Hi there, I’m Katy And today I want to show you how to use beads
in your tatting. Now beads in tatting can be both decorative
and functional, and I want to show you a few examples before
we get started. So first I’ll start with the hat. The hat is completely tatted, with a tatted and beaded edge, as well as a tatted and beaded flower. Now that we have an idea of what beads and
tatting look like, when combined, I will go ahead and go over the two different
methods that we can use, to join beads to our tatting, and then talk a little bit about the pros
and cons of each method, so go ahead and gather up your tatting supplies and your beads and we’ll get started.

5 thoughts on “Needle Tatting – #1 Adding Beads (b): intro & examples by RustiKate”

  1. I cannot wait to try this technique. Thanks for this great tutorial. Is it possible to have a full pattern so I can have a finished product while I practice your technique? thanks again and keep making more videos. Dnorah

  2. So glad you liked this video series! 🙂 The only full pattern with beads that I have available right now is my Tatted Foot Thong pattern, but it only has two beads in it (you can find the pattern on my RustiKate Esty Shop, under the links on my channel page). Here, I found free patterns with beading on google, I have not tried them, but they sound okay: It isn't allowed to include links here, so google " freewebs heathersdesigns tattedearrings" and you should find them. Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. Katy, I love the ankle bracelet you show in your examples. I hope to see that pattern available for purchase soon. Your videos are the best!!!!

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