34 thoughts on “Needle Tatting Interlock Rings”

  1. Thank you so much Maria!  I am even more in love with your work.  You are the best teacher I have found on you tube.  Thank you again.

  2. @Maria Papia muchisimas gracias!!! si m ayudo muchisimo los subtitulos, gracias por dedicarle ese tiempo! ya estoy por comenzar esta floresita! bendisiones!!!

  3. I am not on Instagram or Facebook so this is my only way to reach you.  Your videos have been a lifesaver.  I am trying to learn to needle tat and have learned so much from you.  Thank you very much.  If possible could you do a tutorial on interlocking split rings as pictured on www.georgiaseity.com/2014/interlockingringshow2/html.  Thank you very much for all your wonderful instructions.

  4. Beautiful , but on camera and in focus for us old people would help. I have a headache now, lol. But thank-you sweety. Maybe younger people in my house can help me by watching it for me. <3

  5. شكرا لكم كثيرا ارجو انت تبعثو بترونات مختلفة وفيديوهات اخر من هذا النوع وشكر رائعين

  6. Just watched the video to interlock rings, so am going to try right now. Neat pattern. Excited to try.

  7. What size thread was used during this tutorial and what brand was it? I'm having a hard time finding high quality thread like the one you used in your video. I really enjoy your videos by the way!

  8. very nice earnings i will try to do it Maria ! I think it's better with 12 double stiches as you talk about in this end video! Many kisses from Rita

  9. I love these Maria! Thank you for making this video. I want to try this look adding seed beads to the picots to really make them pop. This is such a great look. Wish you could do more earring videos though, lol. Thanks again!

  10. Do you know how to do a row of chains only like making a mesh ? The best way I know to explain is if you were crocheting row after row of chains to make a mesh.

  11. Thank you, Maria… I have been tatting for years but have never been able to make the interlocking rings… now I can, and have you to thank!

  12. You are one of the very best instructors I've ever seen! Thank you so much for making these videos to help us learn!

  13. Maria i tuoi lavori a chiacchierino sono fantastici io sto iniziando ora a impararlo spero di trovarne ancora un abbraccio

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