hello everybody today I’m gonna show you how to make these simple cat it earrings they’re very easy all you’re going to need is the thread in your needle in your thread to put in your thread 11 small beads you don’t need to put the big beads and I will show you how to put them on so you’re going to need three big beads pour earring and 11 little ones and of course your earring hooks and needle size five your sisters and your three size ten and I will show you what I’m going to do with this this is just going to help me put my big beats in my in my thread okay so let’s get started okay so I thread my needle and all you just need like a tail six inches you don’t need a big tail for these projects since they’re so small okay so you have your beats in your thread I have my beat on here already but we’re not putting our be ones in there so we’re going to start with the ring of five hours when you wanna be five double stitches move this stuff out of the way and I want my camera okay one be five double stitches one more beat and five more double stitches okay so now we’re going to close our ring and for this ring we’re not going to reverse our work okay just going to make a little nod at the top okay now we’re going to start our next ring of $7 stitches hold on my cameras too close to my hands I’m going to lift it up a little bit there we go okay so seven double stitches one be $7.00 stitches and for these file we’re going to need three weeks $7.00 stitches another bee and seven those stitches okay so this is what we have so far and now we’re going to close our ring I mean setting really tight lately okay so I’m going to make a little knot at the top and this is where we put our beats our big beats in and our earring hook so what I’m going to do is going to grab my beads and I’m going to put them inside my needle plio them and I’m going to slide them down all the way to the top of my work just like that okay so now my beads are on top of that ring that we just did and now I’m going to grab my hook my earring hook and I’m going to go inside that loop right there or a little circle right there and pull my thread just like that and what I want to do now is I want to pass my thread back down here and sometimes you want the the beads are too small so you won’t be able to pass your needle – that’s why I grab this to help me pull let me show you so if your needles too thick and it won’t go back inside your beads what you can do is me let me take up my needle just grab a piece I actually cut a piece already okay and you go like this you pass this clear I don’t know what you want to call it but you go inside those beads see if I can do it real quick okay just like that actually no the other way around sorry so I’m going to go in there just like that boss both of them put both ends just like that and this is creating a loop I’m not sure if you can see it so then I grab my my my tail and I pass it through that loop just like that and then I kind of pull it through my beats see that and I keep pulling and it’s gonna go through so just in case you know your your needle doesn’t go through your beats then that’s a good alternative up to do so then we’re going to pull pull pull until it’s until our hook is on top of our beats in our beats it’s a top of our our ring very tightly okay and at this point we’re just going to make a little nut so our beats stay secure and they don’t really move around just like that and let me grab my needle real quick meet thread my needle okay and we’re going to do another ring okay of five double stitches so put your needle in front of your work just like that and start telling five dollars one be five double stitches another be $5 stitches one be and find more double stitches just like that Kahless close a rain let me pull my tail out uh-oh I’m losing my loop with my tail thread no that’s not it is this one and I went over my I’m sorry let me pulled it back out be careful it doesn’t get tangled with your hook and your other beads okay there we go okay so there’s our loop and I’m going to close it like that and while it or not and I’m going to do another one this is my last ring just to secure my work and here we have a ring I mean our up earring very easy and you can starch it and it would stay the rings would stay on its play we’re supposed to be in very simple and easy so for my next tutorial i I I started on that sixth row four by Toni so if if you’re looking forward to it I’m gonna put it up soon and thank you so much for all my new subscribers and if you have any questions or comments please let me know in liking you like my video and if you’re not a subscriber yet subscribe to my channel so you can get all the updates on my new videos happy teddy

26 thoughts on “Needle Tatting Earrings”

  1. I just love your videos.   I am a beginner to tatting and your simple, clear instructions are making learning a breeze.  Thanks for sharing your skill!

  2. I enjoy learning needle tatting with you!  Will you please show a tutorial on hoe to finish the projects?  I assume that the ends are sewn in, but since I have never engaged in needle tatting before, I'm not sure how some of your projects are finished off.  This also applies to projects such as making a chain, how is that project finished; does it end on a circle or chain and what is the best way to hide the ends?  Would you also be willing to share a pattern that calls for "Josephine's knot"?
    Thank you kindly for sharing so much useful and fun information and projects!!!!!

  3. Ciao, sono una principiante appassionata di chiacchierino e vorrei imparare dai tuoi tutorials, ma purtroppo non capisco l'inglese, ti chiedo , se possibile, aggiungere sui tuoi video delle scritte esplicative con le spiegazioni in italiano. Grazie mille ciao a presto!!

  4. Maria,
    Would you PLEASE make a pair of earrings by covering a ring in needle tatting and then making a pretty edging that comes out from the ring? The only ones I can find on YouTube are in a foreign language and I don't understand how they are making them.

  5. I asked if you would please do a pair of tatted earrings on a ring, here is one that I like but I'd like to see more picots along the edge, more dainty or feminine. Shoot, it won't paste the address in here but there is one on YouTube done in red and on a ring and it has a lacy outer edge to it.

  6. I enjoy your videos. I'm new to tatting. In your video on how to make earrings you didn't show how to finish them off. What do you do with thread that's left over, and still attached to the earring? Keep making learning videos.

  7. I love yr video I will try it. it seems it's a modern way to this art with a hand needle. thanks for teaching us.

  8. Thank You for the video. I am a beginner and I love the earrings. You are a great teacher and your camera shows everything on how you handle the needle and thread. I made my first pair of earrings. Thank you so much. Looking forward to all of your tatting videos. How do you starch the earrings?

  9. That's for the great instructions! I especially like your tip for using the clear thread to get your string through a small bead when a needle won't fit. I'm new to tatting, but I've been beading for years and that tip will certainly come in handy!

  10. SLOWED the vid down but you're still too fast. Can you do a tutorial on how to make these earrings, s-l-o-w-l-y-?

  11. thank you for the tips and tricks, your work is supper Finally found a teacher who speaks English so I understand your worki

  12. Thank you for the tutorial and I appreciate the handy trick using monofilament to bring thread back thru the beads! I think I am ready to attempt this project now??

  13. I did it!!!!! i made my first pair of earrings!! i am sooo excited! I didn't have monofilament, so before i started this project I hardened the end of my thread with [Joann store brand clear school] glue (per one of your other videos) and let dry. i used the hardened end to thread on the beads and to weave back thru larger beads after installing the earring hook. Thank you!

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