I’m doctor Kendra Pearson at Northland
Physical Medicine and we are doing in new procedure to
eliminate headaches, headaches are not normal and that’s pain, your body is telling you
that something is wrong it is not normal up with headaches
everyday. We can do a nerve block to block that pain and this is for patients that have tried
everything that are and forced to be on medication for life and this treatment is able
to reduce and or even eliminate medications
that they’re on you will explain everything to me is
just a squirt in the nose already it made a big difference you
know this on everything you know this to a better
mood you know just from not hurting all the time. We will be administering a numbing agent to
that Nerve and using this device that takes
anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds an application he do a series of treatments
and so that nervous completely blocked so that the patient feeling no pain you
can have immediate results even after the first treatment. I would recommend it for anybody to try.

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