today it’s the return of the dog line hi
guys so here I am back with Carmelina some of you might recognize her from one
of our previous videos so Carmelina is 51 now I know some of you people out who
wanted to know how old the models were so there we are and why don’t you tell
us a little bit about which areas it is that you’re looking to improve well
basically my dog lines as I call them now and now that you call them that as
well I did yeah yeah and my when my eyebrows are in between there I’ve got a
few wrinkles there and my lips of course uh-huh which I loved last time with you
and my tear troughs uh-huh I really enjoyed that last time we did it last
time we did some treatment underneath the eye didn’t we
yes it is a bit of PRP there yeah we seem to work really well looking at the
before and afters and that was just one session I know so you know no no I’m
doing it in the clinic we do three sessions so that was brilliant
yeah um and then in terms of the lip mm-hmm tell me about that is it more for
vertical line yes okay yeah I do like because I tend to find that I have got
the little lines with the age yeah with the dog lines they seem to be lines yeah
so yeah I’d like to get rid of those and you know feel a bit more youthful have
you seen your video yes watch it last time I was like oh wow it was a bit of a
shock to the system whenever realized but yeah I did like the the after effect
did anybody notice yes a lot of people noticed they were like wow it’s not a
great big shock to the system but it was nice it was just like oh wow yeah what
have you done yeah and yeah I guess that’s what you weren’t really yeah I
was really pleased with your result I thought lovely yeah skin look really
nice yeah laughter word and that’s what I
found that that as well as the what was it the yeah oh the Profhilo oh yes from
moisturizer I did like that as well yeah I’ve got to say they look good look at
really good so let me just get the iPad okay it was this area here wasn’t it
yeah I think your skin is probably good enough now to be able to put a bit of
filler in there maybe I’ll bet you could I can always overlay that with a bit of
PRP is around okay these are easy to treat yeah but why not
I mean you can always make an improvement well I think for you most of
the action actually is when you’re smiling so I’m just gonna grab a picture
of you smiling are you you can see a lot more of those lines though yeah
definitely but did it what’s so great actually about you though is when you’re
smiling your face goes into much more of a v-shape like this mmm-hmm which means
that you’re pretty easy to treat when it comes to using fillers so some people
when they smile they don’t look better some people blossom when they smile but
I do and then that means it’s quite easy to treat you so the reason behind that
is because when we do dermal filler injections we tend to focus quite a lot
in this area here and here to restore volume so when somebody’s smiling it’s
kind of mimicking what they would look like if they had dermal filler
injections so if somebody looks better when they’re smiling you know that when
you do the filler it’s gonna look good if they look worse when they’re smiley
now that’s much more of a challenge uh-huh but you’re not okay thank you so
um I do think yeah we can pop a little bit more in there as well yeah
they’re definitely not as bad as they were know the first time around they
were like really yeah in there yeah they were definitely in there but now I do
and then I was kind of thinking as well maybe the neck yeah for these little
lines here might be quite nice but could maybe do something there if skin
tightening treatment from the side as well can I just say as well as that when
you’re actually putting makeup on it does it’s much easier as well it’s
easier yeah it doesn’t actually sit so this here I’m a bit of a jowl I think if
we do some more injections back here and then in this sort of area here that
should give you some lifting and hopefully straightening that out as much
as possible so if this bit of jowling is still there when we’ve done the rest
of the treatment maybe if you came back a third time we could even look at doing
some fat dissolving injections in there definitely quite nice but there’s
everything to play for okay yeah that sounds really yeah highly
excellent so do you have any concerns about the treatment I know you’ve done
that before mm-hmm so is anything that you’re thinking oh we’ve been worried
about that the bruising mm-hmm that’s the only thing was a bad last time where
did you bruise around my eyes mm-hmm but I mean it wasn’t for long because thank
God for makeup yeah I mean the results after its that it’s worth it but I was a
bit you know yeah well we always say you know no alcohol for a couple of days
beforehand stay off the aspirin and ibuprofen if you take garlic or Ginko
or vitaminy supplements and lay off them as well if you can okay and but I’m sure
you did all those things before often actually you find the second time that
somebody does a treatment their bruising isn’t as bad
because the skins a bit thicker so you might not find it’s quite as bad as it
was before okay that’s good okay so let’s go ahead and do it so we’re gonna
start with the classics that is of course botulinum toxin – the glabella
the forehead the body lines DAO the crow’s feet and the men tailors chop
chop chop chop chop we’re switching over now to using Juvederm 4 and I’m
injecting one mil per side in the temples Juvederm Volux now which
some of you guys might not have because it’s relatively new over here they
definitely won’t have it in the States at this point and I’m using that in the
cheek area along the cheekbone one mil per side the Juvederm vol looks gained
for the angle of the jaw we’re doing that with a cannula one mil per side now
we’re going to be doing the underside of the chin and we’re using half a mil per
side of the Juvederm Volux and up until this point we have used 7 mils of
product I’m using Juvederm voluma now half a mil per side by doing very very
small tiny injection points in front of the ear and that’s for lifting now
Juvederm Vall looks half a mil per side in each front part of the cheek this is
for a bit more projection here and then Juvederm Volux looks again half a mil
per side in what she affectionately calls her dog lines and we’re taking
that all the way from the end of the line up into the base of the nose
now using Juvederm voluma actually in the marionette line half a mil per side
we’re treating the whole length of the marionette line up until now we’ve used
11 mils of product how high can we go I’ve weirdly switched over to restylane
finesse for the eyebrow and I’m doing half a mil per side because why not and
then using Juvederm Volite in the necklace lines this is a hydrating
product it’s not really a filler as such I guess you could call it
skin booster or part of the injectable glow treatment now I’m using restylane
half a mil in the lip just doing the border of the upper and lower lip and I
personally like to just treat the lower middle third quite often rather than
doing the whole of the lower lip because sometimes that can make it look a little
bit like a slug now we’re using redensity 2 this time with a needle
underneath the eye and I had a little bit left over so I’m just popping it
into fine lines around her mouth now and we’ve used a total of fourteen point
five mils of filler the last treatment we’re going to do for Carmelina today is
some PRP under the eyes as you know personally I like to just take the PRP
and inject the vast majority of it in the area that I’m treating that’s what
we’ve done right here okay guys here we are back today with Carmelina hi nice to
see you back thank you looking lovely so tell me how did it go
perfect I mean I’m I’m loving it so much I mean I’m actually applying my makeup
on it actually just it’s just so much easier yeah and like yeah it’s just
amazing you look stunning I have to say I’m really pleased really
pleased was there anything in particular that you thought oh yeah that treatment
was amazing for me the under the eyes this area here even applying my makeup
actually just sits better and well at the top here and there isn’t anything
that I don’t like about it everything just went well yeah and my lips I’ve had
so many compliments yeah and like I just I know but I actually felt that my lips
were like as soon as I had them done it was just like everyone goes wow your
lips okay yeah everyone was like your lips okay yeah tell us about the
downtime be honest about the downtime will you
throw in brews – swollen I must say for about a week
but after like the day after yeah of course you’re gonna get the swelling
away but it slowly but very fast went down the the third the fourth day I
wasn’t bruised as much but no I just so we’ve had you on the channel before and
do you think that there was less swelling and bruising this time or was
it about the same there is no right or wrong answer no no I think the first
time I did have more bruising yeah but the second time round no I can
actually count a one like just two little bruising both times and it I
think that’s because when people have treatment it kind of improves your
collagen in that area so think about as you get older and older people are more
prone for if they bruise the blood will kind of seep out into the surrounding
tissues because the skin is not very strong but when you have fillers it
makes your skin a little bit stronger so even if you do get a small bruise it
doesn’t turn into a massive shiner or anything like that the more that you
have treatment so that’s why I was just asking about her experience there so is
there anything that you would like totally keep up and keep doing definitely the dog lines and horse okay
and there’s no more there now and the forehead and yeah definitely under the
eyes that makes a big difference yeah and you’re the filler here was well yeah
everything you must have got some comments cuz you don’t look really good
oh yeah I it does I mean the week after I went to a wedding and everyone’s like
wow and that’s all I can say is with a big capital W it was just wow wow and
they go it you just look amazing yeah you’re saying it now okay guys
thanks so much for watching the video and thank you so much for coming back in
you pleasure to have you back so if you do have any comments questions anything
like that let us know in the down section below and I will see you guys in
a couple of weeks see you later bye you

19 thoughts on “Non-surgical Filler Treatment with PRP & Injectable Moisturiser – Laugh Lines, Tear-trough & Lips”

  1. She looks wonderful.  Incidentally, I love her hair style it is perfect for her face and personality.  Sarah, your hair color is perfect as well.  I really enjoy watching you work, you are so professional, seem to help your patients feel so very relaxed.  That all said you also know exactly what you are doing and, to me, seems to be the work of a very talented artist.  Best to you…

  2. Brilliant job Dr. Sarah especially the front part of the cheeks and jowl area. I have a similar jawline and my doctor has suggested threads instead of filler in that area, can I ask you what do you think? Thanks

  3. Is there any reason someone wouldn't choose a more permanent procedure for this level of treatment? Based on our costs in Canada – that's a $10 000 treatment that will last a few months (Botox) to a year. I just can't wrap my head around it.

  4. Fantastic result! Another TLC success 🙌🏼👩🏼‍⚕️👨🏼‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️

  5. Wow…..Money no object id get it all…have botox skin hydrate & lip filler now trying cheeks which all helps, but seeing the results here! Fabulous work!!

  6. i am american and thinking of coming to the UK for reasons completely unrelated to your clinic. however, i am always kicking around the idea of making an appointment to your clinic a day or two before i leave. the UK has so many more options available for fillers compared to USA and you're obviously good at what you do. are there any issues doing what you did here on someone else if you knew he or she was flying 10+ hours and leaving the country a couple days later?

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