what can I do for you today so I have neck pain and shoulder pain I was in MVA about a month and a half ago so still have recurring thing we have what motor vehicle accident within her all car except oh yeah so the pain in the neck is like through here right radiates this way through here and these are the sit back yeah that’s where the seatbelt was sometimes I would have pain through here okay okay but it’s this I can’t I have difficulty raising my arm okay where is the tightness when you raise your arm like that it’s a one finger pointed for me one thing they’re very for me I feel tightness through here but the pier but the pain is more through here GP yeah GP okay all right you ready all right tender let me know there’s my more tender yes that was my cartilage so this one gender which one would this one or this one same sigh or opposite side opposite side opposite side okay relax thank you breathe you’re doing wonderful remember how much pain you have for one to ten I had about seven huh that’s a lot so did you get treated before by anybody for me but different practitioners different practitioners okay I’m using the same thing because it’s easier so you guys who remember this is my favorite widowhood ignite and shoulder okay now so he’s radiating good we got we got a jackpot relax okay raise arm lean back and raise your where’s the tightness oh hi yeah it’s better it’s not stuck over there any better next time when any but when you needle somebody have this like zinging tell then you hit a jackpot and there say what are you winning right it said your health back alright go up again really good see how can you ask to go ahead yeah very good wonderful look I hope that how much better already good job you were stuck a halfway you done that right now go ahead one more time alright thank you treat yourself five times of five times a week okay because the sooner that you recover faster yeah okay if you can treat that every day five times and then rest for two days five treatments 10 treatments later you should be like 80% better okay okay and then two times a week

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