[♪ Guitar playing] Hi, I’m Grant. Today is December 26, 2013
and it just so happens that today is my 37th birthday. Four days ago, I was diagnosed
with Bell’s Palsy on the right side of my face. I thought I would try to
do something positive with the experience by making a video diary documenting my recovery, so that anyone else suffering from this condition
could get an idea of what they might expect to see in their own improvement as time goes by. So, this is the first day of my video diary. I was diagnosed four days ago. It came down very suddenly. I just happened to be out with friends,
and I noticed that my lip was numb. And then, gradually, over the course of the
day, my eye began to water more, I had difficulty controlling my eye.
I also got a headache and some shoulder pain, and by the next day my right side of my face
was pretty much totally frozen. Since that time, it’s actually gotten worse. So I’m now on day 4, and this is probably the worst day it’s been
—in terms of paralysis— my taste sensation for foods has changed dramatically. I do still have hearing in my right ear,
but otherwise I have virtually no control over my facial muscles on the right side of
my face. Talking is difficult. Eating is difficult. Pretty much everything is a lot more difficult
now. And I tape my eye shut just to sleep at night. I have gone for Chinese acupuncture,
and I’m on Chinese herbs as well as steroids prescribed by the doctor. And vitamin B-complex, vitamin E, vitamin
D3. I have already been on a vegetarian diet for
six years, so I’m pretty healthy and I’m just doing what I can to keep my health up. You can either get out, or stay at home —but either way—
you’re face is gonna stay the same, so why not get out, see the great outdoors,
and do something? So, it’s now day 11 of my struggle with Bell’s
Palsy, and I came out for New Year’s to Wilson’s Promontory National Park
in the state of Victoria in Australia. I went on a four day trek—
three nights, four days. And in the past 11 days my Bell’s Palsy
has actually gotten worse—I think. I’ve gotten acupuncture twice.
I’ve been on Chinese herbs. I’ve gotten massage from friends
and a professional as well— as well as acupressure. But, my face feels more paralysed now
than it did at the start of this ordeal. But the reason that I decided to record
this video out here is to inspire people to go out and have your own adventures
and don’t let a condition like this keep you indoors because there’s a lot of beauty out there,
and some of your healing can come from being out in nature, and facing people,
and having conversations, and doing whatever you can to stay active
and stay motivated. [♪ Guitar playing]
[Dan Pulfer is the singer]

100 thoughts on “My Journey to Recovering from Bell’s Palsy”

  1. Please also watch this important video from a physician in Chicago who specializes in Bell's Palsy. Because Bell's Palsy can become permanent, it pays to self-educate, listen to your intuition, get second or third opinions, and do everything you can to own your cure. Don't assume the first doctor you see knows the best ways to treat this condition.

  2. I love that he didn’t let this take over his life. He could have sat in his house and moped, but no. He went out and did things, experienced life regardless. We can all learn something from that. Glad your recovery went well!!

  3. – stung by insect
    – cowboy hat
    – unique facial hair
    Must be Coyote P

    sees video

    Wew, so people get stung because that facial hair?

  4. I had bells palsy a couple of years ago, thought I'd had a stroke at first but nope Its just the weirdest feeling trying to move something that won't budge

  5. I had a very mild form of this on the left side of my face for about a week or so. I couldn't fully close my mouth or my eye, but for the most part I was ok.

  6. My experience:

    prior days: weird sensation and lack of taste on my tongue
    day 1, friday: woke up, started studying for my exam, noticed right side of my face isn't working properly. Panicked. Stuck my tongue out to check if I had a stroke. Nope. Called my doctor. She told me to come in immediately. Took my blood, pressure and stuff and gave me an urgent oral and maxillofacial surgery referral. Went to oral and maxillofacial surgery doctor. Got admitted to in-hospital stay. Told them I have an exam in the afternoon and was told to come back on monday.
    day 2 and 3, weekend: chilled at home, packed for my hospital stay, was unable to drink with a straw.
    day 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8: hospital stay, tons of meds, vitamin B, injections of some sorts, morning face massages and excercises and electro-therapy. They gave me eye drops every evening and taped my eye shut.
    Day 8: discharged, a bit painful affected side, 90% better.
    Continuing days and weeks: got 99,98% better. You'd only know if I told you.

  7. Happened to my dad and my uncle. Randomly happened and then went away but there was always a slight lingering effects after it. Canada's former prime Minister had it too, Jean cretien

  8. The left side of my uncles face was also paralyzed just like this. It makes me so happy to see someone with a similar condition if not the same just living life the best he can

  9. I had this 8 years ago from Lyme's disease and we thought it was a tumor or something YouTube must be spying on me or something when this video was recommended for me because I never watch any videos like this nor have I seen or met anyone with this condition but I just had to give it a watch! update on me I'm doing better much better still don't have 100% movement can't lift my left eyebrow either but it isn't really noticeable

  10. If i woke up with a paralyzed face i thought i would have had a brain problem that is uncurable. I feel insanely bad for you man. Get well soon

  11. You are such a handsome man. I'm glad you have been getting better/fully healed. Many blessings your way!

  12. I have had this. It sucks a lot. Mine only stayed for a week. But my great grandfather had it for YEARS.

  13. My Mom actually had this when I was little. We always said that her smile was broken. I don't know how, but she recovered it as well. Props to you, too!

  14. I've been through this during my teenage years. Nobody knew what it was. Glad you recovered as i did. Its a scary experience

  15. It’s crazy Bc I had it when I was in elementary. I still have it but you can barely tell now. But when it first hit in I was still in elementary and it was hard Bc I didn’t want to go to school nor do anything but ofc I had to go to school and it was like the scariest thing ever Bc I got bullied and shit

  16. Didn’t know you can recover from this .I got Ramsay hunt syndrome when I was 18 .To this day I still have side effects from it.I’m grateful I caught it early if not I would’ve lost all movement in my face.

  17. I had Bell's Palsy, I woke up and I couldn't wink my right eye. My dad freaked out a little because my grandpa passed due to a stroke, and paralysis of one side of the body is a symptom.

  18. I was 13 when I got bells palsy and I'm 14 and it's almost completely gone I'm happy, it was as severe as his, my dad thought I was having a stroke :/

  19. My daughter told me something bad happened to coyote and I thought he probably got f'd up by some reptile.
    Anyway the great positive attitude you decided to have helped you tremendously.
    Never stop fighting and believing!
    Thanks for this video, very powerful and encouraging!

  20. This happened to my day 2-3 years ago, he woke up with Bell’s palsy on the left size of his face. He is almost fully recovered but you can tell the slightest bit when he smiles :))

  21. DONT BE VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN, u r starving yourself, u need meat to survive, well I can’t control u but I will warn u. I was taught by a health professional

  22. Congratulations on your recovery. This story is so inspirational and I praise you for having the strength and courage to come out on top.

  23. It's amazing just how important staying positive and active is during a recovery of any kind. Thank you for sharing your story <3

  24. I got diagnosed with Bell's Palsy 1 week ago, I am 15, this gave me motivation but I am still frightened of the lingering thought that there is a 10% chance of having this permanently 🙁

  25. This video means so much to me. I was diagnosed on July 30. My journey begins. Your video gives me so much hope!

  26. Omg I cried the wholen time I was watching this. You are a very strong man.I can't explain to you how exactly I felt watching that smile get back onto your face during recovery. Am reading for my nursing exam and I stumbled upon your video but omg its been so emotional for me. Wow I hope you are well, keep being so positive. God bless. Much love from Dubai.

  27. I want to thank you so much for making this video for people like me I'm dealing with this as we speak right now and everything you have said and done is the same experience that I'm going through this helps so much to know what I can do to get better it sucks going through this anyway you stay blessed from your new best friend???

  28. I have bells palsy. Diagnosed around 1am this morning. Lost my appetite, it's so hard to drink, eat, talk, and smile.

  29. Much love, you are an inspiration to all. Good for you. I hope you are doing better. And i can tell you are a person that will not give up. I am very proud of you.. even tho i dont know you. It must be difficult and depressing, but there is still so much the world can offer you in terms of happiness and expierence!

  30. Thank you so much for this. I especially appreciate your positive attitude. I came down with Bell’s palsy 5 days ago and I cried on day two but Ive decided not to mope about. Still going out and taking this as an opportunity to realize the amazing blessings we take for granted. Like the ability to close our eyes! Or smile. The list goes on and on.

  31. Hi. How are you? I understand a reason of this condition not very well, but i saw video through your link (up). I heard what Silvester Stalone had or have a problem a little bit like your. I wish you very good mood and strong healfy

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