56 thoughts on “Neck Pain; DON’T EVER DO THIS! Do THIS Instead!”

  1. I have this sharp pain while rotating my neck towards right. I have this tightness in my shoulder very often.i have been to physical therapists and chiropractors.but the pain still persists

  2. I’m missing 3 vertebrae in my neck so looking UP is practically the only movement I can do. My spine is fused and I move my head with my shoulder muscles. Thanks for the great advice!

  3. At first, I was taken back by the title and image. But as I got to the latter half of the video, it makes total sense. I will edu my patients with these instructions too. I think it really makes a difference being very specific with teaching exercises for conditions like neck pain. By the way, I am a physical therapist myself and a new youtube content creator. Welcome to check out the channel. I only have a few videos, but I am learning. I am a huge fan of you two.

  4. Great tips! I read that I should stretch my neck by doing a U shape.

    By by doing the neck stretches this way I did hear a lot of snap, crackle, pop on the sides of my neck and it did feel ok.

    Only problem, like you good doctors said I was feeling dizzy doing it like that.

    I tried the neck stretches, starting with a couple of the chin tucks. And then with my neck and back straight, I did look side to side.

    I could once again hear the snap, crackle, pop. And my neck pain felt a lot better, I could feel the muscles in my neck finally relaxing.

    And this time I did not feel dizzy.

    Thank you Doctors for your awesome advice!

  5. You're right. Back when I first started watching your vids a year or so ago, I remember seeing one on the neck then and thinking "huh, the fitness people tell you not to flex your head back. Glad I didn't listen to them." LOL! But then again, I see a lot of exercise moves in fitness being promoted that I just shake my head at.

  6. What is the best way to sleep (pillow and head position) when you have a sore neck?  Sore neck? Let me tell you, both on the back of the neck and the front of the neck.  (DDD for the back of the neck, I don't know what's happening on the front of the neck!)  I use Arnica on my neck on the front and have to ice the back and front every night or more during the day.

  7. Two yrs ago,I had a sudden great pain at the back of my neck towards left side,diagnosed as pinched nerve affecting the whole left arm till wrist.
    I were in total nowhere untill I found you guys on you tube explaining McKenzie treatment and chin tucks.
    pain gone awsy after two weeks exactly as you mentioned.
    I am 41yrs now.and even I could do barbell back squat 100kg.
    I appreciate you Bob &Brad

  8. I have asthma so I often sleep with a lot of pillows, but sometimes that seems to cause neck headaches, the best thing for me then is to sleep with no pillow, and take some meds.

  9. WONDERFUL GUYS ! A GREAT VIDEO AGAIN ! From Switzerland 🙏🙏🇨🇦♥️♥️♥️🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

  10. Can you recommend a good pillow for neck pain? I've tried multiple pillows including the popular brands but I can't seem to find the right pillow … SOSSS !!!

  11. Thank you for all of your videos. And for correcting me with this video. God bless you both with overwhelming peace in Jesus Name.💖

  12. Not agree. Neck forward stretch will help you to decrease trigger points (tension). Not so effective as the other directions but it helps.

  13. What do you think of MotivtionalDoc's stretches and occipital percussion methods: in these, you hold your neck forward and tip your sub-occiptal lobe regions at three different angles, tap around the C-Spine for about 5 seconds each, and then slowly return to normal position with resistance. He says it provides proper nerve stimulation.

  14. This came at the right time. I think something went wrong while yoga and since then my right shoulder and neck is hurting. I will try this.

  15. Had neck pain for two days now. Stiff side muscles with headache to boot… this may be just what I needed. The stretching Ive done only seems to have angered it.

  16. I do the chin tucks every time I sit on the toilet…..just reminds me to do them….I don't want a forward head when I am old!

  17. Thats exactly what I did when I had a searing pinching pain in my neck. I did the backwards extension repeatedly throughout the day, then finally went to the gym and did full body stretches and boom it was gone. No meds, no neck brace, no bed rest. It happened because I slept in a bad position and my pillow was flat.

  18. Can you do a segment on how to strengthen your neck? Is it safe to push your hand against your head with your head resisting against your hand. The pushing being done against the front, back and sides.

  19. I've noticed that I hear a little "grinding noise" when I move my neck around (especially when I drop my head backwards and forward). It's not super painful but it sounds like I'm "whittling" the bone down (if that makes ANY sense!) My bones are 61 1/2 yrs old so I've been expecting some wear and tear to start making noises, but UGH (it's noisy!)

  20. the song cheers me up; makes me smile. the guys do the same. gonna start watching them alot more!!!

    uumm, i was half listening while typing my comment and i thought i heard "penis vibrator." i paused and said "what?!"

    these guys make me laugh without trying!!!

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