♪ Welcome to Vlogmas
where I vlog everyday ♪ ♪ It’ll probably be boring
but I hope you’ll stay ♪ – Merry Christmas, or
whatever you celebrate. I.. feel trapped in the best way. I’m still really happy. I feel like I’ve said this a million times in the last week but I feel
like I’m back to my old self, but, I am going crazy in this room. I’ve literally been in this room. I leave the room once a day. I go… Every once in awhile there’s
a like a twinge of pain and I can feel every single stitch and it is so painful. I don’t care that it is
too much information. It hurts so bad and you need to know this. Girls, you need to know this
in case it happens to you. Boys, you need to know
this so you can understand how awesome women are,
that women go through this so you can be alive. You’re alive, because your mom did this. And either she got you cut out, and she dealt with those stitches, or she pushed you out and things tore, and she had to deal with those stitches, or, she’s Wonder Woman and
magically didn’t tear at all, and if that’s the case then I, who does she, what? I’ve been sitting in this room for a week and I’m going insane. I just want to go outside and I want to breathe air that isn’t circulated poo
and pee air and barf air. I get to go downstairs once a day and I thought I would be completely healed much faster than this. The doctor said it takes about six weeks, two weeks before I’m like
feeling a lot better and the stitches dissolve
and everything, but like six weeks before I’m like a person. But girl, I’m having a hard time. Also, my little cute bug-a-boo, little flynn is going through
a growth spurt right now, which I didn’t know about,
I’m a first time parent so I don’t know how this
works, basically babies go through growth spurts
every once and a while, and they’re very fussy. And
they eat more, they cry more, they’re just uncomfortable.
And so he’s going through that. So he’s been really good,
quiet, sleepy baby, and then last night started this
whole growth spurt thing where he was like, I’m not
gonna sleep, I’m just gonna fuss and cry and eat a lot more often. So it’s supposed to only
last like a day or two, but it’s been a rough little day. But it’s okay because
he’s really freaking cute. Hi lovely. – [Eric] I love that I didn’t
even feel him pee on me – I know, the baby peed on Eric, and he didn’t even feel it. Like
he was laying on Eric, and I – [Eric] That’s where I’m at right now. – That’s where you’re at,
that’s how tired you are. I picked the baby up off of Eric, they had been like cuddling,
and there was a huge wet spot. He’s like, is that sweat? I was like, love that’s definitely pee. (man laughing) But he pees on me all the time, cause when I breastfeed him he’s like, oh I gotta make room,
and he just like pees and it comes out his diaper. All of it, we’ve been pooped
on, peed on, barfed on, multiple times a day,
it’s fine he’s so cute. I’m going to keep knitting a scarf, cause I’m going insane. Hello everyone, it’s the next day. I’m gonna combine
yesterday’s vlog with today, cause I didn’t really film much yesterday. It was a rough day with lil’ Flynn. I think he wasn’t feeling good. It made me so sad, cause
all you wanna do when you’re a parent is like make
sure your kid is happy and if there is ever even one second where you can’t do that, it’s really hard. So yesterday we just focused on getting Flynn happy and now he’s good. Today the plan is to go down stairs. Yes, I know that sounds minuscule. You have to celebrate the small victories, and today if we can make it downstairs that will be a victory. We have been stuck in this room, Flynn and I have been
just stuck in this room for over a week now,
and we’re going insane. And so we’re gonna try
to get him down there, and kinda just park
our butts on the couch. And maybe do some Christmas
wrapping, and maybe cook. I don’t know, just I wanna be downstairs. I wanna be around the pets. I want him to get used to
another smell, another room. That’s the goal today,
we’ll see if we get there. But I kinda did my make-up
today, quickly in the dark. And my hair is still sort
of done from yesterday, so I’m already winning mom life. Much much later, and
I’m downstairs hooray! I’ve spent the whole day downstairs. We’re going to make an ornament of Flynn’s hand print right now, so we’ve got this little kit. Well Cory got it, which is amazing. And we’re gonna try to put his little hand print on this thing. We’ll see how it goes, he’s
very active with his hands, he’s always like… So I don’t know how this is gonna go, but we’re gonna try it, so I’ll show it to you when we’re done. Okay well, that was a fail. He move’s his hands around too
much and he didn’t like it, and so we just gave up. I tried once and I was like if he doesn’t like it I’m
not gonna force him to do it. So this is what we have. – I think it’s cute. – It kinda looks like the hand print, the blood hand print
on Wilson in Cast Away. – [Eric] Yeah.. – So this is Wilson, the Christmas bulb. And it’s like not even centered, like it’s like on the bottom underneath. (man laughing) And like my fingerprints
from like frantically trying to get him to do it. So I’m definitely still
putting this on the tree. But that’s what it looks like, so fail. We also gave him a bath,
which he was not a big fan of. But that’s okay. – [Eric] You need to write,
like Flynn’s first Christmas. – Okay yeah, we’ll write on it. I’m going to wrap Christmas
presents now, fun. – Look at him. – His hair is so cute. – I like your haircut. – You’ve got coo coo hair. – You came out with style. – It looks so insane right now. – It’s a look bro, you
came out with a look. (slow acoustic guitar plays) ♪ That I’d end up with Sean ♪ ♪ But it wasn’t a match ♪ ♪ Wrote some songs about
Ricky, now I listen and laugh ♪ ♪ Even almost got married,
and to Pete I’m so thankful ♪ ♪ Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm, ♪ ♪ Cause he was an angel. ♪ ♪ And for that I say, ♪ ♪ Thank you, next ♪ ♪ Thank you, next ♪ ♪ Thank you, next ♪ ♪ I’m so grateful for my ex, ♪ ♪ Spend more time with my friends ♪ ♪ I ain’t worried about nothing ♪ ♪ Plus, I met someone else ♪ ♪ We havin’ better discussions ♪ ♪ I know they say I move on to fast ♪ ♪ But this one gon’ last ♪ ♪ ‘Cause her name is Ari ♪ ♪ And I’m so good with that ♪ ♪ Thank you, next ♪ ♪ Thank you, next ♪ ♪ I’m so grateful for my ex ♪ ♪ Thank you, next ♪ ♪ Thank you, next ♪ ♪ Thank you, next ♪ ♪ I’m so grateful for my ex ♪ You know I had to say the F word. Wow, gross, my dirty feet
were like in the shot the whole time. (laughter) – That’s weird lovely. – I’m sleepy. We washed the sheets finally, after a lot of poo and pee
and barf got all over it. Cause that’s my life
now, poo, pee and barf. Now I’m putting the pillow
cases back on the pillows. My baby’s freaking cute, and yeah we had a good day downstairs. Not much happened, I feel like boring vloging the same thing everyday. It’s just basically me
breastfeeding and me talking about how happy I am to have a baby. Basically every single
day. Oh, you know one thing I did want to do, I wanted
to show you guys what a postpartum body looks like. Okay so, a lot of people are
like once you have a baby does your stomach just
go back to how it was? No. It definitely does not. So before I was pregnant,
I was like itty bitty. Like really tiny, probably underweight. And then I got pregnant and
I gained a lot of weight, I had to gain a lot of weight to feed him, to keep him nourished, and I gained more weight
than most people do. In the end I don’t even know how much I ended up weighing, because I
stopped looking at the scale. Because I was having like
insecurity issues with all of that. So My stomach in a week has shrunk. So I’m gonna show before,
like this was before. Or this is the last day
that I was pregnant. And then now, this is me now. So I have like a little pooch
still, a little tiny bit. This is what I look like now, so like all this extra skin. And my belly button is going back inside of me slowly but surely, um
still kinda like an outtie belly button. It’s so weird,
I’ve always had an innie. And this line on my stomach
will eventually go away, it just takes a long time. Okay so me sucking in, not
sucking in but flexing, and me like normal, like relaxed. This is what I look like,
so before I was pregnant. And then pregnant, and then me now. So some girls can loose it
all just by breast feeding. Some girls work out really,
really, really hard. And some girls gain weight. I don’t know what my body’s gonna do. I know that it’s weird to see my body go through so many changes. Yeah I know it’s kinda
weird for me to show you a body that’s not really perfect and kind of a hot mess, but I think
it’s important to show that. Because I feel like there’s
a lot of pressure on women after they give birth, to
get right back to their birth weight and like diet and
exercise and all this stuff. Or pre-birth weight I mean. I don’t think that’s fair, like your body goes through
something so traumatic for nine months and then
something really traumatic when you give birth. Like it’s so intense and
so painful and so hard. And then you’re in pain
and the fact that there is so much pressure on women
to like get back to looking exactly you were before. I don’t think is fair and I
also wanted to show people like you don’t go back to
looking how you were before. I feel really lucky that
I even look like this now. There are some girls who
have that big tummy and have the extra skin and stretch
marks and all this stuff for a really really long time. And the fact that my stomachs
already gone done this much, I’m like whoa that’s crazy. I did look like seven-ish
month pregnant the day after I gave birth and then each
day that went by it got smaller and smaller and now
it’s kinda chilling at this, where I’m at now. I don’t know how much smaller
it’s gonna get on it’s own. Everyday I have contractions
to kinda push all my organs back down where they were. My abs have to come back to the middle, my intestines and my stomach
have to come back down. But that’s what my body looks like. It’s not perfect, but it made a baby. So I know it’s not my skinny
little six pack body it was before but this body made
a baby so it’s way cooler (laughter) than my little tiny teeny six pack body. We’ll see what happens, I
will keep you guys updated. I think it’s important to
be honest and show you guys me unfiltered, not picking
like the perfect photo that was the best angles,
and showing you all my, you know, favorite parts of
myself like on my Instagram. But showing you what I actually look like, and what I’m actually going through. Like bags, huge bags
under my eyes, and like make-up all rubbed off and
my stretchy skin tummy. Cause I made a baby and
so that’s really cool. The fact that women get
stretch marks, and extra skin, and you know all that
stuff, it’s like cool. It’s like a badge of honor, it’s a look. I have these scars, and I have this skin, and I have this extra
stuff to show that I made a baby with my body and that’s cool. I think that’s kinda of how
I need to look at it now. And not encourage girls,
yes it’s important to stay healthy and stay in shape,
but to put pressure on women who just gone
something so freaking hard and traumatic, and to put
pressure on women to lose weight is ludicrous I think. So I think it’s important
for more women to like, this is my body after I gave
birth and that’s awesome because I made a baby. Leave all the hate comments you want about how gross my body is, I don’t care. Because I’m proud of myself,
and I’m proud of my body for what it did. Not
for what it looks like, but for what it was able to produce and what it was able to make. Anyway, I’m gonna put pillow
cases on these pillows. I love you guys. Bye. (acoustic Jingle Bells plays)

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