hello everybody today I’m going to show you how to make this necklace I make this necklace because of my daughter’s friends at is turning 14 and she likes to watch a resale I I said let me go ahead and make a necklace for her so very easy pattern not hard at all and what you’re gonna need is you’re gonna need a clasp as somebody left me a comment on light on one of my tutorials I believe it was up on the choker she said that you can buy one of those class with a little chain that way you you know if your necklace is too small you can use that one and it will adjust your size also you’re going to need to have like a fella clasp you’re also gonna use needle size five and cotton thread number ten and you’re going to need at sixty four sixty five bees and your thread already just like this and if you using a class that that doesn’t open and close like this one then you’re going to have that the first thing you’re going to have to put in your thread your class one one side of your class so let’s get started you’re going to have to have a very long tail I want to say about fifty fifty to sixty inches it depends well you know what it’s gonna be a long called a long one and now let’s see long tail so I’m going to leave a lot of 50 to 60 inches I’m going to put my necklace to the side and we’re going to start with the ring of three dollar stitches and one pickle and three double stitches if you you see you put your clasp and your thread instead of that picot you’ll put your clasp right there okay so this is going to be a little pickle where we put in our clasp in okay like that would do that at the end or you can do that later and we’re going to 1b and I did not put a lot of beets because she’s young and you know and I don’t know I just didn’t want to have a lot of beets but if you would like to you can add 3 B on you know on each chain or each ring I just added one three double stitches and a pickle and three dollar stitches okay very easy ring and we’re going to close a ring and like I said this is a very easy putter okay and reverse your work and let’s do one chain of $5 stitches one be five that was pictures finish the chain and reverse your work make a little knot and another ring three double stitches join to the pickle of our previous ring make sure your stitches are looking straight like this join recover stitches one beat three double stitches one picot three double stitches just like that and let’s close our ring and this is the whole pattern of the of the necklace very easy necklace reverse your work and we’re going to do another chain by double stitches one pickle I mean I’m sorry one beat one beat okay inside our stitches okay finish up your chain and reverse your work do a little knot and this is what we have so far very easy pattern now I’m going to do one more ring with you so three double stitches and we’re going to join making sure our stitches are looking the right way showing to the pickle just like that and three that was stitching one B and three double stitches people and $3 peaches close your ring reverse your work do a little nuts and there we go and the size sheet I used is sorry I forgot to say 11 that zero but if you want you can use bigger ones you know instead of a little one you can do a big one that will look nice too so continue doing this until you have 15 ring in 15 chains and then I’ll show you what to do next be back in a minute both in a little bit okay so I’m back I did 15 rings and then I after my 15 ring I did my chain right so I’m going to go on to my 16 ring and these part is going to be a little different if you don’t want to do it like this that’s fine you can just continue doing rings and chains but for the middle sorry Mike I just came back got here on my hand okay so I did the chain forgets to make that no I did it okay so what I’m going to do I’m going to do a ring like the normal that you’re doing another ring like the other ones you just did so three double stitches and then we’re going to join right and three doubles pictures and this is our 16 ringing and three those pictures P goal and three double stitches okay so I’m gonna close it there’s my loop I’m going to go in the loop and I’m going to reverse my work a little gap right there so now instead of doing a chain I’m going to do another ring so I’m just going to put my meat on top of my ring and this one’s going to have four double stitches $4 stitches one be mr. sorry let me go or my camera looks a little more there we go there we go $4 the cheers Abby four double stitches and one more be and for Dawa stitches just like that okay so then we’re going to close a ring under the loop did I do it wrong yep me get out of here I’m going to make a mess it’ll fix a there we go okay so then now you have a ring on this side and a ring on this side okay just like that so you can hold it and make a little nut sorry that right and then you’re going to reverse your work no you’re not sorry I’m sorry no you’re not reversing your work you’re going to do a change so five dollars bitches one be five our stitches okay and finish up the chain like that now reverse your work do a little nut and these sees what you have you have you’re going to have sat in the middle let me pick it up you’re going to have sat in the middle of your necklace okay so that’s your sixteen ring now you’re going to continue doing chains and ring so you’re going to have you have you have 15 15 rings and chains on this side of our double ring so you’re going to finish when you have 15 on this side chill so I’m going to make one more ring with you three double stitches join regardless picture one be if that was pictures people and three double stitches like this so it’s your ring okay so when you harden it these will stay down like that right just like that so reverse your work do a little nuts and do another chain okay so continue until you have 15 more make 15 more rings in chain and I’ll see you in a little bit okay so I finish my necklace so I have 15 rings and change on the left and 15 rings and chains on the right okay so I went ahead and put just one side of the clasp so you should end up with a ring with the free pickle on the side for you to add your other side of the clasp so this point all you’re going to have to do is of course within your end and you can starch it a little bit or just use a combination of water and Elmer’s glue but not a lot of glue just a little bit so it’s not so stiff unless you like it of course if you know your necklace stick but not not that stiff okay so just within your end and [Music] that’s it so I hope you enjoyed this video I haven’t made a necklace in a while but at that.you I enjoy it so Hotham are chatting and thank you for all my new subscribers and thank you for watching and happy Carrie

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  1. hi Maria nice to see your post again after a time. soo happy. as i didnt know how to tat u taught it very easily. tks. I'll can tat now. I'll do this too. if I want to use beads wts the size. thanks once again.

  2. This is my very, very, very first step on needle tatting. You are so clear in letting us see how to make the necklace . As soon as my needles are in tha house…. I will use your video for my first necklace. So wish me luck. Thnx for sharing and have a great 2018 . Milly (The Netherlands)

  3. OMG where are you, I earn a cockerel and I see sunlight, I am in the UK I miss USA for these sounds and the brightness.

  4. I thought it was for bginners…this is not showing me anything with saying picot and your working like the flash through it…

  5. Hi. I always enjoy your tutorials. Would like to learn more chocker s and necklaces. Your instructions are very clear. Thank you 😄

  6. Hola mary aoenas te encontre me gusto tu diseño y la explicacion muy a detalle…felicidades
    Pero quiero saber donde compro las agujas…o como las pido porque las busque en amazon y solo tienen otros aparatito cin el cual ahora hacen este tipo de tejido es un aparatito de plastico como forma de una lanchita??
    Soy mexicana…saludos

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