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  1. I was diagnosed at 21. I am 27 and I have pain on my right side everyday. On top of this I have a bladder condition called interstitial cystitis.

  2. I think doctors have a bias towards believing women when they say they’re in pain. People in general tend to think women are just emotional and/or wusses. So they usually just think we’re exaggerating when we tell them our symptoms.

  3. It took 10 years for me to get a diagnosis via surgery. 10 years of excruciating, debilitating, non-stop pain. And then my pain continued after excision surgery; so I was bamboozled into doing 6 months of Lupron, which is an FDA cleared poison that should be illegal (fun fact: Lupron was only FDA approved to treat stage 4 terminal prostate cancer in MEN).

    Lupron ruined me, my life, my marriage, my everything. It changed me permanently, and I'll never be the same. It even gave me a prolactinoma, which is a brain tumor on my pituitary gland- confirmed by my neurosurgeons and endocrinologist to be a direct result of Lupron. This disease has taken everything from me- and left only pain and destruction in my life.

    Lupron caused me to have such bad depression that I nearly killed myself. But then I found my hope in the darkness: pelvic floor physical therapy. If you have endometriosis, get into a pelvic therapist right away! It will change your life only for the better, and in a monumental way. Pelvic physical therapy is the ONLY thing that takes the majority of my pain away, and they teach you techniques to do at home to keep it away.

    To all my suffering sisters:

    -Demand action
    -Find an excision specialist (check out EndoFound.com for their list of qualified excision surgeons and other incredible info)
    -Always say NO TO LUPRON!!!!
    -Start seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist
    -Eat a clean, healthy diet (lookup the Endo diet) and exercise as much as you can tolerate

    Never stop seeking and demanding answers and action. It's up to us. Don't suffer in silence. You are not alone. You are loved. And you don't deserve to live in pain. We are worth more.

    Fight back. ?❤?

  4. My endometriosis symptoms were: cistitis like symptoms very often, like every 2-3 months, bleeding when sexual contact. For 2 years was treated for cistitis until I refused to believe it so I was finally suggested to see the gyno. The gyno only with these 2 symptoms said she thought I had the endometriosis but required a laparoscopia. At my first laparoscopic -2 days after seeing the gyno-test was found around 5 locations of the endometriosis on the uterus and ovaries. No pain until years after the diagnosis, endometriosis must have developed somewhere around the colon. But the pill stopped the pain. The pill works for me.

  5. I had severe endrmendreos massive pain
    Wasn't diagnosed until I had a cyst blow
    15 years after cycles started I did not know what was a normal cycle

  6. I used to vomit and pass out with the pain and after 4 surgeries I still ended up infertile, but now the mother of a beautiful daughter after adopting.
    Endometriosis was never heard of here in Ireland so I got on the web and discovered myself what the problem was.

  7. If you have endo and you want kids, consider going on pills to keep it from worsening. I had stage 4, and I needed a lot of help to get pregnant.

  8. Oh yes they're on point I have this condition. Painful periods, bowel symptoms & infertility & all the others mentioned in this video. It makes you sick for a week or 2, literally you feel like you can't function daily & in alot of pain & discomfort sometimes. I did the surgery, injection treatment & birth control. As long as you have ovaries it comes back because the estrogen is to high.

  9. It's because they don't care. It makes no sense for gynecologists to be so careless. That is your one job. And if you are a black woman, it is worse. They care less.

  10. I know my own doctor who said it’s all in my head
    And said I need stress less drink more water

    I have been suffering for many years!
    I’m thinking of doing eastern medicine the

    Chinese know how to cure this

  11. I have Endometriosis on my uterus. I have all these symptoms, I will be having a hysterectomy in October 9. My OBGYN is amazing! She also recommended birth control pills to help with the pain and bleeding, or removing the uterus. I chose surgery! The pain is unbearable and it used to be only with my periods, now it’s constant with or without periods. My uterus is full of it.

    I’ve read endometriosis can spread to the lungs, but I don’t know much about it.

  12. I have the same problem painful periods since I started my menstruation unless I take pain medication and nausea ??? I need help

  13. How can you be a nurse and have never heard of endometriosis? Sorry, this is a very common disease. They teach this in Patho & OB class in nursing school. ?

  14. My endometriosis went undiagnosed for about 4 or 5 years it end up developing into stage 3 cancer I had to have a full hysterectomy at the age of 28 with no children It was hard but it was my new reality.

  15. YUP! Had ALL those symptoms and NOT one doctor could figure it out. It took until my third baby for them to figure it out after seeing something but dismissed as a cyst…once they finally figured out what it was they were shocked that i had multiple pregnancy

  16. Going through this right now. I use a TENS machine to help with the pain. My pain comes on strong and leaves but it comes right back with a vengence so I keep using my tens machine, I used to use a water bottle. I can feel the pain in my lower abdomen and deep inside of my butt which is the worst pain ever, there's also rectovaginal endometriosis. I mainly have this horrible pain 11 to 10 days before my period and the closer I get to menstruation the worse my pain gets but the pain stops once I have my period but my periods are very dark and heavy and draining. If I hold my pee or have to poop the pain is excruciating. I've been going through this since 24 and now I'm 29. I honestly sometimes want to get a hysterectomy but they don't give hysterectomies to women with no children including those like me who don't even desire to be a mother.

  17. They dont profit off a diagnosis, they profit off prescriptions. "Your hurt? Here have birth control and get a refill each month" cha-ching

  18. I feel like these days most doctors don't seem to care. I've only had one Doctor In my lifetime that would go above and beyond for her patients and sadly she moved. I remember I was having tremendous pain and swelling in my throat 2016. I couldn't talk for long, my voice would disappear which lead me to get fired from my call center job. I went to an ent dr, but he kept telling me nothing was wrong. I kept going back n he got irritated with me. I found another ent and he told me I have tonsillitis. I had to have my tonsils removed, and I feel so much better. Now I'm going through tremendous physical pain and I don't know why. No one can give me an answer, and they don't even bother to check the root of the problem.

  19. I just turned 18y/o I have endometriosis and polycystic ovary and it is very hard. My journey is really hard I have to get some morphine injection at the hospital almost every month and the worst thing is that I now a fulltime college student and I really don't know how am I gonna go through that.

  20. I too was diagnosed many yrs later but I refused to take birth control and surgery so I switched to a raw plant based diet and I am doing a lot better lesser pain and lighter periods with shorter duration. I am due to a healing detox soon soo I can't wait to do all by health checks after the detox…

  21. I experienced the same problem and dealt with it for over 10 years of the same things. My doctor told me that she didn’t believe me after I had been seen by her for over a year and that she didn’t experience it every month & she wouldn’t do my hysterectomy. I got a second opinion and they told me what was wrong with me & they did my hysterectomy. I had fibroids and another form of endometriosis. My uterus was 6.6 oz in weight. Six times the size of a normal uterus.

  22. prayed about it, I dreamed that we should eat vegetables , cook them so there is nutrients still left. So steam ur vegetables , eat more plant based , cut out dairy . Eat warming foods, such as ginger juices , and spices , lower the gluten intake. Have a hot water bottle with you each month, relax in bed. Rub essential oil sage on ur pelvic area. Listen to soothing gospel music or whatever music u like. Cut out the vegetable oils . Have olive oil instead. Drink more water and have multivitamins that are food based. Hope this helps someone.

    You have to change ur diet , the things you sure to wash ur hair and shower ect, all full of parabens EDT , BHT ect look it up

  23. I think that’s what I’m suffering from. Since my menstrual started at age 12 I get crucial pain, body over heats, and throwing up before period comes and during. 26 now and still dealing w. It

  24. As a nurse myself I don’t understand why she did not know about this diagnosis. As a nurse you work with so many doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistance, registered nurses LVN’s and medical assistant. When we get sick We go to our colleagues and coworkers for advice on any kind of pain we have. We also get to know how to cut corners and know how the system works to be able to book an appointment as soon as possible and also be referred out to the correct specialist for a full evaluation. It would have been best for them not to mention that she’s a nurse.

  25. In my experience, I find that sometimes having a male obgyn can be better because they will run a battery of tests to find out where the symptoms are coming from. They ask more questions and try to get more information because although they study women's bodies they have no predisposition about what a woman is going through. Women obgyn's sometimes dismiss things because they are women themselves and think they know what's going on. You have to really push women for more diagnostics.

  26. Endometriosis is getting a lot of recognition now which is good but what about PCOS? Similar symptoms painful periods, infertility, bloating, weight gain, high testosterone levels, acne and so much more.

  27. Male doctors will never understand a womans pain unless they have a uterus. A woman doctor who is supposed to understand and she tells you that you're faking it is something that makes me extremelyangry, I went through 5 doctors who ignored my pain I basically self diagnosed myself

  28. I was just diagnosed this week with stage IV endometriosis after doing exploratory laparoscopy. I only saw OB/GYN specialist because I had infertility problems. If I didn't have surgery, I would have never known and I am a nurse also. Crazy! But so true!!

  29. Black women if a dr denies you treatment then ask them to record it on your health records and then report them. Im sure they will do something about it then.

  30. 100% PURE BLACK SEED OIL has helped me no more throw up no severe pain not sluggish!! It took about 3 to 4 weeks to work so around my second cycle I noticed a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!

  31. Its funny how Jenneh is the one who suffered and had the disease but yet spoke the least. Lets start letting the patient speak more, its their body. The doctor can only speak from her text book and what she seen clinically but yet we have a patient who went through it. I think Jenneh should have been the one to speak on signs and symptoms, its HER diagnosis.

  32. I suffered. Then I was told that cows get endometriosis too. Farmers gave them selenium supplements. I started taking it along with vitamin c and vitamin e. I then discovered that Brazil nuts are a fantastic source if selenium. I ate few daily with an orange. It helped me greatly. I hope this helps someone. Don't give up. God has the healing power.

  33. Hi ladies, stop unnatural birth control, eat raw or healthy, cut back on over processed starches, regular exercise/increased oxygen, water. Watch symptoms GO AWAY.

  34. I have this condition. Started one good day after i playing netball. In the night i woke up to this sharp pain that i couldn't walk to the bathroom that was a minute away from my bed. I thought my c-section wound of over 7yrs was torn.. Pain comes and goes monthly mostly around periods week. This week its when my Gynecologist said it was this endometriosis. Praying for healing….

  35. I am happy to finally see more coverage on this subject. I had extremely painful endometriosis that started at age 11. I begged doctors to give me a hysterectomy at 19 and no one would do it because I didn't have children. I tried to have children with my husband and in the end we were divorced bc I couldn't bare his children. I finally put up a go fund me at the age of 32 to just pay out right for my hysterectomy and I am so happy to say I am 80% pain free. I realize now that a hysterectomy isn't a cure since I still get reoccurring cysts that burst, however that beats what my life once was. I wish the best to anyone struggling with this awful pain. Just know you are not alone.?

  36. Um…its not uterus disorder. Ya it can infect the uterus but can infect the lungs and even the eyes. Men who have been exposed to estrogen containing chemicals have also developed endometriosis in the area that was exposed to the chemical (usually hands or lungs). Estrogen feeds this growth which is why mainly women get it (12% of all women), mainly near the ovaries which create estrogen.

  37. It took 9 years for my diagnosis to be done & still on the journey, in Kenya many doctors, medical practitioners have no idea how to even deal with a patient.

  38. What I dont like is the lies the doctor tells you. That you will live a normal and pain free life that is not true the endometriosis will always come back

  39. We should be asking why this is happening in this day and age, With the advancements in medicine and technology? This all part of Depopulation!! ?

  40. I have been reading the comments here and no one is able to see they are deliberately sterilizing us by design through food. HORMONE disruptors, and Chemicals that stimulate tissue growth in the body from the food we eat. Virtually all food products are SOY based. Soy causes an increase of the female hormone estrogen which then causes an over growth of tissue especially in the reproductive organs in women thus resulting in many of getting hysterectomies or becoming sterile. Jesus protect us!

  41. I dealt with the pain for 5 years, all doctors gave me pain medicine. Finally had a wonderful doctor in San Bernardino and she suggested total hysterectomy due to failed birth control to treat it. I had the surgery to scrap it off but it came back 1 year later. Finally had the total hysterectomy and even though I’m going through menopause at 35 my pain is gone!!!!! Now I just do pellet hormone therapy and I’m very happy with my decision. The pain I dealt with was unbearable !!! Doctors need to do more research on this.

  42. I’ve had endometriosis for a while now. I have had 3 laparoscopy surgeries so far. 14’, 16’ and 18’. The pain stays always for about a year and then comes back worse than before. It has blocked both of my tubes so the doctor says I need IVF to conceive. The way she said my tubes are blocked I looked it up and it’s the easiest to unblock so I think they’re just trying to get me to get IVF. They offer me birth control but I don’t want to take a man made hormone to try to fix my out of wack hormones.

  43. I've been going through this 4 the time I've ever remember having first period I've been attending docs yrs about it and they still throbbing me off n a few friends in London has been going through this this effects your life including work life

  44. Wow so ive seen diagrams but i thought the uterus was just swelling extremely, i didnt think it could be cut off in a healthy way to still allow normal womenly cycles, so its like cysts or growths? Ive seen a webbed looking tissue on the diagrams as well as yellow circles that i thought were supposed to be cysts

  45. Listen, I have this menace. I was on everything, depo, birth control, lupron. NOTHING WORKED. I am beginning Orillisa tomorrow, fingers crossed.

  46. Thank you for your amazing video and sharing with the world your fears and pain . Two months ago i did a ct scan and was told i have fibroids including polyps now 3 months later im in sever pain lower back including lower right n left ovary areas…. i did go into the e.r. and was told after a pelvic and tv ultrasound that i do have fibroids n polyps for sure they r small but they dont cause pain… a nice nurse walked in and said i think you have endometriosis ! So it made more sense as to why all this pain but i dont understand why if i do have endometriosis i feel all this new pain ? And why my obgyn hasnt told me my uterine lining is slightly thick for the last 2 years im at 15mm … 37 years old . Most doctors base your well bieng on your type of insurance . And now that i pay cash to visit a oncoligst im bieng well taken care of . Im in so much pain . I tried cbd oil its only helping me relax but not helping the pains in my back…the bloating ..the cramping .. my oncoligst says a surgery for hysteroscopy and d and c is required but no rush . Tomorrow i have a sonohysterography to be preformed on me and thats where the doctor goes into the uterus with saline and checks the uterus to se more of whats going on. .. please a kindly ask for more advice of what your doctor did exactly and more ideas to share .. im in so much pain right now its scary and this is all new to me. Thank you. Pleaae reply back if you can

  47. I was able to mange my endo with diet and exercise! I was able to conceive a year later and now have a healthy 5 year old. I did research on what foods to stay away from and what to eat more of.

  48. My endometriosis took me to the point to lose one of my ovaries. I went several times to see doctors but they said it was just my period. I said to my ast doctor the following and that was when my deep checks started " please don't tell me it is normal to change your pad almost 10 times or more during the day or it is normal to feel a pain it doesn't go away with pills".

  49. Brave, beautiful nurse Jenneh . I hope she gets better. Blessings to her, and to anyone suffering this terrible disease.

  50. Absolutely my symptoms were all written off as IBS for 20+ years. Nausea. Constipation. Diarrhea. Pain. Bloating.

  51. Finally a beautiful Awareness Shirt!!!! I got one!
    Why was there so far only ugly? I have waited so long. https://www.amazon.com/Womens-Endometriosis-Awareness-V-Neck-T-Shirt/dp/B07YYXGLFC/ref=sr_1_142?crid=36PJ0LKK47XZH&dchild=1&keywords=endometriosis+awareness&psc=1&qid=1572706272&sprefix=Endometriosis+%2Caps%2C727&sr=8-142

  52. November 14th I found out I have this to and I’m only 18 I want to find a to get rid of this pain I can’t even live my life as I want to because of this pain I had this pain since May 2019 and I can’t even take it anymore

  53. Hey Queens, how are you? I want to inform you that so many of our menstrual issues like heavy cramping & heavy bleeding are caused by the pads were wearing which are made out of bleached paper plastic & other harmful materials that create toxins in the body leading to serious problems overtime if you know of someone suffering from a heavy flow and/or painful cramping please watch this video we may have a solution?

    one share can change someone's live ❤️


  54. God Bless you Jenna
    I cried along with you..my cramps/chronic pain is so bad I definitely the if this is what my life is going to be then I dont want to live

  55. I have been suffering since middle school. I vomit and have diarrhea at the same time. I can’t eat food and cannot keep fluids down. I basically live in the bathroom and scream all day. It is very embarrassing because nobody understands what causes pain every month for me to scream. So I suffer in silence until I live with my boyfriend he is so shocked every month at my pain he even asked if he can drive me to the hospital. When I was in middle school I asked my doctor what can we do and all she said was she can prescribe me painkillers. I gave up since then but now I realize something really must be wrong because I still have not met anyone with this pain like me. I will try to see another doctor until I get taken seriously

  56. Wow. No one knows the pain we go through. We are Endo Warriors. It took a year for me to be diagnose. I found me a new OBGYN and all I can say is I thank God for her. She gave me hope I’m now getting back to my regular life. I am a ENDO WARRIOR ????

  57. Unbelievable. Ladies, we need to learn our own bodies and not put so much trust in conventional doctors and medicine who care nothing about our health and wellbeing.

  58. This pain is unbearable I have suffering with this pain for over 6 years. Have been to many doctors and have not been given anything but birth control which i refuse to take.

  59. Stage IV Endometriosis Mom Here! This interview is so powerful! For the ladies in the comments that think that there is no hope to living without pain, there is! If you doctor is not taking your pain seriously, find a specialist! Also, the right vitamins can truly relieve you of pain! I recently did a video sharing the ones I use. Just know you can fight this!!

  60. It’s very scary. Because people aren’t well educated it forces us to get educated. I have had three different surgeries to help with the issue. My last surgery which was two weeks ago was rough. I told the doctors before they even knew that I wasn’t dealing with a hernia. Come to find out the endometriosis had traveled outside of my body and implanted itself on my belly button. Had I not done my own research I would have still been dealing with being told I had a hernia. I feel defeated because at the end of the day there is no cure. ?

  61. The first time I learned about endometriosis I was in eighth grade age 12 and I’m 29 now… I’m shocked that it’s so many women aren’t learning about this

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