hi everybody its Nancy Queen from nobleknits and today I’m going to show you how this mysterious tool can help keep
you from having dropped stitches on your circular needles when you put them down
come back to them it’s a great little tool stay with me
and I’m going to show you how to use it has this problem ever happened to you
set down your circular knitting put it in your knitting bag and you come back
to it to find that you’ve dropped stitches well that happens to me way too
often so there’s a new tool to help with that what I tend to do is I just push
the needles back push the knitting back from my needles and slide it in my tote
or bag and pray that it comes out okay but in this case it didn’t so there’s
this new tool called the knitters pride circular needle protectors and they
don’t look like much but they work wonders you get three tubes in the set
and I like the colors the bright neon easy to find in your bag and they have a
silicon topper on the end and you can see there’s a little slit here at the
end of it and that’s where you’ll put your needles so put these aside and get
out some knitting here that I’m working on that’s not containing any dropped
stitches and when you’re done knitting you slide it back like this so that
you’re back to the cable and then you just insert the needles into that little
slit and you want to make sure to push them all the way up to the cable like
that so that they’re not going to go anywhere and that’s it your knitting is
protected until you come back to it again and those again are the knitters
pride circular needle protectors you get a set of three and they fit up to a size
nine needle thanks again and is Nancy queen from noble knits have a
great day

3 thoughts on “No More Dropped Stitches | Knitter’s Pride Circular Needle Protectors”

  1. Do you have the problem I do? When I stop knitting before completing a row and push my knitting back the way you just did it, dividing both sides, (just before you inserted the protectors on the video), it seems that if I resume knitting without carefully rearranging those last few stitches they look a little distorted on the next knitted row.

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