
Armenian yeah I think if we start adding more cheese she’s gonna turn into a
clusterfuck sounds so where did you have any advice on finding artists to work
with and starting out trying to market your music it’s a four-bar question yeah
I’m not gonna read it I can’t read you got any advice on finding artists to
work with like for though I don’t know that’s kind of like like as a producer
that would be okay let me just answer this how long okay
some others are finding artists to work with that’s a crazy
I don’t know how maybe maybe that’s saying like how did you how are you
getting the opportunity to work with Drake and me goes and all these
different artists know that you got a network build your name food you build
your brand and then just be confident in your brand and be able to reach the big
artists and just be out there and networking and getting around
I don’t know how do you market your beat louder you put your beats on there to
where like I put my beats on YouTube I put my beat on YouTube did type beats
you make time beats oh yeah there’s a you too motherfucker
I start on YouTube and I want to show people that like that come up from like
me person for six years I like where I came in five six years of us man so I
like my beats up on the Internet have you ever sent tight beats but like
to the artist that it was the type of so when I first started making yeah Chief
Keef like it doesn’t he wasn’t cheap keep achieve keep tight beat right ya
know everybody that sends me a tight beat
never say to me at seaplanes I beat I connected with amigos by sending them
like Atlanta type beats like that’s fine when you do that I get that but don’t
send me a Kanye West type beat you’re not gonna say a beat though ya know it
still says when they sent it to me I don’t
like one of the main things I want to do is there was a guy in Atlanta some of
you might know him stunned Duncan all right P so he was like Rick squad when I
and I really wanted to work with him so I was making some Duncan type beats
putting him on youtube hit him up on Facebook trying to get them to him and
you know so that’s what got to take off the type beat you know I never saved
this for YouTube that’s the game like stick that was like to get views on my
beast but really see that’s a way links you know that you look at if I if I drop
a t-pain type beat when you type in team’s name and you’re going through the
page on youtube your beats gonna pop up so you’re gonna get extra views and it’s
gonna it’s gonna draw traction to your page into you to you and that’s how I
build my brand right t-pain so stop sending me links to the YouTube that
you’ve made of a Kanye type beat no I got an artist murder gang Gino little
Gino and Chicago he’s super far doing that yeah good job girl soon he’s super
fire he’s gonna take the game by surprise you know he’s a threat
where’s that the Ripper we make what is that that is not the Red Bull remix is
that my wife made this mmm just called the butterscotch my wife makes it it’s
pretty cool now you’re gonna want one wait can I get one yeah absolutely
amber it’s not that she’s all the one that could make it to you or you just
want that one and now we’re going that’s yours that’s
yours amber my wife I don’t know how to I don’t know if I know right now what is
in this I don’t think I can do it’s Alabama’s secret new stop drinking
that so fast it’s not it tastes good she’s gonna fuck you up dude is this let
me touch my wife ok come on give me mine can I take a break I want is like no oh
no a lime no brakes fuck it we’ll do it live wait let me just gonna is the Red
Bull in here yes no yes yes how much do I pay for a bus it yes this is about the
least productive we’ve been on this whole show for the entire running not
even this episode just all of them you enjoy it I wouldn’t I wish we had like
some time after this like they shot us after they’re sitting y’all can see how
he’s acting out there cuz he’s drinking that really fast and I will take it
because it tastes really good I don’t think he knows am I getting drunk oh
yeah I’m sure you know stepmouse targeting them and just forceps are
start changing what’s in here my mouth gonna get no I can’t
well that’s just alcohol that does that that’s yeah that’s just alcohol
there’s nothing now that’s enjoy your chicken wings do we want some chicken or
a Red Bull chicken wing I can’t like can we take a break no we can’t there’s no
t-pain and murder who’s your greatest inspiration a while that’s he playing
the legends that go come on no TV that was you go first
well thank you for the fans man thank you Oh tea paint by the way I’m in his
crib drinking his butterscotch little mix making this fucking beat right now
at Red Bull make my my greatest inspiration is CeeLo CeeLo green cuz he
don’t give a shit about none of you motherfucking out now he’ll only give us
hit by what anybody to say at the bottom if he feels like he need to be dressed
like a peacock for the night then that’s what he’s doing if he feels like his
music needs to be a certain weight and that’s what he’s
doing he’s not making music for anybody but himself he takes to the core its a
mix between Cee Lo Green and Quentin Tarantino and I mixed those because
Quentin Tarantino always says I don’t make movies for anybody I make movies
for myself and hope to god there’s somebody else out there as crazy as me
and I think that’s the approach I take it all my shit all the time I never try
to really conform to anything murder doesn’t do that obviously like he
doesn’t shit cuz he loves to do it and hopefully there’s somebody out there
that likes the music he likes and I do the same thing Cee Lo does it couldn’t
Tarantino does it so it’s a mix for my inspirations our Cee Lo Green couldn’t
Tarantino I don’t know mine okay I think my inspiration is my dad our P my pops
let it crazy guitar player and God I like God I love him number one baby
that’s my best Shaq brother let’s chat back in on the beat coming to close our
end so that whatever where it’s what they got some drug it’s coming up I’m joking
so right now I’m trying to figure out like what melody sound that I want to
use with the flute because now I’m bringing the flute because it’s Gucci’s
part what’s in that oh he’s hammered
oh shit she built it up too much okay yelled up save me hammer time it’s the
ice the CyberKnife this is not far yeah I love that I love this real you riding
very nice Naren at this point all right guys
chop that snare on there on that second half oh good you verse you gotta bring
up the energy on the second half you want the whole thing to sound the same
no no – I gotta be in the video can I be
obviously gotta be in the video it’s redbull paying the budget they write
sounds a rebel feel like a shit y’all got a rebels gotta pay for my cameo – yeah you know I had to add like the
secondary flu how do you make the what that process nothing you just did what
you just do on the other screen on the other screen you would just edit that
thing when you when you selected those things okay so I select the ones that I
want okay control exit oh my god I didn’t see you hit any
buttons I just thought you’d hit okay okay I thought I was like it wasn’t
magic it is kind of like magic you guys know I’m not dancing you know that for
sure and your dance with the something the bees done it’s almost night circle
the day I can’t really I can’t usually dancing my tight shirt he’s gonna dance
if I did looser shirt if I am I gonna change the shirt or some shit
and I’ll be able to do jingy jingy used to dress everything is a real big and
shit or any of anybody from st. Louis at that point you got your change sure I do
have a big Jersey I got actually got a big ICP Jersey upstairs that it’ll never
work out so hockey jersey i can dance in that one that way you won’t see my toes
flying all over the place and sacred so do the titties man shout out everybody
with man boobs and I want in it I’m getting something right now never coming
in nicely thank you coming in that’s like really maturing
I mean that turn into a woman it’s kind of different oh all right so we’ve all had fun beat
is done the band I’m gonna play all the patterns there we go all right so give
me that give it a partner this is just like part of Gucci this is like part at
the end of Gucci purse okay sounds pretty far alright alright okay
it’s the beginning of his verse that’s it’s hard man there’s this part which
one of that I added and there’s pattern six I’m trying to find it that’s it really down 7 different styles
different different feelings different vibes to every pattern and in the way
the way murder switches it up what else you gonna do it man it’s it’s kind of
kind of refreshing cuz there’s a lot of H bar loops that just don’t change these
days I think I feel like sometimes like some songs think there’s so simple and
so fire that if you adds what you do it’s so simple in fact but no oh no it’s
never it’s never about adding but at least switch up and change something
because the ones that are the simplest and the most vile that you believe the
eight-minute songs give me something that’s gone through each other for
example the butterfly effect v huh it’s literally like a loop I literally like
did the drums anyway no out the drums drunk it’s like it’s the same note he
took the whole song and it just like I just that’s hard because made it super
fast and like amused me the song so fine ascended Travis FaceTime know he was
making our FaceTime we dried it and just like blew up on soundcloud that’s hard
because you got Travis there and Travis vocals right oh my god Travis gonna
fucking make everything sound different and he got so many different deliveries
and voices and and he’ll he’ll transfer shit up it’s all about that too because
my shit didn’t change for a long time I would always have my 8 bar loop cinch it
going like that and what would happen was I didn’t notice that my 8 bar loop
swear hey bar lose because I would always have different ideas for
different parts and my vocals made the parts different and I had different
approaches to come at things and then I was I went in for my first time with a
different writer that was supposed to be writing some shit to my beats for
another artist and she was like your beats don’t do nothing and I was like
what do you mean she’s like when the hook come like they don’t like nothing
happens and you can’t tell when the hook comes I’m like well your voice is
supposed to do that she’s like no not usually not like really that’s that’s
how songs work suppose that thought the artist was
supposed to put in most of the effort she’s like no it’s a it’s a
collaboration between the artist and the producer and I didn’t know that because
up to that point I had only been producing for myself so you know who was
that um goddamnit what was her name is Stacy Stacy
shout-out to Stacy writer in LA she’s dope fuckin writer she write for a lot
of people but that day she taught me to fucking try to make my beats a little
you know multi-dimensional for other artists just because I can change it and
make their writing different all different parts doesn’t mean everybody
can do that so you know give a little dynamic to my production y’all brought
Nansen here what y’all bring that to my house what is going on what is up with
you guys today she doesn’t that like this in LA my
go-to BPM is one one thirty one thirty four so one third it for two
no I’m gonna give y’all the code of range cuz it’s like what it starts at
134 130 you’re a maniac why I like people that can make beats with tipo
that don’t end in 0 or 5 are maniacs to me no no no I put you know I put my
beats on like our tempo that I’ll put it like everyone put it 148 or 150 I’ll put
it 149 there just to fuck up everything that the engineer has to do no it’s just
like I just want to be different like I don’t know you’re doing it I be doing it
147 144 143 one you put you put 41 you put your shit point something do you
ever do like one point I didn’t touch it double time so like like how he said
they sent me the stems it said sixty two point five so you know I’m saying you
dope at the time it’s 125 and I put up to 130 and then I ended at 132 it’s like
my I’m not gonna have my father’s just like I know to count money and stack BPM
so one of those you got to be good at math for what just one of those requires a little
bit of you killing the fuck out of this and by the way murder got a dope-ass
team so regardless if he can do our city saying he can’t do he got a dope man’s
team around him trust me so send out to everybody on the team man then it came
through in sheds a murder game and the murder gang by the way so it’s not nice
you know what’s funny got to tell you a funny story I used one
of your beats before I met you it was supposed to be on my revolver album I
have the song you have the song gonna play right now but we said I think we
said my wife was with me while I was making the song and she thought your tag
said murder on the beach a lot of people think it says Myrtle hench my wife was
like why is there murder on the beach what’s going on with that now to explain
the producer thing and tag and all that stuff and just for just distresses and
giggles now we don’t we don’t say beat anymore we every time we are your tag we
just say murder on the beach and it’s not nice it’s not nice to murder on the
beach I’m too white to sit on the beach I’m too white to be on the beach
I don’t tan well that’s not nice in itself it’s not nice man that’s not nice
when you wanted in you know what then Canadians don’t Dan well I’ll let other
people tell man how much Sun do get I’m a son you can’t you you knows that other
people tear I want to give with I feel like you got I feel like you gotta just
try it once I feel like you know get sunburned do you yeah I feel like if you
time it right you get some real don’t freckles or something at the very least
I’m waiting shit man yeah yeah you’re pretty Lizzy like Scott his wife like Scott is
white is honor I’m white as shit hope you’ve seen white before like you get
you get Scottish that shit get real fail that’s that’s you’re for sure won’t
harder so I want to work with Justin Bieber Beyonce Rihanna t-pain and then
all upcoming people I want all the upcoming artists because as a producer
or a songwriter when you break it artist that’s when you really do put build your
legacy I want to break a break I’ve been a part of breaking artists and I’ve been and Carrie Underwood you thought I’m crazy see we’ve made it
fit to remit wait we going we gonna play the chopping screw version we will play
the tapas Gruber’s and fuck that thing right there real quick
this isn’t the final track so a murder don’t answer that
to chop the screwed version it is for it for that we’re screwed
we’ll chop it later this is real this is No I’m paying your host murder beef makes
it y’all check out the game listen this has been rebel remix we’ll have line
please thank you guys for coming through all the twitches
vapenation drift nation everybody that’s that fuck would you blow a pencil I’m
going to stream soon on my twitch shameless plug don’t care now paying me
nothing not say this so make sure you come check out my twitch channel I’ll
give you three guesses on what it is it’s t-pain that’s it it’s all of this t
playing on everything make sure you can follow me
Facebook t-pain Instagram t-pain Twitter t-pain back page t-pain Craigslist
casual encounters t-brain just make sure you just hit me up on everything okay
you called me right where the beats Instagram Twitter murder beat underscore
Facebook I don’t know I probably on some fake pages on all the other shit sure he
said so father paid fake pages can’t find the real one got a bad fall his
back page we gonna pull out absolutely you got a custom encounters or anything
like that I’m selling the couch on Craigslist to
if anybody wants to fuck with that and let me know I bought too many about to
sectionals only needed like one and a half so if everybody wants to grab that
it’s brand new haven’t used it hadn’t been farted in yet so let me know well
that’s right that’s right run that track the official remix of might be featuring
gucci mane produced by murder beats their original
of might be featured gucci mane it’s coming out probably like a day or so I
haven’t talked to my manager in like three days so I don’t know we’ll figure
that out ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
niggas and bitches children of all ages this has been grandma’s grandpa’s
sightings main teams just stole that from me right now just stole all that so
this is variable remix lab love are we staying tuned are we staying tuned
evidence I would fuck it they don’t want you to be here
hi everybody can suck a bunch Red Bull remix lamp love I wish you guys much
more happiness looks more remixes must more bitches and niggas much more
everything in life more life more blessings
t-pain better beats muddy game and little bit nappy nappy boy entertainment
young murder young hot boy you don’t say I’m earning game Oh
keep coming soon and the summer tour is started Friday again so y’all meet me
there sucker but how let your boy rebel remix live live eat one of these

100 thoughts on “Murda Beatz – Remix Lab With T-Pain”

  1. damn its almost been a year and my birthday. I WISH for the day to work or actually I would love to learn from Tpain. Pizzzle

  2. its not hard to make 50 beats in a day these days lol .. most of these beats are all similar, same sounds, same scales, same chords, and maybe like one or two instruments and then some drums lol

  3. “uh, speaking of which..producers that send me beats, if your 808s ain’t on the same key that the rest of your music is on, don’t send me that gah damn beat, don’t send me that fuckin beat” ?? t pain a comedian off the juice

  4. WE NEED MORE OF THESE! Oh and 51:30 did pain really say “shout out Purp, Pump, and “Wiz”” as if wiz Khalifa was in there posse lmao wiz has been popping for like 10 years and is like 10 years older than those guys ? at his age everyone must seem like a kid to him but I gotta love his energy and vibes

  5. You know Murda is such a fire producer when he can concentrate on the beat with Teddy yapping and yapping lol. Much love to T-Pain tho

  6. me encanta, total admiracion para t-pain, se escucha buena el remix, a can make something like this fo you pain… bless.

  7. LoL ?
    T-Pain: Fl Studio Gang Hand Sign
    Murda: "i dont know the sign"
    T-Pain: "no, its not the one, its not, i just made that up"

  8. 27.55 tpain “travis Scott and you had the illuminati up in there making sure you’re being productive” haha ???stitches

  9. T pain, we didn't have this growing up. Lol fl studio is older than most kids. It has always been lit but many people didn't like it at first. I remember when it first came out around 1998. I was like in Africa but my friend got me the software using a Windows 98 computer. ???

  10. anyone else think Murda was playing dumb? Like how he says he only knows how to play black keys? I've heard plenty beats where he used white keys. Also he just seemed like overall he was trying to play dumb about everything.

  11. 80 percent of new artists owe a lot of their success to t pain. Just imagine if he never used auto tune as an effect. A lot of these new artists wouldnt have had the confidence to put out their music without that auto tune hiding the imperfections. Trust me I work with a lot of artists and they won't even export a song if it don't have auto tune on their voice

  12. No FL producer recording someone ever:

    thinks to self should I record in playlist or edison?

    Murda: "so you wanna record like 1,2,3 or?"

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