hello everybody Sam here with another magic Monday video for you today we’re going to be doing a trick involving a balloon and a needle yes we’re going to be doing the classic needle through the balloon magic trick now some of you might have done this in school where you put some type of sealant on the needle or a piece of tape on the balloon to be able to pass it through but this time this trick is done with a real needle in a real balloon tonight I’m going to perform one of the hardest tricks in magic and the reason it’s the hardest trick is because I have to blow up a balloon in front of all of you now the global balloon I know you know that it requires me to be full of hot air so let’s see how much hot air in me apparently a lot alright so we have our balloon and we have our needle needle balloon needle balloon needles balloon balloon needle sorry dyslexic all right here we go needle through bullet and that’s how it’s done ladies and gentlemen thanks for watching today’s magic monday trick if you liked it please remember to give us a big thumbs up share these videos with your friends and hit that subscribe button also if you want to purchase the trick the links in the description below but most importantly remember to dream big think positive it always be you

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