(electronic chime music)>>Yank it back. (laughter) As you can see from my
yard, I love my flowers. These are my calibrachoas, I
talk to ’em every day, too. My husband takes all these
planters and adds Miracle Gro to ’em, and then he
fills the planters for me and then I plant them
myself, because I love it. (laughter) I love it. I was out here weeding one day, and I started falling
backwards and I couldn’t stop. One of the worst things is
watchin’ my body deteriorate. I couldn’t find a diagnosis.>>I was real frustrated
for the whole thing, for about 18 months there,
we just went from one doctor to another, and you know, they
would tell you things like, “It’s just because you’re gettin’ older.” And, I’ve known her almost 40 years, and I knew better’n that.>>At this point, I had
lost so many abilities, and I was getting slower
and slower in my walk. I noticed for the first
time, there was a change in my bladder control,
like having to go more. So, when Mrs. Wright came
to us, she had all three cardinal features of Normal
Pressure Hydrocephalus. She had balance problems, she
had difficulty controlling her bladder, and she was
starting to have memory problems.>>I’ve looked at it like
this, finally somebody knows what I’m talkin’ about,
and I had enough faith in what they were sayin’ to
me, that it’s my only hope and I gotta go for it.>>Once we got into Dr.
Moghekar’s office and I talked to him, and I knew right
then, that they were gonna take care of the problem. That was a big relief factor, right there.>>These three symptoms are very common in the general population. And, even a combination of these symptoms is not unusual. But, when you have these
combination of these symptoms with big ventricles, or
excess CSF in the brain, that should raise your
suspicion, that this could be Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.>>When a person’s
hydrocephalus and fluid builds in the head, we can drain
it, with essentially, a tube that goes from the fluid
spaces, in the ventricles in the brain, into the abdomen, the area around the intestines, which
can absorb fluid quite easily.>>I have a shunt in my head
and it has a little gauge here. And, they check it every time. The first time it was set at 2.15. And, here it is, right there.
>>Yeah.>>There are a system of valves,
which have certain amount of resistance, and open
under only certain pressures. And, those allow some fluid
to be kept in, and draining, in a sense, the overflow.>>And, that’s the right setting, 2.0. Patients with hydrocephalus should come to the Johns Hopkins
Center for CSF disorders for two main reasons, a
comprehensive assessment and a rigorous follow-up. Let’s see a couple of more
things on your balance. Let’s step down. Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall.>>Okay.
>>Perfect. We don’t just put a shunt
in and say, “Adios.” We actually see them every
six months, initially, and as long as they’re doing
well, once a year at least, to ensure that the shunt is doing well.>>I started rehab and I
went three days a week, from then on. I didn’t think I could do it, but I did. These are my lap pull-downs. And, that resistance training, that’s 18.5, and normally, again I try to shoot for 15, when I do ’em, the reps. There was so much I had lost. And, I went through this physical therapy, in every aspect it was
gettin’ me stronger, and stronger, and stronger. When you go through somethin’ like this, you’re whole attitude
changes, and if if doesn’t somethin’s wrong. You learn to appreciate so much more.>>She is energetic, full of life, a woman with a very positive
attitude towards life. And, that’s helped her
deal with all the things that she’s faced.>>All right, every day. (laughter) And, I just want those up like that, and it’s done. Dr. Moghekar, he’s very caring,
and I think he’s guided me through this whole thing. And, I just, I really
like him a lot. (laughter) Thank you, again.>>Well I’m, I’m so happy for you.>>Me too. (soft piano music)

10 thoughts on “Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus | Patricia’s Story”

  1. Is the loss of balance, memory problems and bladder issues a process of aging. I am 82 and lose my balance when walking and I also lose short term memory. Can the operation that this lady has helps me to regain my balance?

  2. You would need an MRI to determine things first and then they'll check your cerebrospinal fluid. Find a neurologist. Good luck.

  3. I HAVE ALL THE SAME SYMPTOMS. My Neurologist is calling it Parkinsonism. But I'd would like a second opinion please!

  4. My 73 yo mom was just diagnosed with this. It’s been a very eye opening experience. The incontinence, dementia-like symptoms, etc.

  5. I'm 11 and I have communicating hydrocephalus. I had a pressure moneter in 2014 and a fluid drain the same year. I was in hospital for 3 months and they didnt shunt me because I had a high chance of having a hemrage. Now I still have headache and I will hopefully have a shunt.

  6. I was diagnosed with NPH in October 2018 this was something that I actually started developing symptoms back in the year 2000 initially thinking I had early onset Parkinson's….Just waiting for my surgery date to go to have the shunt installed I've had two lumbar punctures so far and concluded I have NPH.

  7. 25 years ago my mother was diagnosed for Parkinson's and treated for that for 5 years until her Neurologists recognized that no level of eldopa seemed to make any difference. She received the shunt and a day later was cured.

  8. My father was diagnosed with this and we went through so much trying to get someone to listen. It’s amazing to me (I was a nurse) how much the medical community won’t listen to patients or their family. They constantly try to use dementia an umbrella diagnosis that holds the elderly back and down. That’s wrong. I am ecstatic that my father has a better primary physician that the neurologist she was referred to. The neurologist would not listen. He just wrote down whatever and went on to the next patient. This was in Oklahoma. We are going for a follow up and to get a better neurologist. We could use prayers on this that we actually get one that listens after 5 years of the run a round.

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