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  1. Your cha cha will be perfect in no time! Been the done that. The underboob marks will disappear, bio oil will help and give you soft skin! This too shall pass.

  2. they’re stretch marks lol. i’m 15 and even i have them from just gaining weight. they’ll go away. don’t worry.

  3. You didn't talk about you lady bits in detail? Yes you did! Stop telling people to NOT
    have babies. You are acting like a tranny…..

  4. Please do that!❤️ I'm going through the same thing we had our babies a couple weeks apart and I can't relate to ANYONE but you 💙

  5. It just were you boobs are producing milk they redness should go away once you stop breastfeeding also the veins will go away as well that is you milk vein

  6. I can promise you, once you stop breastfeeding, your boobs will go “somewhat” back to normal. I’m sorry to say though… your body will NEVER be 100% the way it was before. It’s certainly not a bad thing though.

  7. Ok so I get it right I understand that she's talking about her experience with birth and being a mom and for the most part I really enjoy them but saying ur boobs are ruined because of stretch marks is a bit much and I know many people who have them me included it's really not the end of the world and she's making it seem like it is and she has younger fans and saying that your "boobs are ruined" may have affect on younger girls with stretch marks. But honestly I do love these videos for the most part

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  9. You're not ruined, nothing is "normal" anyways, and babies are worth it. My 3rd pregnancy was my MOST favorite. You're 2-3 months out. Even Chrissy Teigen didn't bounce back as quick this time. Forgive yourself.

  10. Its normal ive never been pregnant but I do have big breasts and that's what happened when my boobs grew bigger I still have huge veins popping out everywhere

  11. Maybe this will help for understanding why is he crying 😉 I wanna know if this is real 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afMNp6Q4u7s&t=0s&list=PLZNx-OFNjqNRRwZeciDwtUf1Vmnc4Unf4&index=2

  12. It'll all go back , don't eat : ice cream, pork , shell fish , sugar , alcohol , and soon u can do a "im completely amazed" video

  13. Those are in fact stretch marks from breastfeeding, I breastfed for a year and I want you to know they do lighten up. They will not be red forever. I do still have my stretch marks but they are flesh colored are unnoticeable. So don't freak out it will be okay ♥️ I also want to add that mine were terrible, I went from a size A cup to D cup while breastfeeding so you can imagine Lol

  14. I think you have stretch marks under your hoha..
    This is normal it’s because you just gave birth to your beautiful child and you gain weight..
    I think it’s stretch marks not sure about it

  15. shame you didn't know about wheatgerm oil..you rub it on the skin between your vagina and anus when pregnant do it weekly or nightly as it helps the skin and can prevent tares when giving birth..I used it when pregnant and didn't have any tearing 👍 also you can rub it on your stretch marks to heal them

  16. No, your body is not ruined, it’s just a change in your life, and you have to accept it, even though you’re not happy with it. Your still a beautiful, wonderful mommy ❤️🐻🍯

  17. My boobs are a hotmess after having my son yes there huge but so scratched and saggy and full of stretch marks. Our bodies go through so much change

  18. I have breasts with stretch marks and blue veiny and sagginess too. I'm 20. I'm a size 34H and have had no babies.

  19. My boobs finally just got MOSTLY back to normal after a year of no breastfeeding and 3 years after my last child! Hopefully it wont take that long for you, my kiddos are 18 months apart and they both nursed/ tandem nursed until 2 so it was a bit extreme! I THOUGHT THEY'D NEVER GO BACK! I have accepted that they will always be a little less perky because the skin is stretched where they got so much bigger, but that's a small price to pay for 4 years of nurturing 2 healthy kiddos 🙂 You're doing such an awesome job, you're such a wonderful mom and you even look great doing it!

  20. im still young & i have the marks on my breasts too. your skin is just very thin now from them getting bigger (why you can see the veins) and the red marks are just stretch marks. nothing to worry about!

  21. Just stretch marks hun, get some bio oil n rub it on them as often as u can or use palmers coco butter.. it smells devine!! They both reduce the appearance of stretch marks but they will fade on their own in time

  22. When I got boobs it was later than most girls I was about 15 and within a year went from an A cup to a DD and what your boobs look like is excatly what happened to mine it was awful I was sooooo insecure because no one told me it could happen. It looked like I had huge bruises and scars on my boobs. But now over the past 5 years they look basically normal the stretch marks are white and have gotten smaller over time. It caused me lots of disgust with my self and really wasn’t worth it. As women are bodies are amazing and go through many stages and at the end of the day what your body looks like does not determine your value or worth and we need to appreciate our bodies for what they are. I’m glad you shared your struggles I can relate ❤️

  23. Under your breast is where your milk is its normal, when your done breast feeding it'll go back to normal. 😀

  24. There really needs to be a good documentary on damage pregnancy does to your body. Its been 5 years since my 3rd and last csection(pre eclampsia w 1st, forced csection with all)
    I have had serious blood pressure issues since my 1st, migraines with auras and bladder spasmsstarted during my 2nd and have never stopped. My bones and back still hurt since #2. And I have 3 herniated places, 1 happened in my belly button you can clearly see the big bubble on it(2"diameter). Yet all we ever hear about is stretch marks. Grrrrrrrr!!!!

  25. The red marks are defiently stretch marks. Areas with thinner and more often covered… stretch marks are often red.

  26. Dont worry…you are just one out of ~ 2 billion + women currently alive who are either pregnant or have had kids, or somewhere in between. Its challenging but you will make it. My wife expressed very similar thoughts and feelings after her pregnancy but 11.5 months later, everything is pretty much back to normal and it most likely will be for you as well.

  27. Gurl it is fine mine are like that I am only 13, it is because they grew so bigger so fast they got stretch marks and mine are like that because it was like I woke up with boobs 😂

  28. Yes please make a video about body and pregnancy transformation . And your not alone my boobs were the same way close to the end of my pregnancy and then the veins got alot brighter n red purple. They went away but not completely its over a year since i had my son and i still have like white lines and then white and alittle purple lines that go in like stretch marks all over the side of my thighs. Witch probably wont ever go away. I was like u REALY skinny before my son then when i got pregnant i got to a Heathy weight .

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