Let’s face it dealing with acne really sucks But now there’s a new procedure that could turn the tables on zits by sucking them away Could it be for you well doctor Batra is back in our procedure room with more On this latest and greatest acne fighting technology dr. Batra. Take it away Thank you, so I’m here with mallanna who has kind of inflammatory and pustular acne And this is a new device called Farah clear And what it does is it combines vacuum like you mentioned to suction out those pores with broadband light? That’s meant to kill bacteria and also decrease inflammation So Malena, I’m gonna have you rest here and the way it works is you actually place the handpiece in contact and you can see if you look closely that it’s actually suctioning her skin in there and doing broadband light there So it’s kind of a nice novel non-antibiotic Way both to suction out the sebum that causes the pores as well as to kill the bacteria that we know Contributes to acne it’s called proprio bacterium acnes So it’s why how does it feel to Malena a little tingly but not bad nothing bad not too Hot so the idea is that? You’re doing two things when you suction these pores You’re actually suctioning out the oil that’s the food for the bacterium called propria and bacterium acnes And you’re also Suctioning out the bacteria itself in the meantime the light the broadband light is you going by a porphyrin? pathway and actually killing the bacteria so you’re kind of getting in a one-two punch without actual antibiotics you actually see the sebum that you’re Extracting is a reflecting system in there, so if we had a really up-close Camera you would actually see little white Material sebum material coming out so you see it most when we use the small handpiece on the nose And there’s actually kind of a very nice slow motion up close video from the company that Shows – in real-time that steve them being suctioned out of the port work does this work on all skin tones all ethnicities Yes, so one thing that’s nice about this light. Source is it’s actually safe in any skin type and all types of acne Well, I would say this is a reasonable device from mild to moderate acne It does have a handpiece that has a needle that you can use for for actual Cysts – and you can actually watch them being sucked out. It’s interesting that way, but it’s FDA approved for pustular for comedonal which are like the whitehead clogged pore type acne as Well as mild to moderate inflammatory acne of any type And I’ll show a few while you answer this we’re going to show a few before-and-afters But okay does it cause a lot of skin irritation or any irritation? so it often causes a little bit of redness that’s temporary and You can see this is actually a really good example You were actually asking me what you can see once you put the suction. There’s a little white kind of sebum That’s already extruding from the vacuum here of the device right here on her forehead dr. Bosher how many treatments so this is usually done as a series of four to six treatments one to two weeks apart And that’s where you get the best results not yet covered by many forms of insurance, but many doctors will charge anywhere upwards of $150 depending on what else they’re doing whether they’re adding in some chemical peels or doing any other adjunctive Treatment and that a lot of scarring after they heal and know so you can see she’s a little red She’s a little inflamed, and I’ve actually pretty much covered the face This little bit of redness is going to subside probably by the end of the day I would say some patients do flare and get worse before they get better What did you think vilena having had most didn’t treated it this way? What do you think I like it so far, but how hard at all nothing? Well in a good luck with those results dr. Batra. Thank you for sharing that with us You

25 thoughts on “New Acne Treatment Sucks out Zits?”

  1. Acne is really just because of diet that effects the hormones , imbalanced hormones caused by stress ….. also balanced love life would help

  2. I’m honestly so over all of these “miracle” products and devices companies come out with. There’s no cure to acne. All of these solutions are only temporary and not worth the money. Yes, accutane has worked miracles for some, but many patients experienced their acne eventually coming back.

  3. I'm an esthetician student and my classmate has acne. We started giving her laser treatments and so far, I've treated her skin 3 times out of 10 and the results are already showing. I strongly recommend laser!

  4. I used essential oils for my breakouts… There are tons of them that work great and it looks a lot easier than this nonsense.

  5. Rodan and Fields is great for treating Acne and skin issues. Search me up on Instagram at sirenesrodanandfields and I can answer any questions you have. We offer a money back guarantee money 💵 👍🏻👍🏻

  6. why don't i see more comments on the fact that Dr. Batra is such a hot, intelligent doctor.. she was smoothly, eloquently explaining all of the ins and outs of this technology while professionally using it on a patient…. I'm barely able to type and listen to her speak at the same time.

  7. Not gonna lie, if you can take proper measures to fight the side effects of accutane then accutane can keep your acne away for a lifetime.

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