Many of my patients often ask if there
is a way to prevent knee surgery? Sometimes these surgeries absolutely
necessary, but often people rushing the surgery when they don’t really need to. I’ve seen patients push back and even
prevent their knee surgeries even when their bone on bone just using
these technologies I want to show you now. Most people have
either twisted jammed or torn something in you knee at some point in their life. Over time the pain from the knee injury
goes away but its functions never truly the same. Eventually the malfunctioning joint
becomes hypermobile or sloppy and wears out on evenly. Then at that point the
pain and swelling returns and the joint slowly self-destructs. There are two kinds of arthritis you can
get your knee. One is osteoarthritis or degenerative
joint disease. This is caused by just wear and tear,
like an old injury catching up with you. The other kind is much more rare. The
other is an autoimmune arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic
arthritis. The way to tell them apart pretty easily is to check the
distribution of the arthritis. If it’s just didn’t kind of one or two
joints it’s probably wear and tear osteoarthritis. If it’s systematically
the same all over your body like, both knees hurt, both hands hurt, both wrists
hurt, then that’s much more likely an autoimmune arthritis. This is usually caused by a sensitivity
in their diet whether eating something they shouldn’t be eating. One of the more
common trauma and sports-related injuries is known as the unhappy triad. It consists of tearing the anterior
cruciate ligament the medial collateral ligament and the meniscus. If they’re completely torn you’re going
to need surgery but if they’re only partially torn there’s a lot of things
you can do to rehab and stabilize that joint and avoid costly surgery. if you want to manage your knee pain
naturally there are two areas you have to address; inflammation and
stabilization of the joint. there are some common supplements that
you probably know about that can help repair cartilage that’s been damaged.
Like chondroitin sulfate MSM and knee lubricating oils. One of the new
technologies that is amazing with inflammation are called cold quartz lasers.
You can either go to a doctor for that or you can actually buy your own. In
the article I linked below it does show you more about how lasers work and how
to get one if you want one. One of the most critical things you can
do any pain is to stabilize your feet. I’ve never seen a patient who has knee
pain that has good arches. Everyone I’ve ever treated had bad feet. I like this poster from foot levelers, it
really explains how bad feet affects the whole body; from the shoulder to the
pelvis, to the knees, and to the ankles. What you really need to take away of
this is if your arch drops it will usually cause pain on the same side and
the knee. If your knee pain is ultimately caused
by your bad arches, then you can do all the exercise, or get
all the chiropractic adjustments you want and its really never going to
stabilize. The bad foots just going to keep pulling the knee out of place I recommend getting foot leveler CRA
orthotics. They’re the best I’ve ever seen to take
care of knee problems in my practice. Usually have to have a doctor get this
for you, so just ask them for that. There are two main kinds of orthotics their
kind that make your feet feel good and there’s kinds that can correct
structural problems. so if you go to the store like you know
Walmart or whatever, and you’re buying those kind, those usually just make your
feet feel good but they don’t do much for structure. If you get the other kind those are
custom orthotics where you go to a doctor and have the made and those can
correct structure to put the arch back in your foot and realign your knee and
realign your spine. One important side note is you want to
stay away from ridgid orthotics. A lot of podiatrist will cast them out of plastic where they don’t move. The problem is
this might make your foot feel good but it drives all the force into your knee. You need a proper strike from heel all
the way to toe off and there needs to be flexibility and the orthotic so you want a flexible orthotic not a
rigid or you can develop even more knee problems. If you have really bad knees
say like bone on bone arthritis you want to look into something called
distraction what this is is is kind of a traction
unit that pulls the knee and opens and closes it. This allows nutrients to flow into the
synovial capsules and joints and can promote healing of the joint. If you’re
on a tight budget and can’t afford to go to a doctor for distraction, you can always get an ankle weight. Hang the
weight and rotate your knee around like a pendulum. Gravity will distract and open
the joint then alternate putting the weight on for about a minute and taking
it off for a minute. maybe do a set of 10. If you determine
that your arthritis is because of autoimmune issues then you really got to
handle that through your diet in the article i’ve linked below it will show
you the best anti inflammatory and plant-based diet I recommend. Just follow
that link. Since we’re talking about diet the same diet also works really
well for weight loss believe it or not just one pound of
extra weight causes of four fold impact on your knees. So if you calculate that out if I walked
a mile that would be an extra 4,800 pounds of
pressure I’m exerting into my knee joint just by
gaining one pound. So even losing just a little weight can
make a huge difference on your knees. Another useful method is to actually go
to a chiropractor and get your knee realigned and put back into place minor misalignments can really wreak
havoc on the knee. Chiropractors use various different techniques to address
that. Once you get your knee stabilized by the chiropractor, sometimes a brace is a good idea and
also exercise. Once the joint stable enough I find the rebounder especially this
brand the cellerciser, is very good at rehabbing sloppy knee joints. Be sure you get a quality rebounder the
cheap ones will pronate your feet and cause even more knee problems. If you
have a lot of nerve pain, tingling or numbness in your knee, This device is really excellent it’s called a rebuilder, and besides
being just a regular tens unit it has a bunch of other excellent
features it has an EMS pulse the tens unit but the most important is the 7.83
frequency which promotes nerve healing. If your nerves damaged it can
actually strengthen the nerve and help a lot with those symptoms. I hope this story helped give you some
new information on dealing with knee pain and remember you get much more
detailed information at the article below. Just click that link in the description
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         WHAT state you work out of ?  doctors are okay when they actually care about patient and not money . lol.

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  12. Truly enjoyed your video, a lot of work to do it. I am having a partial knee done in a few days. I can't wait for it to be done. I don't have arthritis but blood flow has stopped to the bone and it has died. I have to lose over 100+ lbs, which I had bariatric surgery to help me with. Though all of this has taken 2 + years to accomplished, it has saved my life losing so much weight. Also it foreced me to start a aquatic exercise program at my local YMCA and that has also totally helped me with my depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and my weight loss. I go 3 – 4 times a week. Being in the water and doing a exercise routine has been wonderful. I know that suggest this type of exercise post – knee surgery, once I heal enough to get back into the pool.

  13. I have rigid custom orthotics from my podiatrist to correct foot issues. I stopped wearing them and my knee started hurting. I assumed it was due to not wearing the orthotics. When I attempted to wear them, my knee pain was immediately exacerbated and my knee almost locked up. I could barely walk with them in. You have confirmed what I experienced yet my doctors thought odd.

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  19. Good to find a video with alot of integrity, am looking forward to increasing my knowledge base and helping others with pain management as an LMT and in decreasing my own pain levels as well. Thank You !

  20. Definitely a thumbs up. Haven't really tried anything yet but much of what you are prescribing is in line with my philosophy, esp. with respect to diet. For me, sugar makes my right leg light up like a Christmas tree and I wonder if I'm having a blood clot, seriously. I know how that feels because I had a bad one nine years ago. This past February, my wife and I were in the middle of a sugar fast and had finished over three weeks. I found myself in a location where it was the perfect time for a chocolate bismarck. I ate it and loved it. Three days later my right leg was so bad I had to get to a doctor and they actually thought I had sprained my MCL which I had not. There were other issues which I later found out about, but the point is that the sugar I ate (on an empty stomach) caused an episode of inflammation so bad it was scary. Just unreal how diet affects our joints, especially, and in my case also my lower back. And I love sugar!!! (but it HATES me…..). Thanks again for the great vid.

  21. Hi Dr. Tarrin, My name is Anthony Tosi. I tore my medial meniscus, and the orthopedic doctor that I saw said it would require surgery to remove the tear. Now I am wondering if the cold laser would help to heal the tear? Since the ortho said a tear will never heal to the cartilage, but I think otherwise, I cured my frozen right shoulder with Arnicare gel, the Arnica pellets, excersizes, and a TENS device bought at Walgreens, so why will I not be able to heal a cartilage tear? Can you please give me your input as to what homeopathic remedies and supplements would work to heal the tear?, I greatly appreciate this.

  22. My doctor assumed i have ocd cause i have a small ball moving in my knee. Can it be bursitis and not ocd. Can the inflammed bursa move in the knee or produce smth movable. Please answer i am concerned. I'm gonna make MRI on Monday. I have never had problems with my knee. This chronic pain that appers only when the ball goes in certain possitions started 2 months ago.

  23. Thank you, this is the best help I've found on my own after going to the Kaiser Permanente Clinic. I fell on top of my left patella at home, and you mentioned a plant-based diet! Yes, I've been rawfood vegan for 45 years, so I'm not on medications. I will do all you suggest, and wow! My feet are the flattest! Now I have some goals to work toward. Thanks so much!

  24. I like the plant-based diet! I've been vegan for years and hope this broken kneecap heals well not needing surgery. Then I will do something about these flat, flat feet! Thank you.

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  26. prevent surgery? the one way is using Canadian licensed product Arthron 5. This product helps you recovery before bone damaged. OA and RA will be recovered in months. Use it before bone damaged or beginning stage.

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  31. I have a severely pronated, flat right foot, and now in my later years, have developed pain in my right knee, usually along the right outer side.  I've been advised by an orthopedist to undergo a knee replacement even though my x-ray only described "mild arthritis," and my foot condition is not taken into consideration.  You are the first doctor to suggest there is a connection between the two, which I've always known!  Now I feel hopeful of getting a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.  I'm saving your name and video for future reference.

  32. I don't know if you are still replying to comments… But I have a bleeding joint, my knee would get swollen quite often without any reason and filled up with blood,I've had it drained like 6 times already, MRI and xtray does not show any injury or damages, dr want to shave off tissues to stop bleeding, but I don't know what to do, I'm not overweight and not too active either,I'm just a busy mom of twins

  33. Coincidentally, 7,83Hz is the Schumann resonance frequency of the Earth. It's actually no coincidence at all and only natural it would promote nerve healing… It would've been more of a coincidence if it didn't

  34. What if you have a bone-on-bone knee, but pain really isn't much of a problem ? But swelling is a problem, and so is stability {sometimes} and issues like being unable to squat, or walk very much, or do certain exercises because of the knee ? If you want to avoid surgery, what on earth can you do about "bone on bone" itself, forget "pain" since there isn't much pain going on.

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  36. I used to compete in Olympic weightlifting. As you can imagine, massive load to the knees.
    Distraction does help.
    I use an inversion table and it helps my knees

  37. I have been using boswellia extract since my diagnoses of osteoarthritis in June. I had another x-ray in July and saw improvement. It's September now and I have very little discomfort.

  38. Being overweight can turn your entire world upside down! No more suffering from knee pain, even if you are overweight. Try out these easy to do exercises for a quick relief.

  39. I cracked my knee once had the sound after that I felt it better. It has been contracted some points there.if we bring a heavy stuff that is easy make our knee the time later knee have problems. That is my experience case.before when I turned 17 age I brought a cement bag about 50 kg on my shoulder go up four of floors a lot of times for construction works.i was 16 ,17 I made money to support my stuff and clothes. Mom just helped food daily. At that time we were so poor.

  40. Your body does not grow cartilage so if your knee is bone on bone it must be replaced only way to fix it

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