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  1. Here's a link everyone, adding to video description now! http://www.marlybird.com/free-knitting-patterns/my-first-knit-socks-on-double-pointed-needles-part-1-of-6/

  2. I had to pause this video, got the uncontrollable giggles goin on over here.. at your "no cuss cast on" LMAO! Too funny! Ok, got my coffee now, and I think I can stop laughing and back to the video… Thank you for doing this series on socks!

  3. Holy cow! You just clarified every problem I've had attempting to use DPN's here… So amazing! I fought the gap between the dpn's, the twisting fiddlyness of them.. I can DO this now! Doing the happy dance over here, thank you Marly!

  4. I’ve been knitting socks with dpn’s and I never thought to do when joining! I did lay my needles on the table but they used to flop around! Brilliant!

  5. 12sts o all four needles all lay out the right way ready to knit .yo then Kint right to left ? To the beginning put here my project goes worried know I'm knitting right to left than whin I see this pattern l need to turn . Please help me out

  6. Hi Marly, I've just started knitting socks on dpns with a friend of mine and wish I would've seen this video before hand! Your method for casting on is the best thing I've ever seen!!!! LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much!! 😀

  7. first time ever I've seen someone show how to cast on this way, I'm so glad you did, it's sooo much easier. thank you

  8. Hi Marly, I can get all the corners right except for the very last one. I knit around and it's all tight also. I don't know what to do. I have been doing this over and over for days. I'm getting nowhere. Please advise.

  9. You say the process is the same coming from the right , but I guess I am dumb but I need to see the right verison,please

  10. Marly, that stitch marker part is absolutely stunning! I've accidentally knit inside out before after setting the work down and not knowing which direction was which (causing the project to have to be restarted). Making sure the stitch marker is on the outside of the work is an absolutely brilliant way to prevent that. Thank you so much!

  11. What a fantastic video! The best explanations and simple instructions for a top down sock start! Well done, Marley Bird!

  12. Great tutorial, almost made twin needles possible. But if I tried to knit socks with these do needles I might have them done to keep me soft in the coffin and I am 70yo. I first learned when I was in nursing school about. FIFTY YEARS AGO WHENI REALIZED THE AGONY OF USING 4-5 NEEDLES I SAID TO ANYONE WHO WAS IN EARSHOT. NEVER EVER AGAIN . Sorry Marley but I repeat not. I will never waste my time making 4 or 5 needles
    Am a dyed in the world circ needle user

  13. Thank you for teaching us to knit,you do a wonderful job,I have made sweather and ponchos all your free patterns
    Christmas was so nice everyone loved my gifts,so again thank ya.

  14. Hi Marly! I am doing it! I am doing it! I have half the cuff done with NO ladders! I NEVER thought I could get this. By the way it took my 20 times cast on and first round to figure out I was casting on wrong with the tail on back not front. Thank you!

  15. Hi…I love this tutorial. I plan to use it in my 2nd pr of socks. Currently working a pr of ankle socks. This is my 1st pair and yes, using 4 double needles. My goal us to make socks matching the quilts that I make. I'm sure I will have questions…thanks

  16. Hello Marly. I just finished 2 pairs and a half socks and they are gorgeous. I just received my Chic Sheep yarn and I want to make another pair with it but I have a question. You ask for needle size 3.75mm while on the yarn ball they ask for a 5mm… quite a difference. May I ask why you choose 3.75mm? Would it make the knit kind of "thicker, more compact???

  17. Madly, you’re a great teacher, would you consider showing us how to make socks using the magic loop?

  18. I'm so excited to follow these videos, but I don't find the pattern. I have clicked on everything and it just brings me to your web page but there is not pattern. Please advise. Thanks! 🙂

  19. Best ever video series, step by step.. I’m a first timer so by watching and doing it’s been pretty easy to follow

  20. OMG! I took the plunge and followed your instructions to the tee. Unfortunately somehow my yarn got tangled and formed a loop from one of the needles. LOL! Your calming voice encouraged me to rip rip rip and start over and I got it !! Never tried it before because I remember my mother muttering under her breath as she knitted socks for us. I now have a bigger appreciation for the knitted socks. So glad to have found you and looking forward to the next chapter!

  21. You do so much to encourage and give confidence to those of us who feel reticent to take on newer, more difficult skills. Thank you for taking the time to explain so thoroughly and clearly.

  22. #marlybird Can i suggest a video? If yes, Can you make a video similar to this one but with only 4 dpns as most knitters i know only use 4 dpns and my stores dont sell sets of 5. Thanks from a male knitter and crocheter

  23. Hi Marly! I will stat your socks knitted with 5 needles. Is there a way to know how many stitches I need to cast on for a size 6 Woman? Please let me know.

  24. I would like to make socks for my husband, size 16. Do you have a formula for making this pattern bigger?

  25. I amazed in how you did the cast on. And when I saw how you did the knitting these socks I thought I would try it. I love the way you do the cast on with the double pointed needles. It is easy and relaxing. I was searching for a video that teaches to knit a pair of socks that was easy. You are the only the one I have found.

  26. Marly, This is my first attempt at socks. A few questions: How many stitches for a size 16 foot (for husband) and if I have 4.5mm DPNs is that okay, or am I best to use the mm of DPNs that you use?

  27. Hi Marly…I plan to work through your 6 or series on making my first pair of socks on DPN. I've looked through one or two of your videos and will admit that I like your teaching methods. However, right now I am running into a problem printing your instructions. For some reason, I can't get them to print. I really would like a copy of the instructions before I proceed. Can you help me with this problem? Tnanks

  28. Ugh… I have very small hands. This method did not work for me at all. Holding four Size 5 needles in my hand at one time is a no-go.

  29. When knitting I hold my tail in my right hand and I noticed you hold it in your left and creat stitches. So now when I go in the round instead of the sock going down it’s coming up the center … help!

  30. I’ve purchased 4 skeins of this yarn and there were join knots in all 4, 2 of which were multiple knots. The last skein had 4 joins in the first half of the skein. Extremely disappointed

  31. would u have a kid's size pattern trying to make my daughter a pair by using less stitches but doesn't seem to be working

  32. CC Closed Caption. I am on my 3rd pair of socks. This series helped so much. I just saw on Face Book about helping with closed caption help. I love this series and was going to start with this one. If there is another, better one, just let me know.

  33. I’m a little confused about having my knitting needles facing me. Because I followed everything to a tee but it seems as though I am knitting inside out. I’ve restarted several times to make sure I am knitting with my needles pointing toward me and I can’t figure it out…

  34. I love this video series! I've used this pattern to make my husband two pairs of socks (turns out he's got skinny feet, so the first pair was waaaaay too loose, but the second fits great because of the options you recommended in the second video) and I just finished making myself a pair. Thank you so much for doing this! I recommend it to anyone I see on Facebook who is nervous about making their first pair 😀

  35. I started knitting two years ago. I make blankets, hats mittens, slippers my dream was to make socks I've never been able to understand any patterns then, I found you on YouTube wow! You are the best Marley I can't wait to try my first socks.

  36. Hi. I have downloaded the pattern and I don't understand your shoe chart on the 3rd page. I wear size 6.5 and my foot heel-to-toe lenght is 23 cm. In the chart the shoe size for 23 cm is 12. It is impossible! Can you please explain? Thank you.

  37. Hi Madly. I want to know if I ues 2.25mm needle and I want to knit a socks for man how many cast on I should make?
    Thank you!

  38. I tug on the blasted two first stitches and even the one last stitch until my fingers go blue and I STILL get a ladder. At least in the ribbing part. I hope it won't be as appearant on the stockinet bit.

  39. Thank you for your videos. As a new knitter I always wanted to knit socks but it was way too complicated. You made it easy to understand. I’m getting the hang of it. I had to rip it out a few times but I see it as a learning process. I have the first cuff done and I’m working on the second sock.
    Again I wanna thank you,

  40. thank you for the video and for the step-by-step instructions. Question: Have you knitted this pattern on magic loop? I am new to sock knitting but not knitting. Also, how would this pattern knit up using a finer weight of yarn? Say for instance, use the larger pattern but use a sport weight or fingering weight of yarn. Thanks so much!!! You are such an amazing teacher. I am most grateful. I planned on knitting toe up and two at a time beginning with the German short row method, but I thought this might be the best place to start for sock knitting. I love all of your videos.

  41. I have to say that this is the best tutorial I have ever had. Having a new visual impairment that makes reading knitting patterns very difficult whereas before the impairment, no problem, now with you I had such ease and sense of accomplishment. So happy! Plus the recipe idea wow. Bravo

  42. My cast on in between the needles is lose. This is my first attempt on knitting with multi needles. I am a size 9 and I am casting on 16 sitches , Is this too many for my foot size. Thank you for making this video!

  43. My first practice socks were on cheap metal dp needles. In my inexperience, they were a pain in the butt. I bought a package of tiny hair rubber bands and kept one one each end to keep the yarn from slipping off. Someone suggested using bamboo needles and I was ecstatic with the difference. The yarn stays place so much better. No rubber bands any more 😊

  44. Rather than juggle needles casting on, I cast all the stitches on one needle and slip them on to the others. Though I will admit, if I had learned the way you teach it, it might have made a difference.

  45. My early time of knitting socks on dpns would have been so much easier had I only seen this series first. So glad I found it to make things easier in the future.

  46. I love your videos! You make it so easy to follow along for new knitters.

    I've made 2 socks and they turned out ok. Im using 2mm needles as I like the gauge but it always looks weird after the gusset..help!:)

  47. Thank you, MarlyBird. I've been teaching myself (from online resources). This video has been very helpful getting me started on my first pair of socks. Who knew that I was knitting inside out? I only had to restart 3 times. It definitely pays to pay attention to details when you start.

  48. Question..how long have you been knitting? I see nothing but talent here. I'm looking for a new hobby. I have too much time on my hands because I am making life style changes after 26 years. I am so interested in learning in having a hobby and and selling them at flea markets.

  49. Can you follow this pattern using sock yarn and smaller needles or does it change how much you need to cast on and knit?

  50. I know you posted these videos awhile ago but I just saw and love them. So easy to follow. I’m a fairly knee knitter and these vids are fantastic. I like how it’s broken down into sections. For some reason the DPNs I have only have 4. I need to get more.

  51. Hi Marley, I love your videos. I have a question for you. I have some sock yarn in DK weight. And I'd like to use this pattern for my first time doing socks. How many stitches would I place on each DP and what size double points would you use? Thank you so much! Love your videos.

  52. Will this sock size fit if my feet are women's size 8.5 – 9 US? If not, how do you know how many to cast on to fit your foot? Thanks.

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