– Hey, I’m Doctor Gregg
with Align Wellness Center, a chiropractor here Northbrook, Illinois. Today I want to share
with you some information that the American Migraine
Foundation found. They found that there are two big factors in whether or not you wind up having migraines express themselves or not. First one winds up being
stress and stress management. Second one winds up being sleep cycles. So now these are not the aura of things that occur before the migraine, but they’re the factors in your
life that can trigger them. So before you wind up getting a migraine or before you end up
getting your next migraine, let’s make sure that we introduce some stress management systems as well as some things to help with sleep. Now I’m a big fan of natural
things, so I always look to do that for our patients
and for the community. One way that’s awesome to
help manage your stress is if you’re at work in an environment that can cause it get some movement. Now I’m here in my courtyard at my office that’s very peaceful. You can come outside
into a place like this and just take some deep breaths. They even have chairs that are in the area that you can just rest
at, possibly have lunch. If you don’t have access
to this or something like this make sure that you wind up getting some fresh air and get out. A nice walk is amazing. Make sure that it’s a safe place, no cars are going to hit you or run you over. If you can’t, like maybe it’s
winter, we live in Chicago, we work in Chicago, winters are cold. Get access to exercise somewhere. In our building it’s a circle,
so we like to take laps inside the building during the winter. If you can’t do that you may also want to do some movement
like some jumping jacks or some high knees just at
your desk or go for a walk. Now if you don’t want
to do these at your desk ’cause you’re worried about
what your colleagues will think how maybe you go to a stairwell, go to the bathroom, or to
a private conference room or a space where there
aren’t people around and just do some movement,
kind of just like some jumping jacks, get your
body going, move your legs. If it’s tough for you to move
or you have problems with it just high knees or waving
your arms up in the air. Any of these steps are going to get movement going on and movement
helps to manage stress, gets your body flowing and going and can also reduce the
likelihood of a migraine. If you’re in the heat of a migraine though you might not want to do this movement, but before you get there or after you get there, greater reduction. If you know someone who’s had migraines or is having them please
share this with them. They need to hear it. If you know someone or you like the video give it a thumbs up, like it. Also if you do like these videos feel free to subscribe to our channel. We’re always sharing information like this to help you live a healthier life. Once again, I’m Doctor Gregg Gerstin with Align Wellness Center
in Northbrook, Illinois and thank you for letting
me be a part of your health. (energetic instrumental music)

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