42 thoughts on “Must Know This for Best Results Using Inversion Table for Back Pain & Sciatica Relief”

  1. Mine does great things for lumbar pain and sciatica. It also helps to wear 'slippery' clothes so gravity can pull you into traction. Flannel, denim and other grabby fabrics don't work well.

  2. Been told that these devices are not recommended for people after hip replacements. True? For. How long? Are there alternatives?

  3. long overdue topic. surprised you didn't caution ALOT about being absolutely empty belly before inverting. painful on esophogeal sphincter and esophogus otherwise. for days. and that was 4 hours after eating and drinking anything.

  4. I have a tilt table. It’s a really nice substantial one. I cleared it with my orthopedist first. I have 4 herniated discs in my lumbar spine with nerve impingement with 2. 4 degenerated or herniated discs in my thoracic spine and a compression fracture. So, it has been helpful for symptom relief at times. However, once I used it the same as usual and something happened in my back and the pain was worse and I had a hard time getting off. Weird. I should’ve had someone with me! I had to get another epidural after that. Now I’m afraid to try it again. I wonder why that happened. Also, I had to stop using it for a long time because of GERD. That’s another thing that can make the machine a bad idea. 😕

  5. I got one (is still in the box) and researched it before use
    only to learn: "Do not use it you have a Ventral hernia."
    I do have an all out Ventral hernia… = be careful.

  6. I have an inversion table my wife bought me it's great! Sciatic pain is virtually gone along with exercise I'm 55 btw. Great vids Doc's!

  7. I got a Teeter to, the best machine on the market however, I also learned that if one has Glaucoma, being inverted with legs above the head causes more pressure in the eyes and causes more problems with Glaucoma. Please check with your ophthalmologist before using any Inversion table. Angie

  8. You didn’t point out that the rotation is due to weight transfer, having hands at your sides you should be in a neutral position. Then moving your hands up and overhead puts more weight on one side and you rotate. When I first used years ago this part I didn’t know and it put me in a little panic attach and I tried to power back using arm handles , that was not a great idea. Simple putting hands down and popping knees up will change center of gravity to bring you back up. Ps. It did help my AS from curling me to much, great product!

  9. You forgot to mention that the Teeter Inversion Table is UL rated, a very important safety feature. I have an older version and it's help with my back, knees and sciatica. It's one of the best pieces of equipment that I've ever bought! Thank you for this video! 🐱

  10. Yes, but Brad, when adjusting what about the "heighth"?

    Watching Brad swinging back and forth was quite hypnotic. 😉

  11. Is it safe to invert if you have a total knee replacement? I know you said clear it with your doctor but just wanted your thoughts.

  12. I have a teeter inversion table for 2 disc bulges and it is amazing! I had sciatica too and it improved it immediately. I was actually pain free for about 30 minutes and the sciatica gradually returned but the 30 minutes of no pain was so worth it! ( my chiro fixed my sciatica ). I managed to avoid surgery using my table for a few minutes most days. Totally recommended. Tip.. make sure you concentrate on relaxing your muscles so you back can stretch.. don’t tense up.

  13. I've been using Teeter Gravity Boots and hanging 90º (upside down ) for over 30 years and it definitely helps when you've been an auto mechanic for over 50 years bending over cars.

  14. I can snap my lower back by lying and sliding my feet to me then push on my upper legs. Most times I use heat before. It might not pop the vertebrates but probably stretches the QL's so I get relief.

  15. I've seen this video requested so many times in the comments – glad you read the comments and give the people what they want. I also found this video particularly interesting and didn't wander off to read the comments as you spoke. 👍

  16. I love my teeter inversion table! It's a delicious feeling stretch first thing in the morning. Also a must after a long day of standing!

  17. I was diagnosed june 23rd. I still deal with it today but let me tell you it does get better! If you're able to see a therapist that's amazing! But majority of my healing was done at home. Research the MacKenzie method. There's also books on it. Press ups are KEY. Best of luck 🍀

  18. Thanks a ton, I own one and never understood the benefits and proper use, can't wait til you upload the inversion exercise video

  19. Excellent topic and presentation, Bob and Brad. Teeter would do well to hire you both to do their commercials, as you are PTs! Keep up the great videos!

  20. I have a friend who burst a blood vessel in his eye on one of these things… listen to these guys and consult with your doctor.

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